Adding Mobile Adsense Above And Below Your Mobilepress Theme

I so much love that platform called wordpress because of its simplicity and freedom it has. WordPress is that simple and flexible that even a novice that has no knowledge of coding can setup. Yes! That’s true and I know you’ll also agree with me.

adsense for mobile

There are millions of people using mobile phones today and it’ll be wise if you turn your desktop site to be mobile compatible so both pc and mobile users will enjoy and benefit from your blog/ website. Remember that we are all fighting for traffic so making your blog mobile friendly is one big step of achieving this…

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I am a Google adsense earner and I’ll like to utilize all strategies to earn more with my blog. What other way can I earn smartly then to put “adsense for mobile” on my blog’s mobile view. Because I use mobilepress, the method makes it 3 times easy to accomplish and I know that after this mobilepress tutorial on adsense, you’ll be able to insert yours.

Note: I have treated this tutorial way back but due to mobilepress upgrade, some things changed and the tutorial became old so here is the updated version for the latest MobilePress plugin :)

How I insert Google Adsense For Mobile To My Mobilepress Theme Part2

First off go to your adsense account page, generate your adsense for mobile and copy your code.

Paste the code in notepad and save as “adsense.php” or whatever name you like but make sure the extension ends with .php

Now go to your cpanel and upload the “adsense.php” script you created to your www or public_html or the folder your wordpress is installed

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Note: In this tutorial, we are assuming that you have already installed mobilepress as your mobile theme…

Now let’s locate our mobilepress theme by going to >>> Public_html >>> wp-content>>> plugins>>> mobilepress>>> system>>> theme>>> default/

Have you seen the “default” folder? If yes! You will need to know the area of your blog where you want the mobile adsense to apear. Google only wants their publishers to paste the adsense code either on the header or below the footer. I’ll advice you to paste yours above the header and if you’re good, you can paste it on your footer as well and it’ll work beautifully 😀 . Now let’s continue to the tutorial

On the default folder, click “header.php”. Look by your right of your C-panel and you will see some options.

Click on “Edit File” to take you to your Text Editor [See Image Below]

mobile press for cpanel

“Text Editor” use of service will show, now scroll down and click “Edit”. By clicking the “Edit” button, it will take you to a new tab where the structure of your header.php codes are.

Now search for the below codes…

<p><?php bloginfo('description'); ?></p>



Have you seen it? Now below it, paste the following codes

<?php include('adsense.php'); ?> </div>

If you have successfully implemented the code, it’ll look exactly like the image below

<p><?php bloginfo('description'); ?></p>



<?php include('adsense.php'); ?> </div>

If you have done it successfully, click “Save Changes” and you are done.

Note: If you want it to show below your footer, you can also implement it the same way and it’ll work perfectly.

Now sit back and watch your adsense revenue increased 2ice than what you have been earning. Give your mobile readers reasons to read your blog and give your self reason to earn more by making your blog mobile friendly.

I would love to see your comments below and let’s make the post as lively as it can be 😀

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Are you facing any problems or do you have questions you’d like to ask about mobilepress? Then please do by using the comment box below and I will reply you ASAP. What about thoughts and suggestions? Do you have any in your mind? You can also speak them out by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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  1. says

    Hi Babanature,

    I totally agree with you! You’ve to make your site compatible for viewing on mobiles. In fact, I observed the stats on my Google Analytics over time lately, and I see that my site is having more and more mobile viewership. And, I’m getting more mobile traffic on Facebook and Pinterest from mobile applications.

    But being a non-techie, I do have a question for you – mine is a responsive theme, which means it will re-size itself accordingly as per the display screen size of the mobile or tablet. Do I need to carry out the same procedure as you’ve show here in my responsive theme as well?

    Thanks for the great tutorial, it surely makes things easy. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      Hello Harleena,
      sure you can easily add mobile adsense to your mobile viewers. and the cool part is’ you can implement it your self without any technical advancement but with the help of a little plugin.
      Thanks for the compliment Harleena, do have a great week as well 😀

  2. says

    Hi Babanature,
    I never heard about the MobilePress. Thanks for introducing it here. I have to give a try 😉

    And you have created a great step-by-step tutorial. This will surely increase the adsense earning if we implemented the tip.

    Thanks for sharing the this.

    • says

      Hello Sriram,
      Really? you haven’t heard of mobilepress before? That’s the first time i am hearing such :) Thanks for the kind words Sriram and do have a blessed week ahead

  3. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Helpful tutorial here. I am tech-challenged; I think my Mobile plug in is up and running but the last time I updated, my blog went blank. Since I have little idea what I am doing, I killed that plug in immediately.

    With that in mind, I can hop back in and make changes based on your helpful tutorial, to get my Adsense up and running on mobile devices.


    • says

      Hello Ryan,
      I truly will advice any and every blogger to a mobile compatible website so they can achieve their demonetization goal and as well traffic goal, because the mobile world is getting more filled up by the day… Thanks for the comment bro

  4. says

    I am against adding ads for mobile viewers. I just hate it man! Not against ads for viewing from desktop. Let mobile users enjoy ad free sites. But somehow there is boom in mobile platform in coming years, so this will bring some great money.

    • says

      Hello Madras,
      If you ask me, i’d say i prefer monetizing my mobile to my desktop blog. the reason is, mobile users are now dominating the scene and if you check your analytic carefully, you’ll notice that your mobile users are high. so why not seize the moment Madras 😀 Have a nice week ahead…

  5. says

    With more and more people accessing the internet from their cell phones and phablets these days, it would be silly to let go of the opportunity to earn a few cool $$$ through mobile visitors as well.
    Very rightly pointed out, babanature. :)
    No wonder I keep on visiting this blog for more and more!

    • says

      Hello Ambika,
      Thanks for picking a like at my blog and i hope to see more of you here. thanks for your kind comment and do have a lovely week ahead…

  6. says

    Adsense is a great way of monetizing a mobile site so you don’t lose traffic from people using mobile devices to surf your site. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post, but does Google approve adding ads at the header and footer of a mobile site? I have always imagined they stated if you want to add two ad units both must be at same point. Going back to check it up again.

    • says

      Hello Nwosu,
      Google adsense did not set any rules about the mobile ads, it’s just contradiction bro. now adsense automatically serves ads to blogger blog mobile view right? now check any blogger blog mobile view out and you’ll see ads above and below header.
      even mobstac is doing desame thing for their customers. thanks for your comment and have a bless week ahead :)

  7. says

    Hi Babanature,

    If you are a WordPress user that doesn’t have responsive WordPress theme, the Mobilepress plugin should be your best bet if you ever want to give your mobile users good browsing experience. Thanks for this post

    • says

      Hello Okto,
      Yeah! i’ll recommend mobilepress to any blogger because of it flexibility. it can be shaped exactly just the way you want it to be. but as long as you know a little bit of coding :) thanks for your comment Okto…

    • says

      Hello Suresh,
      Mobilepress is just a plugin that renders your blog to be more compatible with any mobile platform. Most people love it because it is 100% customizable and top of it all, it is 100% free.

  8. says

    Great post Baba,
    Its obvious that most web surfers today are using mobile phone to do anything on the internet and the earlier we recognize this, the very better for us you know.

    This is a very wonderful tutorial although, i don’t have adsense again for now:) but, I’m sure it will benefit a lot of people.

    Thanks for sharing my man.

    • says

      Hey Theodore,
      Don’t have an adsense account? you can always use some adsense alternatives like infolinks to monetize your blog’s mobile view

  9. says

    Hi Babanature,
    You’ve just written about something that people has been asking me lots of questions about lately but, I’ve not really had the time to research it. This is really a very awesome post indeed and i appreciate it.

    That’s why I’m very glad to have bumped on it this morning and I’m going share it right away.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hello Valentine,
      Glad you find this post interesting enough to comment and share 😀 Thanks for your valuable comment and do have a blissful week ahead my friend…

    • says

      Hello Michael,
      Thank God one of my commentator’s using mobilepress 😀 You can also maximize the profit if you input it above the footer. like it’ll be below your header and also above your footer. thanks for the comment and do have a blissful week bro

  10. says

    Hey Babanature,

    So you know I’m not big on ads so you won’t be seeing them on my blog. I really hope you’re making a darn good bit of money from these ads. I visited a guys site yesterday that is a regular reader of mine and he had so many ads on his post that I had a hard time reading it. I finally just said to heck with it and left before finishing the post or commenting.

    I know they are great money makes for some people so remember, I’m just one of the few. Everyone is different and we like what we like right!

    So there’s my two cents for whatever it’s worth and looks like everyone is pleased for learning this new tip. You go guys…


    • says

      Hello Adrienne,
      Yes! ad serving is my only means of making money with my blog and it is highly beneficial for me as you can see. But amma be joining the affiliate world soon though, all thanks to you :)
      Well, i don’t encourage any blogger using adsense to spoil his/her blog with ads because it chases your valuable readers away and also increase bounce rate drastically. There are ways in which one can do it that will benefit both parties…
      Thanks for the comment Adrienne and do have a blessed week 😀

  11. says

    Baba, My hands are up oo. This is just a very handy tutorial! Thanks for sharing…. Adsense users would definitely love this. As for us… we just have to wait :(.

    Have a nice day sir 😀 .

    • says

      Hey Wilson,
      Are you not using adsense? Wow!!! then how do you make money with your blog? thanks for the comment and do have a lovely week ahead…

      • says

        well It’s not like I don’t wanna use adsense but I guess my blog is not good enough for adsense yet :( (Acording to google). But I’ll be really greatful if you can help me get an Adsense account :D.

        • says

          But you have about 18 post on your blog right? if yes, then you are 100% eligible to participate in the adsense program. Do try it one more time and if it persist, give me a mail and i’ll give you ways to make your blog approved by google 😀

  12. says


    We must use the adsense on our mobile friendly website, i mean iam using some mobile friendly plugin so that my ads would be appeared on mobile devices too. So it would increase some revenue through it.


    • says

      Hello Jordan,
      That’s nice to hear that you have implemented it on your blog for more revenue. Thanks for the comment and do have a blissful week ahead 😀

  13. says

    Helpful article, specially for someone like me who does not know anything about coding and programming, will get hands on with these for sure 😉

    • says

      Hello Srikanth,
      Getting adsense is not that hard, it takes just 3 days max to get your adsense approved. you could re-apply and see how it goes. Thanks

  14. says

    Hi babanature,
    People browse equally on mobiles and smartphones and having adsense activated for mobile theme would be a great monetizing idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Hello Vineet,
      Yeah!!! Soon mobile browsing will totally dominate the browsing scene and you can see that the feature is going mobile 😀 Enabling your Google adsense for mobile will definitely increase your revenue/ income. Thanks for stopping by my friend…

    • says

      Hello Mubashir,
      Why haven’t you joined the adsense program? You should try them out and see how it goes. Glad you find the tutorial helpful and do have a wonderful week ahead…

    • says

      wow Daniel, I’d prefer monetizing my mobile traffic because i am getting some huge amount of traffic from there and what more can you ask for 😀 thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment…

  15. says

    Hey bro,
    I have mobilepress but never thought of how adsense shows up on it. This serves as a good reminder to me. I’ll check that out this weekend

    Thanks for posting man

    • says

      Hello Enstine,
      It is really nice to hear that you’re also using mobilepress. It would really be nice monetizing it with your adsense so as to get a more better revenue. Glad to hear that you’d check it out weekend. Thanks for stopping by to drop your lovely comments. do have a blissful weekend bro…

  16. says

    Hi Babanature, Thanks for this clear and helpful tutorial about adding Adsense to your mobile theme. You are exactly right, more and more people are turning to mobile for reading and any blogger will see this in their analytics stats. I don’t use Adsense for my blog, but I know this will be very helpful for those who do use it.

    • says

      Hello Carolyn,
      It is not a surprise that you’re not using Adsense to monetize your blog, many bloggers i know do not use the adsense program due to some many reasons 😀 . But as you’ve said; many internet users are using mobile phones to access the internet and it’ll be wise to utilize all advantages. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a blessed weekend :)

  17. Michael Belk says

    Well described Babanature. I am planning on being more active on mobile and being ready for advertisement will help.

    More and more readers are using mobile. Thanks for the info.

    • says

      Hello Michael,
      Taking advantage of the mobile world is the most smart move any blogger would do, so why not feed them something and get reward for doing so 😀 Thanks for stopping by Michael.

  18. says

    i sincerely recognised the good work you are doing here brother, kudos to u. pls i want you to enlighten me on something. i just bought my hostingn from hostgator not quite long and i need to install mobilepress on my wordpress. pls hw do i go abt it. thks i wait ur responce

    • says

      Hello Adewale,
      Mobilepress can be installed through the method in which you upload your plugins. Download the mobilepress from plugin shop – go to your WordPress dashboard. in the plugin area, click “Add New”.
      That is how you install it… If you’d like to customize the theme, i have put up many tutorials that will help you get things done. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to make your comment in one of my post relating to your blogging problem and i will surely put you through.

      Do have a good week ahead.

  19. says

    thanks. I’ve uploaded mobile press, but I’m having an issue. when viewed some post image appears exactly the way it is on desktop. what may be the cause. thanks.

    • says

      Hello Wole,

      I tried checking your blog using my mobile phone, but couldn’t see the mobilepress on your blog or the problem you’re facing with the plugin. I do hope you have resolved the issue :)

  20. says

    pls bro, I noticed my website when checked on smart phones shows a desktop version but if checked on opera mini or Nokia phones it shows WordPress mobile enable view.. pls I want my website to show mobile view if viewed on any device. pls, any assistant bro?

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