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    Hi, thanks for a nice article. But you didn’t explain where exactly to upload the logo, the size of the logo and a step by step procedure.
    I have been trying to use the method for my blog and its not working please can you expantiate more on the points I made thanks.

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      you’ll upload your logo in your main directory which is ‘public_html’ or ‘www’ in some cases. and the logo does not require resizing, mobilepress will automatically resize it. so the rest of the prceedure is plain right? still lost, let me knw

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    Thanks for your quick response, but how do I now get the image url when I upload it to the public_html. Or do I just replace the put url here with the image name? I appreciate your great work here and would sincerely love to learn at your feet. Since we are both bloggers, would appreciate if I can mail you directly to ask any question. Keep up the good work

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    Hello Blog Author, I actually got the url of the image uploaded under my public_html and added it just as discussed here, but am yet to see the changes on my blog. Does it take long for it to be implemented? Or maybe there is something am not doing right. Thanks for your time

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    Hello my great friend, wants to thank you for your help, my blog logo is now up on my mobilepress. Thanks for your post and replies. I really appreciate. More grease to your elbow. More wisdom.

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    HI Babanature,

    My Mobilepress does not seem to load any menu/navigation for my PAGES. Any ideas how to get that. I noticed you had done a blog on this but the last bit of code in header.php does not exist and wont work for me.

    Thank you,

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      Hello Rajendra,
      Thank you for seeing this post as helpful, i do appreciate such kind words. HEY! You can still look around for more exciting mobilepress tips or other wordppress tips that i am sure will be useful to you :)
      Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful weekend

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    Hi Mr. Nature,
    it’s a nice tutorial here, but I’m new to wordpress, so where can I locate the Public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/ theme/ default/header.php

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      Hey Larry,
      When you login to your c-panel >>> Now click on Legacy file manager. When the Legacy file manger opens, click wp-content >>> click plugin >>> Click mobilepress >>> click system >>> click theme …

      Any problem, do not hesitate to drop a comment, so i can help

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