Many people have been making this request from my forum and blogs. So let’s say this is a popular demand by my friends and blog readers.

Internet download manager (IDM) give there customer’s 30 days grace to activate to their premium account or you won’t be able to use the IDM after the 30days period. In case you have not read “how to bypass trial software manually” then read it now.

Internet download manager is one of the most used download manager around and it has enough features but most of the features are not for free users.

After learning how IDM works, I finally created a cr@ck that can change any IDM versions to premium and the sweet thing about this cr@ck is that you can always update your internet download manager for newer versions and it will update fine and work perfectly.

How do I get the crack?

You can download the crack here INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER CR@CK


Hope you have downloaded it?

Now go to internet download manager website to download your IDM


Unzip the internet download manager cr@ck you downloaded earlier to a specified folder

Install your 30days trial IDM as you have been installing your previous software.

After installing, close your IDM from the system tray (see shot below)

Now that you have closed the IDM properly, go to your “program file” by going to “Run” and type “c:\program files” in the search box and press ok or tap Enter from your keyboard (see shot below)

Now locate “internet download manager” folder and open it

Inside the folder you will see a file name “IDMan”. Have you seen it?

Now go to the internet download manager cr@ck that you unzip earlier and copy the “IDMan” there.

Go back to the internet download manager folder and replace it with the default one

Close your program file…


Go to your internet download manager cr@ck and double click to install the “RegKey Windows 32-bit” if you are on 32 bit operating system or “RegKey Windows 64-bit” if you’re on 64 bit operating system.

After that, open your internet download manager and use all its premium features for life.

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  1. umesh says

    “Go back to the internet download manager folder and replace it with the default one”

    Hello admin..
    There is some problem with my IDM,actually first part is OK but you are talking about default one(which one).. Could you clear this..

  2. Sunil says

    Dear friend,

    Using your crack i have successfully installed and used idm to my benefit but after a week on asking for update clicking on yes made the idm dis-functional. It started displaying that idm is installed with fake id or the id is blocked. On un-istalling the idm completely from my system and downloading and installing afresh the idm is unable to integrate with my system as certain files required are missing. kindly tell me how to fix this problem and re-install idm successfully again using your crack.

    • says

      The crack did not disturb your idm from integrating, re-install it again but this time close all your browsers before installing the idm and re-perform the trick

  3. musaazi says

    You are just the best my Brother, thank you for being with such a golden heart man & hey i wish that you could direct me on how to use Tune Up Utilities for free coz it’s as good as CCleaner

  4. musaazi says

    I tried to check it first & i failed to catch it but it’s okey, i guess ccleaner alone can do the job. Alright man, thank you for being so kind though i will try to check again coz i preferred tuneup to Ccleaner be4.

  5. c paul says

    thank you very much …. its working. but dialouge box come with the messege that ” you are using idm with fake crack and ur files may be downloaded incorrectly”. what about that?

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