Akismet is a popular wordpress plugin that checks your comments against the akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. It also let you review the spam it catches under your blog’s comments admin area. Basically, akismet plugin protects your blog from spammers.

Before you can activate the akismet plugins, you will need a special key (API key) from their website but some might not know how to get the key for free. On our today post, I will be showing you how to get the key for free without the payment procedures.

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First go to AKISMET official website and click “get started” to take you to the signup page

On the signup page, chose personal plan which is located at the right hand side to take you to the next page (see shot)


On this page, fill in all fields and make sure you put a valid e-mail address. Now look by the right you’ll see “WHAT IS AKISMET WORTH TO YOU?” below it move the line to $0 and click continue (see shot below)

akismet api key

Click continue to take you to the finish page, Now you have successfully completed the first step. Now login to your e-mail address and copy out the akismet activate number

Now go back to your plugins area and activate the akismet plugin. After activating it, You will see something like this below screen shot above the admin pane

free akismet plugin code

Now click “Enter your akismet API key” to take you where you’ll put the API key sent to your mail

Now put in the akismet API key in the provided box and click “update options” see screen shot below

Now you have successfully completed the activation process of the akismet plugins.

NOTE: The key you acquired cannot work with more than one blog because it will make the plugin less active. If you want to use it with more than one blog, active a new API key for the other blog. To put it clearer create a new key for a new blog. Enjoy a spam free blog and the good things it offers.

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  1. To be honest i have been facing this issue for a long time and i think i finally got a solution to it from BabaNature the genius. Thanks Plenty 😀

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