Top 3 Smart Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Top 3 ways to monetize your blog

Blogging in recent years has come out as a big booming field over internet. Initially blogging was a platform that was known to only a few people and this platform was used to express views, opinions and thoughts. There were only a few bloggers in the world who were very passionate about writing. But time [Continue Reading...]

How To Write A Blog Post That Pays

how to write blog post that pays

Writing and getting paid in the process is the most loveliest and most interesting job I have ever done since I started my online journey . Seriously, it feels great writing and seeing great results in the process, like; thousands of people reading your blog post, getting paid writing for people and also writing for [Continue Reading...]

2013 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing strategies no 1

Affiliate marketing is a fast-moving industry, and the most successful affiliates are the ones who never stop learning and trying new strategies for their affiliate websites.  The rapid growth of social networking and mobile devices is changing the way that people use the Internet, and this year will see some big opportunities for affiliate marketers [Continue Reading...]


Little Boy holding camera and taking photo

MAKING MONEY ONLINE SELLING PHOTOS: Back then, like five years ago, making money online was a really hard venture. But with the recent advent of some dot-com entities on the World Wide Web, the whole process has become relatively friendlier. Those days you must have a website, a product to sell and some other items [Continue Reading...]



3 KEY WORDS TO ONLINE SUCCESS: Hey friends, I know online money is not hard to get if you put work into it but still most people don’t know how to go about making this money, even after enough preaching. I got an email from one of my faithful blog readers that goes; Hey Babanature, [Continue Reading...]