10 Android Games I Just can’t do Without

Best Android Games

Yes! If I’m exhausted and thinking of the next post to write, I’ll take out my phone and play me some games. I love playing mobile games because it helps me think and strategize my next plan. It is also the best strategy to kill time 😉 I was chatting with a good friend of [Continue Reading…]

10 Essential Apps for Your New Android Phone

10 Essential Apps for Your New Android Phone

Merry Christmas guys… I do hope you are enjoying your holiday with style. Well me? I just got a tablet phone as a Christmas gift from my brother. I love the tab because it has some good functionality that normal phones don’t have. Oh… and it can also do most of what my laptop or [Continue Reading…]

Keyboard Shortcuts For IPhone And IPad


Hey guys!!! The iPhone and iPad are used for typing upon occasion. It is already slow enough (when compared to writing on a desktop computer), which is why the iPhone and iPad programmers have added keyboard shortcuts. And why do we need this shortcuts? Because they help you to save a little bit of time [Continue Reading…]


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Have you ever tried to download a movie or any large file using your phone and after some time, it stopped downloading. It is frustrating right? I am not talking about opera mini because opera mini only gives you the capacity to download up to 10mb and can’t pass its download limit. I am talking [Continue Reading…]