10 Essential Apps for Your New Android Phone

10 Essential Apps for Your New Android Phone

Merry Christmas guys… I do hope you are enjoying your holiday with style. Well me? I just got a tablet phone as a Christmas gift from my brother. I love the tab because it has some good functionality that normal phones don’t have. Oh… and it can also do most of what my laptop or [Continue Reading…]

How To Change Your Facebook Date Of Birth


Okay, this is it. My friend created a Facebook account some time back and when he was filling his “about me” information, he lied about most of his private info (especially his year of birth). Now tell me how funny can that be? Hey now, don’t blame him because that is what many social users [Continue Reading…]

How To Activate Windows 8 And 8.1 The Best Way

how to enable windows 8 hibernation

Hey guys! Sometime back when I started this blog newly, I posted a cool and awesome way of activating windows 8 without crack or patch. It helped a lot of people who wants to activate their windows 8.But with time, a new windows 8 was released and everybody using the previous versions had to migrate [Continue Reading…]

Keyboard Shortcuts For IPhone And IPad


Hey guys!!! The iPhone and iPad are used for typing upon occasion. It is already slow enough (when compared to writing on a desktop computer), which is why the iPhone and iPad programmers have added keyboard shortcuts. And why do we need this shortcuts? Because they help you to save a little bit of time [Continue Reading…]



By now you must have known that most zip files online are broken, when I mean broken I mean really broken or damaged as most of you would say and at times broken files makes me “seriously” sick. Some days back, I was downloading a 2gigerbyt movie in “zip format” and after the download, I [Continue Reading…]