We will be doing a private investigation together just like “James Bond 007” and go deep, I mean really deep into our windows 7 and uncover some of its mysteries.

Windows 7 has many hidden menus which can be called out either by our command prompt or by Run and knowing some of these hidden menus are essential and very helpful as a windows user. On our last issue, we discussed “HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR WINDOWS 7 HIDDEN THEMES AND WALLPAPERS” and I hope it was helpful to those who needed to know about it.

This trick is not known to all windows 7 users but if you’ve known about it, hurray to you but if you’ve not, then here it goes.

The hidden tool you’re about to know is called “PSR (Problem Step Recorder)”. With this tool, you can record all Happenings on your pc screen to trace or check the problems you’re facing in other to make a friend or a technician better solve the problem and it is also the best way to take full screenshot without using extra software or applications.

Enough with the plenty talks and let’s go to the main issue at hand. So shall we proceed? Ok lets start!


The process is simple if you follow the steps accordingly and religiously.

1. Press the start button.

2. In your search box type “psr” [without Quote]

3. Open the “psr” tool. See screenshot below

psr recoder logo

4. Press start record

5. Open the program or the operation that caused the problem you’re facing

6. After the recorded operation is finished, press stop record on the psr tool

NOTE: The tool will ask you to type the name and the place you would like to save the zip file of the problem.

Also note that the psr gives you a zip file that you can send to your technician or friend to help you in solving the problem of your pc. That is the main use of this tool

And another use of this tool is to take screenshots of your screen without any program or applications.

To use the screenshots you recorded, just extract the zip file it’s gave you.

The contained file is mhtml format so you will it will open using your browser.

I know this tool will also be useful to you in one way or another so enjoy it people.

What other useful hidden windows menu do you know? Do use the comment box below to share with us and if you also have something to say then also do.

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