I love speed and activeness. Yes! I hate things that are slow especially if your pc is that slow argh. What are the things that cause slow pc performance? System history, clusters, cookies, temp files, even your registry and many other things. So we need this optimization tools to clean our pc for better performance and speed.

We have discussed “the top 20 tips to speed up your system” and today, I’ll be dropping my top three PC (system) cleaner and optimization tools so you too can keep your system fast and smooth.


I’ve started using ccleaner from the very first time I heard about it and it has been serving my pc well and working perfectly without any stress.

Ccleaner is a system optimization tool and it’s also a privacy and cleaning tool that remove unused files from your system, allowing windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. Ccleaner also cleans traces of your online activities such as internet history e.t.c and it fixes your registry files. They have a version that is 100% free and works effectively, also they have a professional and business version for does who wants to go premium.


This is one optimization tool I will never regret using; they work more and makes your pc work faster and smoothly.

I’ll tell you what AVG pc tuneup can do amongst many; it makes optimization easier, restores your pc to top speed, it boost you your internet connection, has a restore function that can restore your lost data, it helps stop crashing and freezing problem, it extend your battery life and it even does more.

Avg pc tuneup has a version for both free and premium users.


I use revo uninstaller to uninstall my software permanently from my pc. When you uninstall software normally some of its registry will remain in the system (true fact) but once you use revo uninstaller, it removes all the software components and making your system run faster and smoother. You can use revo uninstaller to recover files that were deleted unknowingly or recover your files from a crashed system. It has much more features but to name a few like; Advance scanning of leftovers, auto run manager, junk files cleaner, windows tools, browsers cleaner, windows and Microsoft cleaner and it even does more

The above is my top three best system cleaner and optimization tool. If you find this post interesting and would like to drop a comment or you are using any one that works well for you and would like us to know, kindly use the comment box below. Your comments are always welcomed.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying most of us on this Hot Topic with the useful information!!

    There are Lot of Tool available on internet But I also Like Ccleaner as it is a Best Computer system optimization tool ever!!


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