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On 23-08-2012 Written by babanature

HOW TO SET YOUR-FREEDOMToday thousands of people in deferent countries use your-freedom VPN. Your- freedom is one of the best tunneling software around, they give anonymity, hides your network address and make does inaccessible sites become accessible. Like me, I use your-freedom to access my PayPal account and other restrictions as a Nigerian. Aside this many people use your-freedom to bypass their network providers by making them browse free without subscribing to data plan.

To setup your-freedom is very simple and easy to follow.

Things you’ll need to setup your-freedom client:

> Your-freedom software. You can get it here

> Java run time (JRE). Download one here

> A username and password. Register one here

NOTE: without java run time on your system the client will not open.


With the steps below, we are assuming that you must have installed the client by now

1. Click “CONFIGURE” on the main interfaceHow setup your freedom

2. On the “CONFIGURATION” tab click on “SERVER CONNECTION” and follow the below.

SERVER:                       ems01.your-freedom.de or choose other servers from here

PORT:                            53


TWEAKS:                        Choose your carrier.

OPTIONS: Thick Automatically switch server, Reconnect after server shutdown, Socks4/5 DNS lookups on server, Enable encryption and enable re-keying

3. Go to “ACCOUNT INFORMATION” and input your username and password you registered earlier. Note: you cannot use fake username or password because it will not work. Leave the rest information as it were.

4. Click “SAVE AND EXIT”

5. Now on the main you-freedom interface, click “PORTS” and thick SOCKS 4/5 port 1080, Web proxy port 8080.

6. Click “MESSAGES” and thick Auto scroll and change the MINIMUM LEVEL: to DEBUG



Go to your favorite browser and click on settings. In your proxy area, put below

Proxy: or localhost

Port: 8080.

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  • shola says:

    pls am having problem with using your-freedom free version,the issue is dat i logged on to the site but cant see any address bar to type paypal website. i also download the software but dont know how to use it. pls i dont realy know about the free version of your-freedem.

    • babanature says:

      i have already laid down how to set it up. just read the post carefully and follow it step by step… after you must have configured your-freedom client then you can use it with Mozilla firefox or chrome…

  • shola says:

    Pls if I wish to use †ЂΞ free version of freedom, am I to pay for internet bundle to my net work provider. E.g like mtn 2hrs plan.

  • Jones says:

    Nice blog, just want to know if I can use pd-proxy to access the paypal account. Thanks!

  • folake says:

    i downloaded it but i cldnt use it it kept saying authentication failed. pls what did i do wrong?

  • ibrahim says:

    mine has coonection but thru dns as connnection mode , just want to know if i upgrade my account will the speed increase of dns

  • T.k says:

    How can i browse free with the freedom client in ghana.

  • Sameer Omar says:

    I have hotspot shield VPN software can I use it to operate Paypal it changes my IP to U.S ip but what I’m thinking is that every person Using that software has the same ip address with me for the country I selected…. Thanks

  • Korede says:

    Gud big baba nature,pls is it a must to configure my browser afta the configuring d yourfreedom software?

  • Ononogbo victor says:

    Do you really mean i can open and operate a pay pal account successfully as a nigerian without pay pal seizing my money with this freedom software.

  • somex says:

    Nice blog..anytime I start connection I keep receiving dis message ‘connection failed’ what should I do?

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