Creating a 301 Custom Redirect for Blogger Blog

blogger blog custom redirect

  If you are new to blogging or you don’t pay that much attention to your blogger blog dashboard, you’ll think that it’s impossible to do a custom redirect. But the truth is, you can and it’s even easier than you know it In order to keep our blog healthy and search engine friendly, we [Continue Reading...]

How to Manually Backup Your Database the Best Way

How to Manually Backup Your Database the Best Way

Okay! Backing up our blog’s database is compulsory and should be done regularly, why? Because, it’s the only sure means that guarantees the safety of our blog. Sometimes, our blog malfunction either because we did a new WordPress update and or due to some plugins that uses database to work. Believe me, if you have [Continue Reading...]

Best WordPress Image Optimization Method

best wordpress image optimization method

What’s your best WordPress image optimization method? I ask this question because image optimization is one of the most important aspects of making your site load faster. I realize that many bloggers don’t pay “that” much attention when it comes to their blog images. What they do is – upload the image to their media [Continue Reading...]

How to Moderate What Shows on Your Facebook Timeline


I know I have said this countless of times but I’ll still say it again – Facebook is one of the best place to get good traffic from. Even after limiting page reach, bloggers/ website and business owners still find ways of getting some reasonable amount of traffic from the largest social network platform. Must [Continue Reading...]

Rules and Benefits of Commenting on Blog


As one grows and develops in blogging, there is always thirst for comments on posts published. When there is no comment, some feel they have not done enough publicity even when the post polished is fantastic and some feel they have not written a very good post. Actually, most times, the reason you’re not getting [Continue Reading...]

Three things that can make you an Inferior Blogger


Since I have been blogging, I have always been blogging with passion but along the way, I felt depressed and bad in one way or another. I felt inferior and kind of unsuccessful, whenever I read posts of many pro bloggers with numerous comments on their post; I see other pro bloggers commenting on that [Continue Reading...]