Keyboard Shortcuts For IPhone And IPad


Hey guys!!! The iPhone and iPad are used for typing upon occasion. It is already slow enough (when compared to writing on a desktop computer), which is why the iPhone and iPad programmers have added keyboard shortcuts. And why do we need this shortcuts? Because they help you to save a little bit of time [Continue Reading…]

Enabling Commentator’s Gravatar On MobilePress

Moblie press

Hey guys! This would be my second weekend post in 2013, isn’t that great? 😛 I am trying to cover up with the mobilepress customization and or may be some other stuffs along the way. Since mobilepress is one of wordpress most popular mobile themes, we shall be discussing about it and trying to make [Continue Reading…]

Top Reasons You Are Not A Successful Blogger


Almost 99% of blogs created today are due to the fact that a lot of people have read thousand of article of how ‘A Blogger makes 6 figures Monthly’ but not considering how long it took that blogger to get there. I am guilty that I was among the many individuals who created blogs for the [Continue Reading…]

The New Blogger Blog HTML Editor

blogger author bio

Hey guys! I must confess that Google is doing some pretty good job with their advancement. They have rolled out some quit great stuffs this past few months and which most of us bloggers find interesting, loved and welcomed with warmth hands. To mention some of the cool features that Google rolled out are; Google [Continue Reading…]

Why Every Blogger Must Have a Gravatar?

gravatar icon

Not many people besides website owners and bloggers world know what a gravatar is. But having one can make all the difference to a blogger. Must Read: How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress Let us today discuss what a gravatar is and why every blogger must have one. It is flattering for any [Continue Reading…]