Facebook and SEO: How to Bring Together

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media network and is over four times bigger than its main competitor Twitter. Google created Google+ in order to compete with it, and shortly after Google+ started getting a few people signing up Google said that it was now considering social media when ranking up a website. Since then Facebook has had an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. Here is how you bring Facebook and SEO together.

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Facebook is only one of over 200 SEO factors

Some people spend weeks working on their Facebook posts and trying to marry together Facebook and their website, and yet Facebook is only one of over 200 ranking factors. Sure, you should spend time on it, but if your Facebook activities only count for 0.5% of your search engine ranking then spending lots of time on Facebook seems silly.

Build a following and get organic SEO from followers

This is the best benefit that Facebook can offer you. Forget all that nonsense about getting traffic and an SEO benefit from Facebook. Do your Facebook SEO right and your Facebook account will work out its own way of helping your SEO.


If you want to do something productive and useful, then use your social media background and work to get more followers. If you are able to get more followers on your Facebook profile then you are closer to getting a better SEO benefit. If you get a following then people will start to link to you and comment about you on social media themselves and the SEO value will come to you in the end.

Links to your website may help you

Any types of links going from Facebook to your website will help you a little. Sure, they are not nearly as powerful as backlinks in the online world, but they do count as mentions, and get enough mentions and Google starts to pay attention.

“like”s are not as powerful as you think

Google knows that you can set up an infinite amount of Facebook profiles, so all this talk about Google caring about “like”s is very unlikely. They may have a small impact, but it probably only has an impact if it is married with other factors too.

Show snippets of your website

This is one of the great things about Facebook. You are able to say what you like and post what you like and it is not considered plagiarism. It is just considered to be self expression. Show snippets of your website so that people may start falling in love with it.

Do not forget that plagiarism isn’t that big of a deal on Facebook

If you have copied the entire work of someone else and posted it onto you profile it will not matter. You may even get more attention than the person you stole it from

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Create a Facebook fan page for your website

This is a page you can set up for whatever you wish. The only restriction is if you are creating a fan page for someone famous then you have to be sure that one does not exist already.

Be diligent when filing out your bio material

This means add in your keywords and make it very easy to read so that your viewers can see it and read it. You need a few keywords scattered about your bio details and you are all set. Make sure you also connect it with your website so they know what website you are setting yourself up for.

Steal other people’s ideas if it gets them on your Facebook fan page

Taking the ideas and content of Facebook people is a bad, and it is naughty if you use that same material on your Facebook page. However, there is no Google punishment for it, and you will get new traffic, so why not give it a try if you get desperate for new content.

Add a Facebook comment section to your website

This is possible and easy. Just look up the code online or check a post Babanature did about it here. It allows you to establish a comment section on a page, and it allows you to link the web page to your Facebook page. It also has the added benefit of the check box that says “post to Facebook.” If people do not uncheck that box then what they type as a comment goes to Facebook. This equates to free advertising on somebody else’s Facebook page. This is pretty groovy, and the Facebook comment section is still overlooked by some.

Back to you

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  1. says

    Facebook and SEO Both have their own value and important with each other. Most of people are connected with Facebook & many people are doing SEO work. So Both are valuable with other.

  2. Warren Kuan says

    Thanks for such a “Class” and organic post, It’s really fun to have such an reading experience (the site is clean, neat, and with lots of great tips!! :)

  3. says

    Hi Sonia,

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog and this is a topic that has a lot of people’s interests, especially lately with all the changes that they have going on.

    I don’t use Facebook for SEO myself, only mainly for making connections. I stopped worrying about Google ranking me in the search engines a few years ago because I had such a hard time every time they changed their algorithms trying to keep up. I just write for my readers and share with them things about blogging that I know will benefit them today so by just making those connections on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ that will get people interested in what I share and it works beautifully.

    I appreciate at least the tips you’ve shared because since I don’t worry so much about this I’m not the person to educate others on it either.

    Hope you two have a wonderful week and thanks again.


  4. says

    I thought Facebook links are a great help for SEO but after reading you post, I have learned that they are not after all. How about Facebook shares?

  5. says

    Hi Sonia,

    Interesting thought!!
    Indeed, Facebook or other social media is very useful for website owners. However, not many people who know about SEO on Facebook. That’s why I feel this is an interesting post.

    This post very useful for me.
    Thanks for sharing this information, Sonia.


  6. says

    Hi Sonia, and good to see you here at Babanature’s blog :)

    Sorry for being late this time Babanature – just caught up in some family weddings, though glad I’m back now!

    Coming to the post, I do use a lot of Facebook, and perhaps it helps in SEO too, though I don’t use much of the proper SEO techniques so I wouldn’t know much.

    I do share my posts on various FB groups, and make new connections that ways. Nothing in particular otherwise, and when you share posts that helps others, they start linking to your blog, just as you mentioned, and perhaps that’s what really helps you rank better. Yes, the FB shares are certainly more powerful than the FB likes, which now you have to be careful of.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you :)

  7. says

    Hi Sonia,

    I think you’re right, but interlinking Facebook and your website one can increase both SEO value and social media exposure. But again you should share useful content on Facebook and that too at right time to get maximum attention of your audience.

  8. says

    hahaha, Facebook seo, what an idea, first you know Google definitely consider FB views in promoting list ( count from fb is always your site promotion) it’s not organic views, in the fb right now like to like, link to link and many unwanted promotions going on, some people sites are banned by Google adsense also, because too much views came from fb, it’s a bad practice, Google don’t accept fb views. you see in Google analytics, traffic section ( organic traffic source) clearly mention. any how you did a great job. thank you and know many things from your post, really Face Book seo is wonder idea from you

  9. says

    Facebook is one of my favourite social newtork followed by twitter and google+ but some months ago, facebook blocked my site url for no reason cleared to me till now, without spaming or any illegal action… anyway, as you said Facebook is 1/200 and not only social network availble

  10. says

    Great Post Babanature,

    Learning more about SEO and its connection to social media is always something worth reading and sharing. I really like adding a screenshot of part of the post or image to Facebook to give a “sneak peak”.

  11. says

    Nice article
    FB is a potential field to generate traffic to your website. But i don;’t think it can work usually. Actually those days bloggers want to avoid FB someway. Just in my opinion.
    thanks for your sharing.


  12. says

    Nice article to bring more traffic. Facebook is very fast growing social network and bringing these tow together really helps to bring more traffic. Thanks for this article.

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