10 Top Reasons I Sticked to Blogger despite all odds

I have been on blogger for almost three years now and I am really enjoying it. Many partners has been advising and trying to convince me to migrate from blogger to a self hosted blog.. After a while of thought on the benefits of sticking onto Blogger, I said to myself, ‘I am never gonna migrate outta blogger any sooner until i have found reasons to’.


We all know that whatever has advantages certainly does have disadvantages..

Blogger has some disadvantages like blogger deleting your blog at anytime, its not fully yours and a few others.

Not deviating from the topic at hand and wasting your time, let me go into the topic of the day.

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My Reasons and thoughts about being on Blogger


1: Blogger Is only for Obedient Bloggers:

Yes!! Only obedient Bloggers Lasts on Blogger Blogging Platform. Many people complain about Google deleting their Blogs for no reason and stuffs like that. Google is not stupid and can’t delete your blog for no reason. There are set aside Terms and conditions which when broken, you serve the Penalty.

Blogger is like a School. With rules and regulations which when you fail to keep, you get expelled. Those who complain of this are like the disobedient students who go contrary to the rules of the school.

2. You can Earn with Little/No Investments:

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Is there any Blogging platform you can’t earn money on? Actually, you can earn from almost all Blogging platforms but, you must invest… Not really the same on Blogger. Blogger unlike wordpress.com, you can earn without investing. You can place Ads on your blog such as adsense, chitika, infolinks and lots more even with your subdomain ‘.blogspot.com’ without spending money for custom domains. But on wordpress.com, you cannot put adsense on your blog. They even display their own ads on your blog so as to keep the free features they offer which is not the same on blogger.

3. Free Unlimited Hosting:

This is one good reason I have been sticked to blogger all these years. Free Unlimited Hosting Forever as long as you can stay worth them. You don’t need to move from one hosting plan to another as most people do on self hosted blogs or searching for the best hosts. Here on blogger, i have 99.99% Uptime. In fact, I have 100% Uptime.

4. All Features are Free:

All features on Blogger are free. You don’t need to pay any subscription fee, registration fee, upgrade fee or whatsoever. Unlike wordpress.com, which normally show up Ads which they use to support their free feature which when you want to eliminate ads on your blog entirely, you have to purchase the No-Ads Upgrade which costs $30.00 per year.

5. I can Manage Many Blogs in one dashboard:

I can manage up to 100 Different blogs on my blogger dashboard. I don’t need to sign into different accounts to manage different blogs.

6. Security:

Not everybody knows how to secure a blog and in the world today, about 90% of Hacked blogs are on self hosted platform. On Blogger, As long as your Google account password is secured, your blog is secured also. You don’t need to install tons of security plugins and co. Your blog can only be hacked on blogger when you give out your Google account password.

7. Search Engine Benefits:

Search engine traffic cannot be over-emphasized. Search Engine Benefits is one thing I enjoy most on Blogger. Many Blogger have the mindset that WordPress blogs have/receive much search engine benefits than blogger Blogs but the SE benefits are not provided by WordPress itself but via Plugins. On Blogger, with the addition of Search engine preferences under Settings, One can do better In SEO.

8. Easy To Use:

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Easy to Use, customize and design. Yes!! On blogger, with little html, css, and JS basic knowledge, you can design a clean Blog. Unlike most self hosted blogs where you need much knowledge. In this course, a newbie can easily use blogger blog, and even make money from it.

9. Integration with other Google products:

With your Gmail account, you can access your blogger account, with your blogger account, you can get an adsense account, with your G+ account, you can change your default blogger comment system to G+ comment system and ensure more interactiveness and avoid spamming, with your Picasa account, you can host your Blogger blog Images without losing them anytime, with your Google webmasters account, you can submit your blogger to Google SE, with your Google analytics account, you can monitor your blog growth and the list goes on…

10: Your Blog Article Image Storage:

Picasa is there for me. With 1GB free storage on Picasa, I fear not about my Image storage. All are being stored up there automatically.


  •  Unlimited number of posts
  •  Up to 100 Authors for my Blog
  •  Creation of my own widgets with simple HTML and css.

Over to you:

It looks like i have said so much about so much, now it’s time to pass the ball to you :) Do you have anything you want to contribute? Do like the post or you disagree? Please do use the comment box below and drop them.

Do you have comments, question or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Kindly do by using the comment box below and we’ll reply your ASAP. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. says

    Hi Antonio,
    Good to read your post here! I think we should stick for what we are comfort of. If you have enjoy blogging around with blogger thus there’s no reason to move to other platform. All the best

  2. says

    Hi Baba !
    I agree with all the points mate ! Blogger is a good platform ..I haven’t experienced any problems with it yet ..Its just a matter of choice for people to choose between WP or blogger .


  3. says

    I do indeed blogging, and I encourage anyone who does also to look into Networked Blogs. When I post to my blog, Networked Blogs picks that up and auto-posts the title and link for me to my Twitter and Facebook accounts. (Maybe LinkedIn, too, but I can’t remember. Shows how much I use LinkedIn.) It’s a good way to have longer stories that you can tease via Twitter and Facebook (and other places).

  4. says

    Hi Antonio,

    This is really a lovely piece although I don’t follow in your ideology. I started blogging with WordPress and experienced alot of issues with my host and hackers and where part of the reasons why I failed as an amateur blogger in previous times.

    In one of my successful blogs, I decided to try Blogger and I must say it wasn’t that bad. Blogger fits in if you are a basic blogger but when it comes to delivery great contents that require lots of output with the help of programing languages, it automatically becomes a pain in the backside.

    Writing reviews on my Blogger blog was my most terrifying and annoying moments because I had to create a new HTML table and keep working with sizes, preview countless times before publishing to ensure that everything works.

    This can be very stressful and overall retards the passion for blogging. Like I said earlier, if you blog about basic things Blogger is fantastic, but if you blog about things that requires alot of output, then WordPress does that perfectly, eliminating stress and keeping your health in fine shape.

    I had wished I never migrated to WordPress, I promised myself that but when events happened, the only alternative was to switch. This is not to say that bloggers on Blogger platform are amateur but the quest for professionalism will always be on the line

    • says

      Nice to see you comment Nosa. Blogging platform choice is all about preferences. what worked for you now and what will work for you in the future.

      Thanks for dropping by once again. and how how is it going with your newly migrated platform?

  5. says

    Hi Antonio, and welcome to Babanature’s blog :)

    I can see that you are another Blogger fan, just like Babanature and a few other good friends I have, and why not, because it surely IS a great platform.

    Not to mention, that I also had started my blogging journey on the very same, but with time I did switch over to WordPress because I was told it’s better where certain plugins are concerned, especially for those who don’t know much about coding, and I am one such person, and also for SEO etc. But I see so many people do so well on a Blogger platform nowadays, or perhaps it’s thanks to Google that things are really working for those on Bloggers now.

    Thanks for sharing all your reasons that i do agree with. Have a nice week, both of you :)

    • says

      Nice piece of comment.. You Know, when the going gets tough, you need to switch to any possible alternative. Glad your alternative has been working for you. as for now, i have not seen any reason to switch. and i dont think i will in the nearest future. have a nice week too..

  6. says

    The blogger platform has been a real live saver to many young bloggers at large, this is why I can never condemn the platform.

    Your points are all well noted, specially the SEO part already taken care of by google and their team.

    The unlimited bandwidth makes it a plus too considering that high traffic can lead to excessive spending if you are to use the self hosted wp or joomla CMS.

    But pro-bloggers gotta ignore all these minor benefits and move to a better platform that gives them the total freedom to express themselves freely

    • says

      Hi Friend,

      Yes Blogger is exciting because of these features like unlimited bandwidth, but then again you wake up one morning and realize that your blog no longer exists.

      Blogger reserve the right to delete any blog with or without the consent of the owner.. :)

      • says

        yea you are right. Blogger have the right to delete your blog. only when you go against their TOS. if you read my 1st point, i emphasized that Blogger is for obedient bloggers only who try hardly to obey the TOS

  7. says

    You have given great points in arguing why you prefer blogger to WordPress, but i don’t think those are enough for me to believe Blogger is better than WordPress, there are in fact so many things WordPress can do easily with just plugins that you can never be able to do on blogger.

    If blogger is better than WordPress, then why do all the probloggers use WordPress?

  8. says

    In fact for a moment, I thought this was an article written by Baba himself only to be hit with the name Antonio Valencia! Hahaha, just kidding with the name! I think you’re a Man. Utd fan.
    Hey Baba, Happy Eid-Fitr.

    Now back to the main issue on board, Blogger is indeed number one when it comes to security. I still love them even I’m on WordPress!
    Your points were very well made. I’m on your blog already and reading those lies speculated about blogger.com.

    You seem to be more than in love with Blogger.com. Hahaha!

  9. says

    Hi Babanature.

    Well i think if someone wants to start his business he must must do it with some investment how ever if he does not have money he can opt blogger with out nay doubt. It is the best way to utilize and learn about it. Person can start from zero.

    Keep up the good work , have a great week ahead.
    Regards :)

  10. says

    Hello antonio great post. I liked the the 1st part “Blogger is for only obidient bloggers.” Actually i too got penalized by google. But no regrets because i have’nt followed their terms and conditions properly and paid the price. Moved to tumblr now.

    Anyway in my case Blogger will be the best forever..!

  11. says

    LOL! Very Interesting reasons you have here. I must say your are very correct but one thing I have against blogger blogs is the professionalism in design. Personally, I think WordPress blogs, look better than Blogger blogs, and that’s one of the major reasons I’m stuck to wordpress.

    Anyways, Wounderful Write up.

    • says

      professionalism in design??? There are many professionally designed blogger Templates out there… the professionalism of a blog design really depends on the blog owners.

  12. says

    Antonio, I still have 3 blogger blogs and I really like them. One thing I find harder is to get a better pagerank with Blogger vs. WordPress. I’m doing a test on one of my blogger sites to see if I can get it up from being stuck on 1. It may be the backlinks but I’m going to post more often on it. I do like the fact that blogger does not get hacked or has downtime like may self-hosted websites. Are the shopping carts free to use with Blogger? Thanks Antonio!

  13. says

    Hi Antonio, I always follow Babanature’s blog and as always this is a very good post from his blog. I was almost at the point of upgrading my blogger blog, when I received notification about this post. Now I am having second thoughts :-)

  14. says

    I think those are good enough reasons for anyone who is trying to stay on blogger. It’s not easy to host a blog if you don’t know your way around coding…

  15. says


    I love using WordPress but I keep a Blogger Blog handy at all times, for the same reasons you listed in this post.
    In fact I have two Blogger blogs. One is for my podcast and the other one is for tips about podcasting. Blogger is so easy to use that I can’t let it go.

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