Adding Categories And Menu To Your WordPress Blog

Till today many bloggers (newbie) still don’t know how to setup a menu bar with their wordpress blog. Setting up or adding a menu bar is essential and very important to have in whatever website or blog you are running.


How menu helps blogs/ website? Ok almost all blogs that I have been to or explore have a menu system and the reason is; so readers can find their way through the blog and it also makes it easier to navigate. Menu helps reduce bounce rate, menu helps your reader to stay in track, should I keep mentioning?

Ok maybe the reason you don’t have menu is because you don’t know how to, right? Put your mind at rest ease because you’re going to see the easiest way of menu-lizing your wordpress blog :)


How do you want your menu? Just a simple step will give you the perfect phase… This tutorial I am about to drop, is a request or should I say popular demand from my readers, so I’ll just have to break it down.


1. You will need to create a category first and copy the link to a notepad.

But how do you create a category?

Go to your wordpress dashboard and hover your mouse to where the “Posts” is. A list will come out, on the list, click “categories” to take you to its panel (see image below)

wordpress admin panel

Are you in the categories section? Now fill in all the necessary fields >>> If you’re done filling the necessary field, click “Add New Category”

Note: you can leave the description empty if you don’t know what to write there. It’s advisable to leave it blank anyways

Yes! You have successfully created your category. Now let’s move on to the next phase.


2. Now that we have created our category, let’s make it appear at the top of our blog. To do that, you will need to download and install “Page Links To plugin”. You can click here to download the plugin

Have you downloaded and install the Page Links To Plugin? If yes! Let’s proceed…

Hope you’re still at your blog dashboard? Now click “Pages” >>> Click “Add New”. Type just the title (e.g. “About me”) on the new page that comes out.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. There, you’ll see something like the below image…

category and menu bar

Tick “An alternate URL” this will bring out a URL box, now copy the link you pasted in a notepad earlier on and paste it in the provided box given.

Have you done that? Now click the “Publish” button.

You have successfully completed putting menu to your tab.

Note that you can do this as many times as you want (depends on how many categories you want in your menu) and remember that some premium themes already have a spot for all this but it is still useful for those who needs it.


Was the tutorial helpful? You can drop your comments and thoughts using the comment box below. Do you still have questions regarding the topic? Use the comment box below to drop them and I’ll sure get back to you.

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  1. says

    But doesn’t it depend on how many menus are available? Most free wordpress themes allow to show only 2 or maximum 3 menus on the top. Am I right? or I missed something?

    • says

      Yeah! You only need two menus for a blog, but i am using just one because it feels good simplifying a blog :) But for the category part, it is good to make it appear in your menu bar for as many times as you want, right?

  2. says

    HI Babanature

    Great information shared!

    I’m a dotnet programmer and wordpress was new for me, but I have learnt everything on my own through the kind of tutorials you and others have been sharing.

    Thanks once again.


  3. says

    Hey Babanature,

    Oh, I remember the days when I had no clue what I was doing. I wish back then there were more “how to” videos or blog posts on setting up your wordpress blog. It seems so simple now but I can definitely understand the frustration of a new blogger who has never done anything like this before. It can be very overwhelming.

    Great tutorial and I know others will find it very helpful.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne,
      New bloggers find it really hard to fine tune their blogs the way they want it to be so in that process, they become frustrated. This tutorial was a request and i am glad i did it. it will be really helpful to the newbie indeed. Thanks for the comment Adrienne and do have a lovely week ahead.

  4. says


    Great info, I am still learning as far as blogging goes. I think I may have to expand my menu as time goes on to maximize my viewers ability to see the content that I offer.

    • says

      Hello Aaron,
      We all are still learning in the blogging world one way or another 😉 That would be really great to give your readers more options to stick to your blog. Thanks for the comment and do have a great week ahead

  5. says

    Hi babanature,
    As of now iam on blogger i dnt have much idea about wordpress.But im startng to learn WP alsoo to my to WordPress after few days :)
    Thanks For Sharing :):)

    • says

      This was a special request from a newbie blogger. i bring the to pic out because i know many people might be looking for something like this. do have a lovely week ahead and thanks for stopping by :)

  6. khuzaima ismail says

    Hey !! doing nice work man. I really appreciate your effort on blog building. These days, I am also focusing on blogging on latest technology and global news. Well keep it up.

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