Internet download manager is one of the best download manager’s around (true fact). Many people today use it as their favorite to download stuffs online, but what happens when you enter a site that do not allow resumable links?

There was a time I was downloading a file of 2gig and as I Nigerian using a dialup modem, I stuck at 1gigabit and my system went off. The most difficult problem is to re-download the file from start which I don’t want to do because the download link was not resumable. After a lot of research I finally found a way to resume the download from the unresumable link.

Today, we are going to see how to resume any download link from rapidshare, duckload and any unresumable link with our internet download manager (IDM) by applying this simple trick


Let’s assume you want to resume a duckload site link that failed. The referrer link of the file changes as the download address changes after the validity time. As ex – referer LINK changes from to 1ST


Open “regedit.exe” by going to “Start” and click “Run” and type “regedit” (without Quotes)

Expand – Hkey Current User (see screenshot)

Now double click “Software” and locate “Download Manager “click it.  You will see some folder with number as name… The number is actually the file number you’re downloading from IDM. Find the file folder u want to resume. Mine was numbered 299. You will get all information regarding the download of the file like; dateAdded, File Size, LocalPath, Path, Url 0(all in hex codes). You need to change only two string values for the download to resume.

1. Path

2. Url0

3. Referer (optional)

Go back to IDM. Right click on the file to resume – Refresh Download address and Let the download start. Just after a while, stop the download. Now restart the regedit. See in the Download Manager Key one more key is created with maximum value. Mine was 222. U will see there the info regarding the new fresh file. Now just copy the Path, Url0 and/or Referer from the old file key by Right click on the Path string…

Modify and paste to the new file key/ folder. That’s all…

You have successfully continued from your last download…

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  1. Phadindra says

    hey it didnt happen,,,as i thought,,i did all, i copied the string values to the new key,,and i resumed the both links in IDM,,the old one,showed some error,and the new one continued to download from the start. plz help me

  2. gaurav says

    when i try to resume download by refreshing my file address.. it says that opening file in browser… on clicking ok it does not open any window…. only box opens that stop waiting… and nothing else is happening
    how to resume download now

    kindly help

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