Ok this is how it goes, you just bought a brand new computer and after some time, the system started slowing down I mean like really really slowing down. Hey for you information, don’t think the system is spoilt or have a problem because it is not. When you bought the pc at first it was fast and after some time it became slow, have you asked yourself why is my system becoming so slow?

The reason system slow down as time passes is because of; viruses, registry error, cache, internet history, cookies and many others… now the question you should be asking your self is how do I make my system fast again as it was when I bought it? In a short while you are going to see five (5) different ways to speedup you pc.


5 great tips to speed up your pc

Let’s speedup our system back to the way it was by using the below tips

 1. ALWAYS CLEAN UP YOUR PC: The reason you bought that system was because of work, right? Some bought it because of video games and all. Any time we uses our system to browse the internet or do some offline works, it leaves history track and caches all over the place. Hey buddy, if you don’t clear your system history and registry, you will always have a slow performance.

You can clear your pc history manually or you can always use any system cleaner or optimization tool like ccleaner.

Tip: always clear your system history and cache once in a week and also do a disk cleanup, your performance will improve.

 2. CHECK FOR SYSTEM ERRORS AND REPAIR: Majorly what causes registry error is unexpected shutdown of your pc or your software did not install correctly. Your system is like a little baby that needs to be pampered, always do a check on your system for registry errors and if there is, repair it and your system speed will surely increase.

And the most important part of this is to always leave your system update on, to fix and upgrade some old and corrupt files.

Tip: There are several great system optimizer around that can clean and repair you system registry, why not get one?

 3. DISABLING SOFTWARE TO AUTO START: You might not notice this; they are some of our software and applications that works behind the scene. The software and applications auto start at system startup, this too also slow down your pc speed.

It is best to stop those software and applications to auto start, so how do you stop these software and applications from auto start at system startup? Simple! Go to “Run” and type “msconfig” press enter, a new interface will popup, click on “startup” and disable any unimportant application that you’re not using at the moment. It would surely speedup your pc

 4. UNINSTALLING UNUSED SOFTWARE: Everybody’s guilty of having software in their system that they are not using. Normally application and software that we use takes up our processor speed, that’s why we clean our system every 7days or so.

It is advisable to professionally uninstall any unused software that occupies space. But at times, we think we have completely uninstalled our software, but the truth is that they are not completely removed because they are some of its file and folder left in the registry and program file. So how do you uninstall your unused software properly? Using any trusted uninstaller out there will surely get the job done for you.

Tip: Do not keep software or application that you know you’re not using

 5. ALWAYS SCAN YOUR SYSTEM WITH A STRONG AND TRUSTED ANTIVIRUS: At times the main reason that causes slow pc performance are virus. Viruses are those wicked friends you don’t want to keep; they eat your files, disk space, programs and many more… using a strong antivirus are the best answers to eradicate viruses and giving you that speed you’ve always dreamt of.

Tip: Always scan your system once a day for protection and virus removal if there is any. You can pick any of the “top 5 best antiviruses in 2012” for maximum protection.

Ok! It is settled, these “top 5 ways to speed up your slow pc performance” will surely help you if you follow the steps religiously.

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  1. mansi says

    I didn’t know about the software auto start thing, thanks for sharing. I would like to add one more point in your post. You should defrag your hard disk weekly because it gets cluttered when you add or delete new file in it. This result in the creation of several segments in your hard disk and we call this process disk fragmentation. When your hard disk gets fragmented, it degrade the performance of your system.

  2. says

    LOVE the Nature Boy name on G Plus, Babanature…he was one of my fave wrestlers in the States, named Ric Flair!

    #3 gets me here and there, especially when my old Skype loads up slowly. Remove any programs you do not need to open on start up; and most of them, you really do not need to open up when starting up your computer.

    I also found that clearing my cache can improve system performance quickly. So much junk caught up in our temp files; a simple clearing every few days can do wonders for your computer’s speed.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hello Ryan,
      Ric flair was also my all time favorite wrestler, that’s why i used the name on my G+ :)
      Yes! the best way to speedup any pc is to always clear your cache and disable all auto start tools and software. Good to see your comment buddy and do have a great weekend ahead…

  3. says

    I have had some issues lately with my computer running slow. You suggested some great tips and advice. I cleaned out my files on my desktop, cleaned my registry, removed any programs from my startup, and eliminated any programs not used. After all this, my computer is running quicker.

  4. says

    Great ways to speed up my slow system. Few days ago, My pc was damn slow. I just cleaned up some junk files and after that I have found my full speed pc back

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