Top Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Traffic From Reddit

I love driving targeted and valuable web traffic to my blog, why? Because the more my traffic increases, the more my ads revenue increases as well. Now tell me, who wouldn’t want quality web traffic?


You know, there are two social bookmarking sites I love so much that I just can’t do without – yes, you heard me right :) . These two social bookmarking sites can drive the largest amount of traffic you could think of to any blog in any niche (as long as you do them right). Still wondering the two social bookmarking sites I am talking about? They are none other than Reddit and StumbleUpon. If you have never thought of using both traffic tools before, you should consider using them now because they are your sure traffic generator :). Did I just mention stumbleUpon on this post? Hey! Hey!! We are talking about reddit today so let’s just focus on that.

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Many bloggers today (especially the newbie) still don’t know how to get valuable traffic from reddit, and don’t be surprise when you find out some bloggers don’t even know if site like reddit exist :). In the quest of getting valuable and reasonable amount of traffic from reddit, many have tried and failed – some tried hard but still gave up at the end.

Believe it or not: Not getting positive result in what we do will eventually make us give up (true fact). But what if I tell you the main reason(s) why you’re not getting any traffic from reddit, will that change anything? I sure hope it does because in a few, I will tell you some reasons I know that you’ll find valuable, so let’s start…

Reasons you don’t get traffic from redit:

Below are the simple reasons “I can think of” (and I know) you’re committing that won’t help your blog in that arena.

√ Your post title is not catchy enough

√ Your topic does not interest the community (still the same as reason one)

√ You don’t communicate with the community. (Not active)

√ You have been ban from reddit and you don’t even know it.

The four reasons mentioned above are the main reasons why you’re not getting traffic from reddit. But on my today’s blog post I am going to show you how to know if your account has been ban/ suspended.

How To Know If You Have Been Ban From Reddit

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One thing I love about reddit is the impossibility to know if your account has been suspended, if you don’t know or heard about this simple tip I’m about to show you.

Why I say that you won’t know if you have been ban: Even if your account is suspended/ ban, you will still post your links, comment on other links, vote for other member but what you do will not appear to the general public (community), it will be visible to you alone. That means, nobody will see your votes, comments or the links you dropped. In essence, all your posts, upvotes, comments, will be a waste of your precious time.

How Do You Know If Your Account Has Been Ban/ Suspended?

The process is very simple=> open a new browser or logout from reddit – now simply type “” and if you see something like the image below, then you have been ban.

reddit page not found

Why Did My Account Get Suspended?

Because you simply did not follow the rules laid down by reddit. Are you too busy to read the TOS of any site you joined? Then why join them if you don’t know what they are about?

My advice to any blogger who truly wants to get traffic from any top community sites that gives traffic; it is best to always read their TOS so you’ll know how to utilize that particular zone and bring out the best.

And What Are These Rules?

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I am just going to mention the simple rules I am following that still keep me active and sharp in reddit community :)

√ Do not spam – posting so many links from one source per day is called spamming.

√ Do not post your link to categories that are not related to what you’re posting about

√ At least be active in the community once a week if you are on a busy schedule as me :)


The only way you can get traffic from reddit is if you get an upvote. Also remember that the more the upvotes, the more the exposure, the more your traffic increases.

If you can get just four upvotes, you will be surprised at the traffic you will get :) .


If you want me to make a post on how to get traffic from reddit, just let me know using the comment box below and I’ll cook it up for you

Thought: I am trying to setup a “closed” group on Facebook based on reddit. What the group is about is vote for each others links to get more traffic from reddit. It’s going to be a 10 man group so if you are interested, do give me an inbox of your facebook username so I can add you to the group.

Back To You:

It looks like I have said so much about so much, right? Now it’s time to pass the pen to you :) . Have you used reddit before? How was your experience with them? Please do share with us by using the comment box below… let’s make the discussion more fun, shall we.

Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Do use the comment box below to drop them and I’ll be glad to reply you almost immediately.

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  1. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Awesome post – just the kind I was looking out for :)

    You won’t believe it, but it’s true – that I’ve been on Reddit for a long time now but still can’t find my way around! I did try once or twice but gave up too soon I think to explore it further.

    I would surely love to read more about how we can really get traffic from Reddit and love to join you all on FB too, though I hope the niche isn’t an issue with everyone :)

    Thankfully my account isn’t banned, but I would love to know more about how to find our way about on this. I also see very few categories where we can put up our posts, or am I doing it all correctly – I wonder.

    Thanks for sharing this one with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

    • says

      Hello Harleena,
      Glad to here that you are longing for a post like this :) Reddit is indeed one great place to get quality traffic from and believe you me, any catchy heading that get an upvote get 2000 visits instantly. that’s how powerful reddit is.

      I will definitely make a post on how to get traffic from reddit and the tactics i use and i know you are gonna love it :) . Ahhhh… As long as you are on reddit, then you are qualify to join the group because the group is not about your post but strictly for reddit, so all niches are welcome.
      How the group really works; you will only post your reddit link for upvote. but before dropping the link, you will have to give your others in the group an upvote. So in essence, it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, we are just helping each other to get an upvote for our reddit link. Hope you understand?

      You category is on reddit as well, you can find your category by searching for it in the search box for a subreddit…

      Thanks for your lovely comment my friend and do have your self a best weekend :)

  2. says

    Hi Babanature,
    I’m not using Reddit these days. But one of my posts got 2000+ pageviews by Reddit. That’s because of same as what you’ve said. It have attractive title 😉
    Please add me to your new Reddit community (I think you know my user id) 😉

    • says

      Hello Sriram,
      Reddit is one of the best place to get real traffic from for free, but it is so hard to use them so people intend to give up as quick. You have gotten 2000 page views from them, that is to show you how effective they are.

      Amma sure send you an invite Sriram because i know that you will be active. Thanks for the comment and have a good weekend ahead :)

  3. Joseph says

    Nice Post Babanature,
    I guess I have been banned from Reddit. I will.register a new Account now and also add me to Your FB Group. FB Username is – Josylad

    • says

      Hello Joseph,
      If you still like that account, you can still write an appeal so they can re-activate the account. Or if you want to create a new one, you should make it as real as possible.

      P.S… Please go get your self a gravatar so i will know if i am talking to a real person or nice :)

  4. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Yes! You really hit it well here, reddit as a social bookmarking site is a very nice one to drive traffic to every blog irrespective of the blog niche, I do make use of reddit but never can tell whether my account was suspended or banned but all I knew when I was using it was that I don’t get reasonable traffic from reddit and that made me to dropped reddit for bizsugar, but I have however discovered that probably my account was either banned or suspended without my knowledge and that was why I’m nothing getting reasonable traffic from it.

    • says

      Hello Adesanmi,
      When it comes to traffic, bizsugar can’t give you half of the traffic reddit can give. Reddit is way ahead of bizsugar and that’s a fact. If you’re not doing it well, then you’re not doing it well :) .

      It is very difficult to get traffic from reddit but once you get an upvote, your traffic wonders starts from there.
      Thanks for your wonderful comment and do have your self a wonderful weekend :)

  5. says

    great post you have here really learned a lot from these post like I do learn from the other post on your blog.

    Please i would love to be part of the reddit group on facebook


    • says

      Hello Damilare,
      Seriously by following this tip and other of my previous tips can sky rocket any blog, in terms of traffic. so i am sure that this will surely help you in your quest.
      I would sure consider adding you to the group if you’d be active 😉

    • says

      Hello Nwosu,
      If you can follow the simple TOS laid down by the reddit team, you will not get ban or if you follow my reasons, you will also not get ban.

      if you write a blog post that deals on blogging and you want to submit the link on reddit, you should submit it to blogging instead of bloggers subreddit. and went you only post links and you don’t stay active, that will lead to your immediate removal. I’ll advice you to post only your best posts or post once a week.

  6. says

    WOW man you’re really an excellent writer. I just came here first time and read your whole post.(Beleive me i never read a full post in any website. :))
    Thanks for the Tut on Reddit.
    Waiting for your stumbleupon Tutorial.

  7. says

    I was looking for the ways to get traffic from Reddit but can’t find a suitable way to do the same.But this article will help me for sure.And i would love to join you on facebook.My fb username is ishan.lumba

    • says

      Hello Ishan,
      Yeah, if you can follow these little tip i lay down, then you can make the best of reddit :) . Thanks for stopping by and it will be great if you get your self a gravatar so we can know you better ::)

  8. says

    I know reddit a bit but never tried hard to focus on it. Read your experience make me exciting to give it a try. Thanks my friend

    • says

      Hello Okto,
      Yeah, reddit is one of the best places to get huge amount of traffic to ones blog for free. I’d say, after Google they are next for free traffic :) .

      You really need to give it a try and when you do, do let us know how positive it went. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment buddy, have a blessed weekend

  9. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Interesting post. The next one will be even more interesting. I have a Reddit account but I didn’t use it. The only thing I wanted from Reddit is to put some bookmarks there (it is a bookmarking site, isn’t it? :) ).

    Unfortunately it is very complicated and I wasn’t able to find a way to put a bookmark there. It seems they have a different way of doing things.
    I will try your tip to see if my account is ok.

    One question. If you create a fb Reddit group with only 10 people or so, sooner or later the links posted in Reddit will look strange: a lot of links with 10 upvotes from the same people. Constantly! This may trigger a ban for the whole 10 people in the group.
    Either you create a larger group or give up the idea.

    I want to be a part of this group but I don’t want to give my fb username here. Is there any other way to contact you?

    Have a nice day

    • says

      Hello Silviu,
      Yeah! reddit is a social bookmarking site and by the years, it has also turned to a large community.
      Reddit is indeed deficult to understand but once you get the idea behind it, you’re going t love every moment with them.

      On the reddit group, i am using 10 member so it will be easy to manage. but if you have a suggestion, on how many you’d like in the group, do speak up and i will surely look into it.

      You can send me your Facebook id through my contact page and i will surely add you to the group, as long as you will be active in there 😉

  10. says

    This is a great info. I never knew the % of people who give a thumbs up is so low, so the more traffic you have the higher chance you get of people giving a thumbs up.

    • says

      Hello Martin,
      Yeah! the more your upvotes the more your traffic increases. imaging you having like 2000 upvotes and your link appears on their front page :) you will definitely be smiling with the kind of traffic you will get.

  11. says

    Hi Baba !
    Reddit is indeed one of the best online sites where a blog/website can get a huge traffic …though I’ve not seen any success with it ..i feel happy to read people sharing their stories of getting traffic from Reddit .


    • says

      Hello Pramod,
      Reddit increases web traffic in a positive way. I will only advice you never give up on that site and you will surely get traffic from them in a tremendous way 😉 . Have a truthful weekend ahead

  12. says

    Hello Babanature
    This is just the type of article am searching for because most newbies don’t get traffic to their blogs from reddit because of the above reasons, i have being using reddit for sometime now and i must say it’s just too awesome for me i would try to implement more of your tips to help me increase the visit from reddit to my blog thanks for sharing bro

    • says

      Hello Prince,
      It feels good getting much traffic from reddit right? Getting traffic from that community site might look really hard but once applied the steps laid down here, it will be indeed simple. Thanks for your comment and do have a great week ahead…

  13. says

    Hi babanature,

    Awesome post you got there!

    I uses Reddit sometime back and noticed some traffic from there. The concept is that many people uses Reddit and if you want those clicks, votes etc, get a killer title.

    With the right title, you are going to pull traffic from there, you know … we are human and understanding how our eyes and mind works will return more than just great results :)

    Have a great weekend!


    • says

      Hello Reginald,
      You truly did speak well, a killer title is the essential ingredient if you want to get traffic from reddit. Thanks for your contribution and do have a great day ahead… :)

  14. says

    Hello BabaNature, Again very informative post, and yes great to know, it is something very new to me. “Reddit can ban user and he/she even don’t know about it ” Interesting Facts :) and i’m feeling safe as i just checked my reddit account by above mentioned procedure, Its UP there :)
    Thanks, Have a great day

    • says

      Hello Harsh,
      Reddit is a good way of getting traffic and its good to em out and see how they go. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a great week starts

  15. says

    Hello Babanature,

    I’m actually excited that I came across this blog post today because I’ve had reddit in the back of my mind since I started my blog. I’ve heard many other bloggers tell me to post on reddit, but truthfully, it was intimidating because I’ve never used reddit before, and have no idea where to start. You’ve got me interested, and I’ll start learning how it works.

    Thank you for the awesome information! :)

    • says

      Hello Keri,
      This post can indeed help boost your traffic and make you know how to use reddit to its full advantage. Thanks for stopping by and do have a good week start :)

  16. says

    Right . Eye catchy title may give attention to use and drive them to your blog . Also you have make a strong community and share you blog post to right category .

  17. says

    Frankly speaking babanature, this is the very first documentary tutorial and tips I have ever read about using reddit.

    I have never used them before except for many a few clients that opted for it when I was about doing few social bookmarking for their blogs.

    With all you have written about them I think it is just the right time to look forward to checking out their platform

    Thanks for sharing

    • says

      Hello Obasi,
      Like the Nigerian would say; “If you no try, you no go no”. You should start using them and if you follow what i lay down here, you will definitely achieve success there.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a nice week start

  18. says

    I have not paid attention to this source of traffic. I have only been using Stumbleupon for sometime now. I think it is time for me to do something about Reddit as it is obvious am losing great traffic for not using the site.
    Thanks for this reminder. God bless

    • says

      Hello Efoghor,
      Ahhh… stumbleupon is also one good source of getting traffic to ones blog, i also do use it effectively :)

      You should truly try out the reddit traffic and see how it goes. Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely week ahead :)

  19. says

    I have used Reddit before in the past, but it was by using Onlywire when they posted to the account for me.

    As for me personally using them, I have never had an account with Reddit. I have never heard anyone talking about how great they can be for traffic.

    I may have to sign up and get an account with them and begin using these steps. I know I would love to get more traffic to my blog.

    As for StumbleUpon, I have used it. Although not sure if I am using it correctly, can’t wait till you explain how to properly use it.

    • says

      Hello Susan,
      You know, when i started blogging earlier on- i had a reddit account but did not know how to use it so i leave it and move on to other traffic strategies. But letter on i post one of my link over there and got 2000 visits that day of doing it. So i decide to learn about them even more…

      You should try them out, it will definitely worth it. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comments, do have a best week ahead :)

  20. says

    Hi Babanature,

    I have a bunch of Thanks to you:

    First thanks to invite me to the group! I’m really honored!

    I had reddit account for ages (don’t remember actually when I’d created an account there, but I guess it more than 3 or 4 years old). Equally, I don’t remember for how long it remained inactive.

    Second thanks to let me know that my account is already banned! Probably, I’d never discover it throughout my life!

    Third thanks for this well written article that is capable enough to arouse interest in reddit. I’d used StumbleUpon and was working fine till the new interface was launched. Moreover, recently too stopped working. It is always ‘under construction’.

    • says

      Ah… Most welcome Suresh :),
      Ahhh… you know that i love sharing what work for me. I do believe that reddit will work for all as long as you do it right.
      Yeah! is definitely out of other and nobody knows when they will be back online, but i do hope they start operation soon.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thoughts, do have your self the best week ever.

  21. Niraj Bhusal says

    This is really a interesting article. After reading this post, I think everyone can find the way to get back the traffic.

  22. says

    I have no words to write about this post. Its simply exceptional :)

    No I understood that why am not driving traffic with reddit.

    I checked as you told, my submitted links are still visible.

    I am interested to join in the FB secret group and will help other bloggers by up-voting.

    Thanks for sharing this great piece of information, keep doing it :)

    • says

      Thanks for the kind words Nirmala,
      It is good to know that your account is still intact and haven’t been ban.
      Ah… you’re already in the group and i do hope you will be as effective 😉
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful week ahead :)

  23. says

    Hi Babanature,
    I agreed your opinion that still Reddit is not enough resource to boost the website traffic. But, according to my point of view nowadays Reddit is take speed slowly slowly to boost the traffic. My each Reddit post have indexing or caching at a frequent time duration.

    • says

      Hello Sonal,
      Reddit is one place to get unlimited traffic from but as long as you know how to and follow the rules. It is also a bookmarking site and has its authority. :)

  24. says

    This is a very helpful post. I just discovered that my account has been suspended when I tried your tip in the post. Recently, when I’m trying to share a post on reddit, I always get the message ‘you have submitted too many links recently, try again in an hour’. I didn’t know I was without an account. Just registered another one. Please ‘ll like to know how to maintain this one. How can I send my Facebook user to you for the group?

  25. says

    this is a great article on reddit. answers so many
    questions . Reddit can be both a pleasure and a mystery. I mean their behaviour, even long time reddit users fail to explain their weird behaviour.
    overall it’s still a mystery.

    • says

      Hello John,
      Reddit is one place where you can get some good traffic if you truly know how to use it. But do remember to always check your account and do read their tos before using their services… :)

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