OK! You have successfully created a website/blog; there is no better time to start making money with your blog than now. So now you want to monetize your blog/website and you would like to know the ad network that would be suitable for you.

We have a lot of ad networks, but some are not for new bloggers while some don’t pay well, but today, I am going to put down some lists of top mobile/pc ad network that you should look out for as a newbie and why they are good.

Google adsense

You would agree with me that Google adsense is the best advertising networks for any website publisher.  Compared to the rest ad networks, they give targeted ad which helps in generating more clicks. They provide their web publishers incredible cost per click (CPC). Note that they pay in time. As long as your payment threshold reach the minimum payout which is $100 (USD) for checks.


To me I’ll say chitika is the best alternative to Google adsense. Why I said that? They display search targeted ad that are suitable for your kind of audience. They pay at the end of every month but only if your payment had reach the threshold, which is $10 (USD) for PayPal and $50 (USD) for checks.  You can use chitika ads with Google adsense and they also offers ad for both mobile phones and pc.


This is also a good choice for blog/ websites owners, but it does not work on some blogs and forums. Adbrite gives option for the publisher (you) to choose the type of ad he wants to show on his/her websites/ page. Don’t worry; they approve almost all publisher’s applications.


If you are looking for the best mobile ad network, then you should be thinking of inmobi. Inmobi is far the best mobile ad network around. They pay in time as long as your payment reaches its threshold. The only problem they have is they don’t pay in checks they only pay in bank transfer and PayPal. Other than that, they are great.


This is one nice ad network that turns content to money. They are one of the best in-text ad networks for any publishers. Here is a secret; infolinks offers their publishers (you) high revenue share of 70%. They are open for all publishers in all kind of blog whether small or big. So why not try them out!


There will always be contenders, I would love to add more to the above list but since it is a top5 story we are just going to do with the bonus.


Is a good ad network for publishers. They pay in checks and PayPal but the thing is they don’t pay in time. Aside the payment issue, they are good for bloggers coming up.

And those are my top five ad networks for new and old publishers. If you got anything to add or you know any good ad networks that are paying well, kindly drop them using the comment box below.

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