Many people are still using the extension and to be truthful to you, I also have a blog that has a blogspot extension but do you know what I hate about it? If you view a blogspot site using a different country the extension will change to the country’s. Like for example, if I am visiting my blogspot site from netherland and my site address is it will change to


I know you must have notice it if you’re using the blogspot subdomain. It is not nice for your blog domain to always change because it is very bad for your blog ranking whether you admit it or not.

We all need credibility and high ranking, right? But with the subdomain changing how can the blog get high ranking?

With this simple trick I am about to drop, you can make all this possible by making your blogspot static. No matter where they visit you from, your address will remain and your ranking will increase.

So are you ready to proceed with me? If yes! Let’s go guys…


On this tutorial, we will be directing our traffic from all the countries to just our so we can have that credibility we’ve always dreamt of.

First off, go to your blogger dashboard >>> click Template >>> click Edit HTML >>> and proceed.

Are you in your template editing area? Now check the box “Expand Widget Templates”.

Now locate the tag <head> if you can’t see it, simultaneously press the ctrl + F key to bring out a search box below your browser and search for the tag <head>.

Have you seen it? Now paste the below codes right above <head> tag

&lt;script type='text/javascript'&gt;

var blog = document.location.hostname;

var slug = document.location.pathname;

var ctld = blog.substr(blog.lastIndexOf(&amp;quot;.&amp;quot;));

if (ctld != &amp;quot;.com&amp;quot;) {

var ncr = &amp;quot;http://&amp;quot; + blog.substr(0, blog.indexOf(&amp;quot;.&amp;quot;));

ncr += &amp;quot;;quot; + slug;




You can take a close look at the screenshot below to know if you’re on point.


click image to enlarge

Have you paste it? Now save your template. You have successfully stabilized your blogspot blog. Now you’ll definitely see the increase in traffic coming to your blog.

If you have any comment or thoughts running through your mind please do drop them using the comment box below. Your comments and thought are highly appreciated and welcomed.

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    Very helpful… This blog! I am reading at the right time; though mine is a social networking website for artistes and music related interests, I still find it very useful as I will need to drive traffic to my artistes community!

    Thanks Onenaijablog: more grease to your elbow!

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