Standing out from others is what makes you different and unique. What if I tell you that you can change the logon screen of your windows 7 os, how will your reaction be? At time we just need to put I little bit of swag to our best friend (computer). With this tweak I am about to show you, it is possible to customize the Windows 7 logon screen to whatever taste, color, picture your heart desires as the background.

NOTE: The process of Changing your logon screen background in Windows 7 is as simple as changing your desktop wallpaper.

1. The image we are going to use as the background should be in .jpg format and the image size should not exceed 245KB.

2. The image resolution can be of your choice; however I prefer 1440 x 900 or 1024 x 768. You can use any of the photos editing software such as Photoshop or GIMP to compress and set the resolution for your image. Once you’re done, save this image as “backgroundDefault.jpg” (without quote).

3. Copy your “backgroundDefault.jpg” image to
if it does not exist on your computer, you will need to create that path for it

4. Now open the Registry by going to Start >> Run >>> Type regedit, navigate to the following key

If “Background” does not exist right click LogonUI, select New and then Key, and name it Background.

Now locate OEMBackground (listed on the right side). If OEMBackground does not exist,

Right click “Background” and select New and then DWORD and name it OEMBackground.

5. Double-click on OEMBackground and set the Value Data to 1.

6. Now log-off to see the new logon screen background. If you would like to revert back to the default background, just set the Value Data back to 0.

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