We must have done a real good job customizing the mobilepress colors and adding our site logo.

Seeing your site in mobile view, how do you like it now? Have you seen the mobile version of this site did you see the menu? On this short tutorial, we are going to learn how to create a custom menu just like that on our mobilepress theme.

Without wasting much of our time let’s get to it real quick.

First we are going to create a php file using any of our editors.

Copy the codes below


echo "<div class=\"wapmenu\">\n";

echo "<a href=\"\">Home</a> | <a href=\"\">Downloads</a> | <a href=\"\">Twitter</a> | <a href=\"\">How To</a>\n";

echo "</div>\n";


Have you copied the code above? Now paste it in your notepad or any other editor and save it as “link.php” (without the quote), upload it to your root folder which is “public_html”

Now go to Public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/ theme/ default/header.php

We are going to call the script we just created using php. Now edit the header.php with your cpanel editor. Go to the extreme end of the header and locate the code below.

<div><?php mopr_ad('top'); ?></div>

Now underneath it place this code below

<div align="center"> <?php include('link.php'); ?></div>

Now it will look something like this one below

<div><?php mopr_ad('top'); ?></div>

<div align="center"> <?php include('link.php'); ?></div>

Save your work and view it with your mobile and see your custom menu looking at you…

NOTE: you can add more pages to the custom menu, depending on how you want it…

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  1. Shamsuddeen says

    Thank you for the information. I have question but it not related to this post.

    Please how long does it take your new created wordpress blog to appear on google search result? Because i transfered my blog from blogger to but it was one month now my blog not appearing on search engine.

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