YouTube is one of the largest video hosting site and they are known with their clear and current videos from all around the world. If you’re using a slow internet connection, you can speed up your streaming with some few tricks without using software.

At times there are some videos that we watch on YouTube that we would like to download and watch over and over again and the only way to download such videos is to have a download manager to grab the video. If you’re using internet download manager or any download manager, you can grab any video from any streaming sites especially YouTube, but what if you don’t have any download manager to grab your streaming videos or your trial version of your download manager has expired? You won’t be able to download the video right?

With this simple trick I am about to show you, you can download any video from YouTube without any download manager.

First go to YouTube main site; go to your favorite video that you would love to download and click on it.

For example: if you want to download “how to get akismet API key for free” and the youtube url is . Now to download the video, simply add “ss” (without Quote) to the URL, so the URL would be Press “Enter” it will take you to a new page and the video will bring out its complete details and start to download. You can download this video in MP4 (High quality), 3GP or in FLV format. see screenshot below

Note: This trick works for both pc and mobile.

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