USING A NOKIA PHONE TO SERVE AS A MODEM: A NOKIA phone can be use to serve as an internet modem to connect your pc or tablet to the internet.

MODEM: According to Wikipedia; a modem is device that emulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information, and also demodulates such a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information.

Before you can use your Nokia phone to serve as a modem, you must have all these below items in place.

  1. A computer – if you are using windows xp, the operating system must be either service pack 2(SP2) or service pack 3 (SP3)
  2. A 3G NOKIA phone – for true speed
  3. USB cable
  4. OVI suit

First of all download and install your OVI suit. You can download your Ovi suit at Nokia store

NOTE: The new generation Nokia do not need Ovi suit, because they have their own inbuilt suit.

After installing the Ovi suit, minimize the suit and plug your Nokia phone to one of the computer’s port with the USB cable. Now the phone will install its software to the computer.

NOTE: Incase your phone is finding it hard to detect you phone, kindly change the port to another…

After the Nokia installation, maximize the Ovi suit and let the suit detect the Nokia phone.

Go to SETTINGS in the connection area and choose the network carrier you are using to connect. If your network carrier is not in the list of carriers, you will have to create it manually. After the creation, click OK and start your connection.

Other mobile phone can be connected to the internet using the same method, but with the mobile own suit.

To get the pc suit of you mobile phone, you can always use Google


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