How To Drive Quality Traffic To A News or Entertainment Site

Do you know that, the way we drive traffic to blogging tips niche is totally different from the way news niche drive traffic to theirs? Yes, bloggers that are in the blogging tip niche can get quality web traffic from almost everywhere while the news and entertainment Niche can only get traffic from selected areas. Hope you do agree with me?


Most people drive traffic to their blog without paying attention to the category of people that are in that source where they are trying to get the traffic from.

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The truth is – if you spend time driving low quality traffic to your blog (traffic that are not related to your niche), you will only waste your precious time. Or let me put it this way – Unrelated traffic source – No engagement – Low/no income – You’ll become a frustrated blogger :)

There is nothing more better and rewarding for a blogger then targeting a valuable traffic source that works 100%, right?

Promoting a blogging tip niche blog is not that hard to do because almost all the Facebook group, Linkedin group, Google+ group and other social site groups focus mainly on that niche. But the news niche is a bit difficult to promote except you have some reasonable amount of good social friends that are willing to share your post.

But thank God, news and entertainment sites do get a lot of favors from search engines so if you’re running the news and entertainment blog, you have nothing to fear or worry about because with the progression of time, your site will be greatly favored by search engines.

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But before search engines will start giving you favor, you need to put your site out there for people who want to read it and also search engines… for a faster favorism :)

Here are some best ways to promote your News niche site and as well as Entertainment niche site for maximum exposure.

Be Social

Okay, if your post is not passing through any or all social networks, then you’re greatly missing out of the exposure your blog should have.

Social network is one of the best sources to drive quality, effective and engaging traffic to any news or entertainment blog. But still – if you are not doing it well, all effort will be just a waste of time and…

Below are some social networks where you can get some serious traffic from if you perform your task well.



Facebook (Groups and page)



Google +

What other popular social network can you add to the list?

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Using the above social network will definitely put your blog in the game and drive you some good quality traffic.

Guest Post on Top News Sites

Guest posting on popular or well engaged blogs in your niche is one good source to driving targeted and quality traffic to your blog and as well get you popular doing it.

We have enough popular news and entertainment sites online that would love an exclusive or something “top of the edge” from you. Do you have that news, sports or entertainment news that will make anybody say wow…? Then sites like; zimbio, CNN, BBC, Yahoo News, MSN would indeed be interested to have that content.

Tips: If you have something exclusive or new to share with the world, you can go to yahoo and register as one of their contributor. If the article is worth it, yahoo team will publish it.

Now imagine the traffic you will get if yahoo or any other listed names should accept your post.

Be Exclusive:

In the online world, we have millions of sites that deal on news. It is almost impossible to break through if you don’t bring out something unique every once in a awhile…

Why do you think people go to Yahoo, MSN, CNN, BBC, etc? Because this names brings exclusives to us.

Having a news site, it is allowed to steal stories and edit it to your taste but if you don’t have story of your own, your site will not last ***fact***

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Tips: Find your story and make it exclusive (it could be a story from your neighborhood or you can interview somebody in your area or do documentary on somebody) – I am sure there are millions of people who’d want to know what’s going on with you and your surroundings.

Be Persistent and Never Give up

I gave out 3 solid tips that will surely help you drive traffic to your News site (Sports, Entertainment, Gossips, Etc.), but if you’re a lazy blogger or you are not persistent enough, this tips or any tip(S) you find online will not work for you ***fact***.

Also do note that nothing good comes easy. If you need traffic to your blog, you will have to work for it so you can smile at your end-result.

Let’s talk.

Looks like I have said so much about so much on this post, right? Now let’s make the post much more interesting…

Do you know any other way(s) of driving traffic to a news site aside the once I mentioned above? Then do use the comment box below to drop your answer.

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Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below and I will be glad to answer you ASAP. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

Be Social

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    • says

      Hello Emmanuel,
      Indeed getting traffic is the dream of all blogger and for those entertainment bloggers out there that still don’t know how, this post will surely help them to get more audience and eyes to their contents.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  1. says

    Hi Babanature,

    I agree with you about getting traffic, though I feel even a multi-niche blog that has lots of topics could get traffic, but you need to post regularly too for that.

    Yes, lazy bloggers have no scope, and that goes to show you are consistent too with your blogging, isn’t it? Not everyone can manage a news or entertainment site, and if they do, they have to keep it updated with the latest. I wonder about the comments on such news posts – are they as good and engaging as on our blogs? I wonder because I rarely visit them due to lack of time. More over, most of them are sites and not blogs, or perhaps we have only a handful of known bloggers who are managing such blogs and doing well for themselves. That was a good idea of registering on Yahoo, and I would also add Pinterest to your list of sites because our posts stay for the longest period of time on Pinterest as compared to the others :)

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week :)

    • says

      Hello Harleena,
      Most of the News and entertainment blogs i have visits, there comings are good but most of the commenter love abuses :)
      Thanks for mentioning Pinterest. I did not include them because i never thought that News sites can take advantage of them, but thank for drawing our attention their :)

      Thanks for the lovely comment and do have a good weekend ahead…

  2. says

    The news blog niche is very competitive niche. To have an edge, the blogger must be unique, exclusive, and persistent with the story.

    However, its not only about the exclusiveness of the story, its also about the method of delivery.

    To attract publishing attention from top online journals the news article must be targeted to a specific goal.

    Sharing on social media, publishing guest posts, being exclusive and being persistent are vital points marketers should take note of.

    Your piece is very resourceful Babanature!

    I left this comment in, where this post was shared and aggregaged for Internet marketers.

    • says

      You are right about that Sunday, the News and Entertainment niche is one of the most competitive niche available on the internet.

      You are also right about that, delivery also matter in any niche a blogger find him/her self…

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your valuable comments. Do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  3. says

    Hi Babanature,
    Very informative post. . . I think getting traffic to News or Entertainment is little difficult among CNN, BCC, Yahoo and many popular sites! providing Exclusive content is the best way to drive traffic for these sites!
    thanks for sharing!

    • says

      Hello Adithya,
      Exclusive is indeed one good way to drive traffic to any news or entertainment blog.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your good comment. Do have a nice weekend ahead…

  4. says

    So Twitter isn’t good to drive traffic? Hmmm…

    Anyway I see lately hundreds of sites launched but with videos that goes viral overnight, the shocking ones, these guys drive massive social traffic because they put visitors to share video first to be able to watch that video. Pretty sneaky don’t you think?

    • says

      Hey Daniel,
      Ahhh… don’t mind my writing i forget to add twitter, maybe because a new site can’t use it to drive traffic to their blogs because you need some good followers to achieve your traffic goal, right?

      Video is one of the best ways to drive quality traffic faster to any blog… How did i forget that?

      Thanks for your awesome comments dear friend. Do have a wonderful and problem free weekend over there my friend.

  5. says

    Hello babanature,

    Great points, Indeed social media plays a major role getting unique hits to a news or entertainment sites. The reason I think is people are more interest in checking the news sites from social sites.


  6. says

    Excellent post, Babanature!

    I have thought a little about this topic (I am planning to go into niche blogging soon…well, in a few months – as an effort to diversify my income sources).

    I have already thought about the topics (all I did was look around my own room – what are the things I use and need? 😀

    Of course, I do have to narrow it down and pick one that is interesting to me (I don’t think I want to write any posts about wallets or pens – wait…now that I think about, pens don’t seems a very bad idea).

    Anyways, I think news industry has a bit of edge since it is popular (perhaps the most popular niche? In terms of the target audience. Of course, competition is also fierce).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing these tips, Babanature :) I need to think about a great plan/strategy before I can start on my niche blog (time is short..and even though I love making mistakes, I would prefer to make only a few of them).

    Have a great weekend!

    • says

      Hello Jeevan,
      It is good to hear that pretty soon, you will be starting your own niche site.
      Indeed, before jumping in to niche site, a proper survey must be done. Because not all niche favors bloggers… Best niche will yield more income (Even better then your authority site) :)

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a nice weekend dear friend :)

    • says

      Hello Lalitha,
      Good analytic is also one good way of knowing what the audience needs are and use that as an advantage. But the truth is, using Google analytic to its full capability, you have to be more than a newbie, hope you understand.

      Thanks for the lovely suggestion, it was truly appreciated. Do have a blessed weekend :)

  7. says

    Hello Mr. Babanature.
    I run a technology and information forum. Could you please give me some tips on how I can generate traffic for my forum. Thanks.

    • says

      Hello Inyavic,
      Getting traffic to a forum is also a bit different but once you start getting those traffic, no need to stress your self for much promotion.

      I’ll advice you to comment on blogs and forum pretty often. and make sure you take advantages of social networks. Also remember this, it is good to broad your board so there will be a topic for everyone to use. Hope you understand?

      Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend…

  8. Bello says

    Hello Babanature,
    This is indeed a nice post that is worth my time.
    i did create an entertainment blog on blogger blog. i tried driving traffic to it, but all prove abortive.
    thanks for giving us these tips and i also did learn from the comment.

    • says

      Most welcome Bello,
      I do believe that the reasons other method are not working for you is simply because you just aint trying :)
      i do believe that with little effort, these ways can give you reasonable amount of traffic, but only if you perform it religiously.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a brilliant week ahead…

  9. says

    Hello Babanature,

    The distinction you made about types of traffic one drives to a blog is crucial…it’s sad to see webmasters busy trying desperately to drive traffic that doesn’t convert…it’s really frustrating.

    Though I don’t run a news site (at least for now), I recognize the genius in your post and I specially appreciate your efforts.


    • says

      Hello Akaahan,
      As you say, many bloggers do get traffic from wrong areas and that is seriously bad. I seriously want to see people getting valuable traffic from valuable source that’s why i keep publishing posts as this :)
      Thanks for your kind words, it was indeed appreciated.
      Do have a beautiful week ahead…

  10. says

    Wow this is good. I have been looking for a post like this for a very longtime.
    I think sharing your post on your facebook page and groups as well as compelling friends to share your post can drive traffic.

  11. says

    Hi Babanature,

    As always these are some very easy and useful tips that can take a blog a long way, and I think some of these tips can be carried over into other niches as well in a different way.

    • says

      Hello Amiti
      That’s very correct, these tips can help any niche blog increase traffic.
      Thanks for the kind words, it was indeed appreciated. Do have a blessed week ahead…

    • says

      Hey Ugee,
      Yes, to be persistent is one good way to keep your blogging career active. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a blessed week ahead…

  12. easyjay says

    Natureboy…. I just came around to drop you some love. I am very happy and impressed to see how far u have gone in this blogging. Email me your mobile let me say hello to my old friend. U dig?

    • says

      Hello Easyjay,
      Ahaha… you just made me remember them old school times. You are my partner and would always be my partner…
      Thanks for dropping the love brother. True friendship never dies :) . u dig?
      Here is my bbm contact 74FB585A
      Hit me up let’s catch up old times. u dig?

  13. says

    Hi babanature,

    I do agree with you that news website should provide unique and exclusive stories, if people found that your website offers unique content they will keep coming for it and most importantly they will share it with their friends on their social media accounts.

  14. says


    Nice post

    “Bloggers can get quality traffic from almost everywhere but new and entertainment sites gets traffic from selected areas”, I completely agree to it. Creating a news blog niche is easy but maintaining it in a proper updated way is very difficult. For that you should be always updated with current events, current situations etc. The main stream for getting traffic to such sites is the social networking sites. Websites like Facebook, twitter, google +, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr and many more. If we are able to be active on all such sites then you will getting a good amount of traffic.

    Thank you for sharing.

  15. says

    hi, babanature, I ‘ve been blogging for a while (quality content) yet adsense says insufficient content, kindly visit my blog and assist ij knowing next step to take.thanks.

    • says

      Hello Evelyn,
      There are many works that needs to be done on your blog before Google adsense may consider accepting your application.
      Like your blog doesn’t have navigation sense, Your images are more than your write ups, Write unique contents.
      If you can take care of those two mentioned, i am sure you will get approved.
      Any other question, don’t hesitate to ask…

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