India web proxy /international web proxy but popularly known as IWP is one of the most used tunnels in Nigeria today. Seriously! Of all the tunneling software, vpn, proxies I have used (your-freedom, jap/jondos, hotspot, ultrasurf, ultravpn, E.T.C) India web proxy is one of the best (if not the best). The reason is that, it makes you browse with full speed and downloads are unrestricted.

WHAT IS INDIA WEB PROXY: – India web proxy (IWP) is a php proxy tunnel networks that bypass your network provider and also makes you surf the internet anonymously without restrictions.

Today, most Nigerians and some other countries that browse free or anonymously use this IWP tunnel to bypass network providers, and another good thing about this tunneling software is that you can also use it to hide your ip.

NOTE: For those who want to open a PayPal account or some other accounts and his or her country is black listed or his/her country is ban from accessing the site, can use the India web proxy to hide his/her IP.

In other for the India web proxy to work; it will need a php server script to power it.

The India web proxy script uses a web host to power it, but it is not all web hosts who accept side script and php script and even server script.

You can learn how to create India web proxy server at the forum or you can watch the videos on how to create a working iwp server with the links below… good luck and browse safe

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  1. Please send me this settings if possible. I’m disabled and can’t work anymore. I can’t bye data because it’s to expensive that’s why I’m asking. Please reply. Thank you.


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