If you’re aspiring to become a blogger or you just got a new blog and you don’t know how to front it, then you should consider reading this post.

six steps to take when and after your blog
The six solid steps

Getting a blog is quite easy, anybody can start up a blog but getting a successful blog is where the situation becomes red. Many people who don’t know a thing about blogging venture into it and on a long run they drop. I don’t want you to be that person so that’s why I created this solid ways to take so you too can become a successful blogger.


  • DOMAIN NAME: When you want to create a professional blog or website there are some things to consider before starting, like; the domain name and the web hosting provider. A unique and slick (key word) domain name will always attract visitors and as well as search engine crawlers to your blog. When creating your domain name, try to make it as simple as possible and also try not to let it be too long. A long domain name is always difficult for people to memorize it.
  • WEB HOSTING PROVIDER: if you’ve chosen an SEO domain, now will be the time to choose a good web hosting provider. Before you buy a hosting plan from any hosting provider, make proper research about the company, know how reliable they are, don’t let their advert fool you and try as much to go deep in your research about the hosting company.

Some websites are slow in loading and this drives readers away and also makes search engine crawler difficult to crawl your blog. With the right webhost, you can easily avoid such things.

  • CREATING A SIMPLE BLOG: By now you must have already have a domain name and a good web host, creating a good blog comes next.

Creating a rainbow blog might look beautiful in your eyes but to others, it is childish. Nobody wants to stress his/her eyes just to read a post. Make this notable, when your viewers step into your blog and see the color riot theme, they will have no option but to leave your blog and move on to the next.

Try and make your blog be as simple as possible and also try to use just one or two colors for your theme, as this will make your readers be interested with your works.

  • GOOD CONTENT: You have finally completed your blog now what’s next? Good content, great article, a very nice post. Well before you can proceed, it is nice knowing the field (niche) you’re good at and if you already know your area of specialization try to focus on that area and try not to divert your interest.

Write what people need and not what people want, try to keep your post as simple and clear so readers can easily comprehend. Remember this; nobody wants to read what they can’t understand

  • PROMOTION: Every blogger, forum, website owners needs traffic no matter how popular their site may be. So as a starter how do you get traffic to your blog? hmm…  there are two (2) ways in which you can get traffic to your blog either by the paid or by the free way.

Try to submit your blog to all the search engine directories you could grab your hands on, for your site to be indexed and also you can start with free promotion if you do not have money as a starter. You can get tips on how to promote your blog with social networks here 5 GREAT SOCIAL NETWORK SITE THAT CAN DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG

  • GETTING PAID: After spending time and money on your blog’s project, it is time to get paid, to monetize your blog, you can chose one of the best ad network here “MY TOP 5 ADVERTISING NETWORK FOR PUBLISHERS” register an account with an ad network and start showing ad on your site so you’ll get paid when anybody clicks the advert.

Tips: Try not to overload your blog with advert because it can reduce the load time of your blog and nobody wants to visit a slow blog. Aside the load time you won’t get much click by putting too much ad on your blog.

This are my top six steps to take when creating and after the creation of your blog. Hope you find this post interesting enough to click the like button and recommend us to friend.

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  1. Hi Babanature,

    I wanted to stop by and check out your blog, nice! You have a lot of very helpful information here I see.

    You really shared some awesome tips but I’d like to share a few things as well.

    I learned the hard way so I can speak from experience. It’s not just about writing content and yes, although you mentioned that you should write about what people need you should write so that people can relate.

    This is a people business as you probably already know. If someone comes to your blog to read your content and it reads like an instruction manual, although it may be something they need, they won’t be coming back. This is why you blog. You want people to keep coming back time and time again.

    Make your posts relateable. Share some of your own experiences if you can in your own words. When people relate to people they will be much more interested in signing up for what you have and learning to trust your word.

    Also, don’t rush to throw up ads on your site. Get a steady stream of eyes on your content before you start advertising. If you rush into this too soon, people will think you’re just in this for the money. Once again, they won’t be sticking around for long.

    Thanks for sharing these tips and hope you’re enjoying the weekend.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      What a nice contribution. Just like you’ve said, it is good writing what your readers can relate to and not just any post. on the monetizing part, i did not monetize my blog till i started getting a good views and to be frank that is the best way for any blogger coming up.

      Thanks for stopping by and my weekend is going as planned.

  2. Hi Babanature,

    You share some great information and sound tips. I especially agree with you about having great content. Valuable content is the backbone of any successful blog and is the one thing that will keep suck visitors in and keep them coming back for more. Thanks for sharing this post with our BizSugar community. I appreciate it.


    1. Hello Ti,
      Glad you find the post interesting. The only way your reader can share your content to friends is if the article is valuable in the sense of information.
      Like you’ve said, the only way to keep your reader coming for more is by engaging them with valuable content.
      Thanks for the comment Ti.

  3. hi

    First time i am on your blog, good suggestion provided by you.

    Out of the points shared by you, while all are important, but i would urge new bloggers to pay little higher attention to hosting service, as it is a one time decision, you should not go wrong.

    Example – if you are into blogging with aim to earn money out of it and you go for free hosting service, that runs ads on your site. It will spoil the complete user experience. This was just an example. I have seen few people who took wrong decision and then had to roll back after 6-8 months.

    BTW Good post

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