Here’s How to Grow Your Email List 3 Times Faster – WPSubscribers Review

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WPSubscribers is a light weight wordpress optin plugin that helps you grow your email list 3 times faster than other optin form or plugin out there. Grow your subscribers quickly and easily...


Okay! We’ve been hearing that to make true money online, we need to have a good amount of subscribers. But how can we get these subscribers in a “fast” rate, because I know that it takes a lot of effort to make people subscribe to your list.

Grow Your Email List 3 Times Faster

When I started blogging new, I was told that to make my email list grow, I need to add a “subscribe to” button in some strategic areas – like the side bar, header and or below post.

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Some even advised me to add a one time popup form to my blog if I want to get my list up there :)

You know, you can also fast track your list growth by giving out freebies – that’s what they told me. And truth be told, all the process I was told to carry out, did work beautifully but not as fast as I was hoping it would be (except for the one time popup form).

Grow Your Email List 3 Times Faster

Some weeks back, I was introduced to a WordPress plugin that allows your readers to optin your list in some special ways.

What it truly does is it allows you to create multiple opt-in forms in all strategic areas of your blog. And to those bloggers, who are looking for a plugin that can create an exit popup, look no further because this little gem does that and more…

Are you still wondering what plugin I am talking about? Hmmm… I am talking about the wpsubscribers :)

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Wpsubscribers has been around since 2012, I wonder why I didn’t know or heard about it up until now :) . Well at least I have now, right? So let’s take a little ride on how this little and powerful gem works.

  • It helps you add a Footer Bar or Header Bar Opt-In Form
  • It allows you to add An Optin Form with a “lightbox”
  • Display hidden content: Users will subscribe before seeing some of your hidden contents… Best for people running membership sites
  • Put a “Subscribe” Box In All Your Posts
  • Subscribe on registration
  • Subscribe on commenting
  • Put a “Subscribe” Box In Particular Posts
  • Create a “Cascade” of Exit Popups
  • Put Your “Subscribe” Form anywhere
  • Works With ANY Email Service Provider
  • Facebook Connectivity: It automatically subscribes your readers when they click your “Facebook connect” button you set for them.
  • Add a countdown timer to your form: This is perfect when creating a time limit offer, don’t ya think?
  • and on top of that, it work with all modern browsers
  • and it even does more…

Now you see why the plugin is a good choice for young bloggers like us who wants to build our list in a fast rate?

You can get the free plugin at WordPress Plugin dashboard or you can get the premium plugin with all the above features here WPSUBSCRIBERS

The premium plugin cost 47$ with all those cool features it has with it.

Grow Your Email List 3 Times Faster

If you are not too good with coding, then I suggest you use this plugin. Or if you want multiple options, then this plugin is for you as well :)

You can download the Plugin here WPSUBSCRIBERS PLUGIN

Over to You

What subscribe to form do you us? Is it converting as fast as you’re hopping it to be?

Do drop your answer by using the comment box below. I’d sure love to read your replies :)

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  1. says

    Thanks Babanature for sharing this info. I think this is the right bargain, and moreso, I think it will be more effective than the likes of Aweber and getresponse.

    Do they have a trial version?



    • says

      Hello James,
      Yes they do, but the trial version comes with very limited feature. I’ll employ you to try the paid version for some day and if you do not like it, you can get your money back. it’s 60days money back guarantee so you got nothing to loose right?

      I am sure you’re going to love this plugin :)
      Thanks for the comment and hope you have a nice week ahead…

  2. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Good to be back on your blog after my vacational break :)

    This sounds like a good plugin, though it’s paid – but then it must be giving a lot of options as well. I still need to check it out along with the others I have on my list. Presently with the introduction of forums, I am getting a few new subscribers through the one I am using, so let’s see how that goes.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend :)

    • says

      Hello Harleena,
      Wow!!! Welcome Back from your blogging break. I hope you had a lovely break.
      Ahh… i’ll assure you that this plugin plays wonders. I just couldn’t keep it to my self, so i had to share it with my readers….
      I am sure that once you try it, you’ll love it :)
      Welcome back once again and do have a nice week ahead…

    • says

      yeah, You are right Kingsley. It’s not every blogger that can code and does who knows a little about codding, don’t go to the lenght they put in to create this plugin.

  3. says

    That’s a pretty much awesome plug-in. Though I won’t have a share of the cake since am still using Google Blogger platform. I will try it out soonest :D. Thanks Baba for sharing. Have a successful weeks ahead 😀

    • says

      Hello Victor,
      Blogger blog is also a nice platform, but i’ll advice you to also try out the wordpress platform and see how awesome they are. And when you do migrate your blog from blogger to wordpress, don’t forget about this post :)
      Have a blessed week ahead…

  4. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Great post indeed.

    We all need subscribers to increase traffic at our blog.
    The plugin you have mentioned above may help bloggers.
    Thought it’s paid but still who can afford it can get the benefit and increase their subscribers.
    I didn’t know about this plugin.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.:)


    • says

      Hello Ravi,
      Bloggers who are trying to build their list in a faster rate should definitely opt in to such plugin. The plugin is highly recommended and does his job beautifully.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a beautiful week ahead…

    • says

      Hello Soni,
      Yeah, the wesubscribers do have a trial period of 60days. and if you don’t like the plugin, you can easily ask for a refund and your complete money will be refunded to you. Looks more convincing, right? That’s how confident they are.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a nice weekend ahead…

  5. says

    Hey Babanature,

    I believe I’ve heard about this one. I was searching for a plugin some time back where I could customize my own opt-in box but only ran across one that would allow me to do that and it was not very user friendly. I looked into this one but I was looking for specific features that this one didn’t have.

    I still hate the pop-ups no matter how much people preach that they convert. I can’t help it but I’m of the thought process that I want to treat people the way I want to be treated and I just don’t like them even on an exit. To me it seems desperate but once again that’s just my opinion and not the majority. That I do know for sure.

    Hope you’re having a lot of luck with this plugin and than you for the review. If I’m in search of one that has these things I’ll be sure to stop back by here and read some more. 😉

    Enjoy what’s left of your week.


    • says

      Hello Adrienne,
      It’s good to know that you’ve heard about this plugin before.
      Apart from the pop-up feature, it has just so many other features that will be very helpful. you can just go to their page and see more of their features and see if you won’t get tempted :)

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment… do have a nice week start

  6. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Building a list is always important for bloggers. This plugins sound great to me, especially all the features which I deem really crucial for online business.

    Thanks a lot for providing this post. Wish you have a great week

    • says

      Hello Okto,
      List building is one key way to increase our earning, and this plugins will surely make bloggers who wants to build their lists.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment bro,. Have a blessed week start

  7. says

    Hi Babanature,

    Great Review about the WPSubscribers. It looks good to me. I am currently using one from Aweber and it is working fine but I want to try adding one on the header and footer. Will this be accomplished by the free version? or I have to buy it?

    Thanks Babanature for sharing!! Have a great rest of the week!!

    BE Blessed,


    • says

      Hello Neamat,
      The free version comes with limited features, so performing the features you mentioned can be seen on the premium version.
      The premium version gives 60days money back… and that’s how they are confident about their product.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful week start :)

  8. says

    Hey Babanature,

    I never heard of this plugin before, but I may take a gander at it. I’ve used two plugins which are optinskin and magic action box, and I have to say that they haven’t been the fastest at converting! I found another plugin called OptinLinks so I will see how this one works out! Thanks for the share and I hope you’re having a great week!

    • says

      Hello Sherman,
      The wpsubscribers has the feature of both optinskin and magic action box put together and it also have even more features that you will have no option but to love them :)

      Thanks for the comment and hope you have a blessed week as always

  9. says

    Hi BabaNature,

    Awesome find, I must say. I have got over 5000 subscribers, but I wished to increase it out. With this plugin, I hope to increase it out to 8k or more.

    Thanks for review,

  10. says

    Babanature, I love your review on this Plugin. Please can more than one person use this single plugin after purchase? Does it support multiple websites?

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