Now before we start, login to your cpanel and go to where you installed your wordpress. In most cases, it is been installed in the public_html. Now go to Public_html/wp-content/plugins/mobilepress/system/ theme/ default/

In case you don’t understand how it goes, let me break it down. In your root folder where the wordpress is been installed, click on wp-content >> now click the plugins folder >> click the mobilepress folder >>> click the system folder and click the theme folder >>> finally click the default folder.

Click on the Header.php and edit it using the cpanel editor. For those who don’t know how to use css colors can always get their color codes here COLOR NAMES AND CODE

The truth here is that all codes in the header are editable so editing the colors is quite simple and I am going to take an example.

Let’s say you want to edit the header color where the logo is situated, you will see something like the one below

/* Structure */
#headerwrap { width: 100%; }
#header { background: #333; border-bottom: 1px solid #ccc; padding: 8px; }

Now the default color of the header where the logo is situated is #333 if you feel like changing it to whatever color, you can! As long as you know your color codes like; green is #006633 while white is #fff black #000
You can do these steps on other area of the header.
Now you know how to put colors to satisfy your test and beautifying the theme more… on our next issue we are going to know how to put our site logo.
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    • says

      Hey Emmanuel,
      You can change a link colour but you can change the entire link color… Just follow the simple tips laid down here and i am sure you’ll pull through.

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