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The part one of this tutorial “HOW TO RESUME DOWNLOAD LINK WITH IDM”was a bit difficult, because you’ll have to do some registry edit and things like that makes some people shake. So with the new internet download manager, you can resume those links that are unresumable without editing codes or messing with your registry.

Reason why you should know how to resume download links that can’t be resumed: imaging you’re downloading a file worth of 900mb and while downloading, your modem got disconnected. Now what will you do since you’ve downloaded 690mb out of the 900mb, are you going to restart the download from scratch? Starting the download from scratch is not the right answer, right? But the best option here is to learn the resumable techniques.

With this tutorial, you will learn this simple trick without a sweat. So if you’re ready, let’s proceed…


This trick works with the new idm so you can get one @ their official site.

Let’s say you have the latest idm and you want to download from those sites that don’t allow resumable downloads, what will you do?

If your modem gets disconnected or your system accidentally shut down and you try to resume the download that can’t be resumed, you’ll likely get a message like “When trying to resume the download, Internet Download Manager got a response from the server that it doesn’t support resuming the download. It’s possible that it’s a temporary error of the server, and you will be able to resume the file at a later time, but at this time IDM can download this file from the beginning.

Do you want to download this file from the beginning?”

Hey buddy, don’t click the “yes” button because if you do you’re going to restart that download from scratch which is not advisable. What you’ll do is click the “No” button.

Now go to the download link in your are trying to download with your IDM, right click on it and select “Refresh download address” see screen shot below

After clicking “Refresh download address” you will see a message like “IDM will open a web page in your browser where it captured this download. Please start the download of the same file from your browser again and IDM will try to capture a new address or new session data to resume this download” see screen shot below

When you get the message just click the “Ok” button

After clicking the “Ok” button, your browser will pop up loading the download link it wants to download. In the process, you will see the internet download manager grabber like the screen shot below

Now click the download links or wait for the new download to pop up and the download will resume from the exact place it stopped.

The process was simple right? Yeah I know! Do you still have questions or you just want to make a comment, do drop them using the comment box below. Remember that your comments are highly appreciated and welcome.

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  1. it worked like magic. i had trouble downloading Merline season 5, then i search online and bump into your blog. and finally i can start downloading from where it stopped. thanks

      1. hey bro i have a problem !!! after i click ok and start the download again !!! it starts downloading from the begining !!!please help

  2. thank you !!! can i request you to add a few things to your blog like hacking games or sites and designing websites . we would like to learn them from you !!! thank you !!!

      1. i use windows 7 (64 bit) !!! when i open system.ini it looks like this –






    1. Yeah, I’ve tried before and it worked. But the problem with it is that it requires good Internet connection and(I think) it’s only Firefox that can grab such resumption.

    2. I followed your steps to resume to download a file from YouTube, it’s showing the message as ” requested page has been expired and delete current download and capture updated link “……………what to do?

    3. I am trying to resume download from this link –
      but it does not resume. I have done the above procedure correctly, the pop-up shows “New link address for this file was received succesfully”, but after pressing OK button, there is no download window. I have tried this many times but no sucess, and I’m frustated ‘coz only 4Mb of that file was to be downloaded and my modem got disconnected!!!
      Please help me!

          1. Of course I know how to read. What I meant was we have the same problem: “New link address for this file was received successfully” but after that, the resume does not start, hence, I’ll have to click resume and the pop up somewhat says “…Restart download from the beginning” and so the process repeats with no luck. Thank you for the video, I’ll just check it ASAP and try again.

            1. I had the same problem you guys did, but this method does work. Just make sure IDM is updated. I was one update behind, but after I updated and followed the procedure and clicked on resume download, it worked.

    4. hi babanature
      i tried to that but it dint work,the file i am tring to resume on deposite files,also i noticed that the file address didnt change,but the file dont resume,it opens the web page of the file and to choose regular download or fast download

        1. Thanks for your help babanature,i got the new link after i clicked regular download from the info bar from the start download window and i pasted it in address bar in file properties in IDM, thanks again for your help

              1. Hello Rohit,
                I believe i have addressed this same issue in the earlier comments. But i’ll still tell you again;
                the reason your wordpad is opening instead of your browser, is because your notepad is set as the default browser. Now the simple trick is to turn your Firefox or Chrome to the default browser and all problems will be solved. Hope you understand?

        1. That is not the problem of the idm, you should check your default browser to see if it pops up and if it doesn’t, then open it manually. i’m doing a video on it today so you should subscribe to my channel to be updated as soon as its out.

              1. Hi,
                I am saying that after clicking on refresh download address a dialog box pops up but not opened browser automatically. My default browser is firefox.

                  1. if it still doesn’t work, you will have to uninstall the idm permanently and re-install it back. make sure you also delete its file from the registry when you uninstall it. this must work for you

          1. Hi dear
            Please Help me with that if you don’t mind
            Recently when i open the IDM and i want to refresh my download link , automatically it opens a windows media player instead of opening the webpage.
            I don’t know what the reason is.
            Please help me
            IDM version

          2. Recently when i open the IDM and i want to refresha download in the list , automatically it opened a windows media player instead of opening the webpage.
            I know how to resume a link but i didnt work in IDM.
            every time it opend a windows media player page instead of mozilla browser.
            My idm version; 6.14 build 5

            1. Ok! then this is what you’ll do make your Mozilla Firefox your default browser, then go to your idm settings. now uncheck the Mozilla and Mozilla Firefox and click save now repeat the process but this time check the box. hope that’s help!!! but if tried the above and still didn’t work, just uninstall your idm using revo or ccleaner.

          3. Hi again
            I did what you said and I downloaded ccleaner but I still have same problem
            You know what when I remove WMP from windows it will fixed and open a browser correctly but when I have windows media player it refer to WMP instead of browser.
            I don’t why it happend to me !!!!! So odd !
            I cleaned my registry but the problem is exist still

            1. Hello Arash,
              Is your WMP the latest version? if not try upgrading it and if it persist go to option in your cclean and search for your IDM and from there, uninstall it then reinstall it. but before you go on with the uninstall things first upgrade your WMP to the latest version. i am sure that we are going to solve it together.

          4. i have refreshed the link an the pop up appear, then i clicked ok. but then nothing happened. no downloading resumed.
            so i went to idm, resume the download. but still the message said that i have to download from the beginning. whats the problem?

          5. I have problems with IDM Download links.
            When I downloaded a file nearly finished 80%, it stopped downloaded file size and speed to 0kbps. So I stopped it and resume the file, it is completed in the type of html(10kbytes) instead of original file size& type(900MB, *.001,etc).

            I want to try to resume it and I got temporary download part files.

            And then I got the active link for file and then download that file.
            But file name is start from Filename1, —and I don’t know how to paste the old file to that new temp donload folder for resuming.
            Please find me a resolution.

          6. hi
            i have a problem with default browser to resume download.when i do the steps the site opens in microsoft word instead other can i change this?i use win 8.

            1. Hello Sam,
              if you click the refresh button on your idm and the browser do not popup, simply open the browser manually when the idm refresh button is still on and click the download link manually. hope this helps.

          7. hi
            thanx for helping me.but i’m not comfortable with that.i’m thinking about win recovery if this problem doesn’t you think removing my office package and reinstall that can help?which one is better if i have to choose?

              1. hi
                i found what was the problem. default program to open web link was word. to fix that in a save web page properties should change default program to a desired the way thank u for helping the others.

                1. Can you help me how to do this ” default program to open web link was word. to fix that in a save web page properties should change default program to a desired browser.” Thanks!

          8. friend but my link open in microsoft world so i cant click on the link … can you please tell me how to open resume link in my browser google chrome please tell me friend

            1. Hello Kapil,
              Sam also got the same problem as you and he was able to resolve it. Make your browser the default link opener and it will surely work fine. You can read Sam comment and how to do it

          9. Hi babanature..

            you resume download on idm with
            ” resume capability => Yes ”

            can you resume download when idm says
            ” resume capability => no ”

            please.. waiting for reply.. Thanks

          10. thank for your quick reply…

            my problem is like

            “Abhi says:
            January 2, 2013 at 9:13 am”

            with resume capability “no” in red

            try download from this site, buddy
            and resuming


          11. i unable to resume the download,when i click on resume, idm says that “can not resume downloading the file ,it’s possible that the addressof the file is not valid anymore or your session has expired ,please restart the download of the same file from your browser manually, and IDM will try to capture new address or new session data to resume this download.”
            i press ok ,a windows open, says IDM is waiting for the new address to resume the file, but it is taking more time to open and resume the file and unable to resume after taking long time.please help me

          12. I did it exactly the way you discribed it and I also watched the video. Nonetheless it doesn´t work. After getting a new link it asks my again to start from the beginning.

            1. If you’ve watched the video and it still doesn’t help, then i am short of words because since all my years of using IDM, it has been working wonders for me…

          13. I’m currently using Internet download manager version 6.17 to download files in a scheduler, but when it is time to start the download ALL DOWNLOADS give me the following error:
            “Cannot resume downloading the file, It’s possible that the address of the file is not valid anymore or your session has expired, IDM will open a web page in your browser where it captured this download. Please start the download of the same file from your browser again, and IDM will try to capture a new address or new session data to resume this download.”
            It then takes me back to the original page where I then click on the blue premium download button, and the download then starts from 0%.

            I,ve tried it on the following browsers: google chrome, Internet explorer and Firefox, and its the same error each time.

            How can I download files by scheduling it for a later time and then resume the download without error messages? The files do have resume capability, but they don’t want to resume???

            Please Help!!!

            1. Hello Johan,
              You’re getting that error message because the site you’re downloading from changes their download address constantly. But you can always resume your download links exactly where you stopped by following the method i have laid down. and if you still find the post confusing, you can still watch the video i created for it.

          14. hi i cannot resume download.when trying to resume by refreshing the link notepad opens instead of google chrome. i know you would tell me make google chrome your default browser and it is my default browser but still it opens notepad please help me

          15. i have click refresh download address for resume but it still showing stop waiting address from long time ….. so how can i open it manually ? or how can i resume my download

          16. This would be much more better if this thing would work at the background; meaning after clicking on Refresh Download Link, this will not go to the page rather this will refresh the link and start download immediately.

          17. Hi… actually i steal can’t download my file. its a video from a porn site. the size is 255mb and i downloaded at least 180mb of it. I did everything to resume this file but its not working and always show this massage: do you want to download this file from the beginning ?

            PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!
            send help to my email…thanks

          18. Hi Bro..u solved almost every problem addressed over here..but i am facing a differnt kind of prblm..actually i refreshed the address of my expired download ..then got a message “new link address for this file received successfully ..but idm doesn’t grab that new link..when i try to resume it manually it says ‘An unknown error occurred during download.Please try again”..i am stuck at 50% of 1gb download..pls help

          19. Hi,I follow the steps mentioned above.New address was retrieved successfully.But still it shows the error..It shows the following message ” When trying to resume ……………., Do u want to download the file from the beginning?” Please help.. Its a 2.4gb file..The process stops at 90%.please reply immediately..


            1. From what you’re saying, you did not follow the instruction as prescribe in the above post.

              I’d like you to go through the post one more time or watch the video on YouTube so you can get a better picture.

          21. Hello, when I refresh download address, a browser is meant to pop-up to pick up the link right but instead its my notepad that pops-up which still leaves me stranded. Please what can I do to make my browser start picking up links for download refresdh instead of my notepad. Thanks

          22. Recently, I was downloading a file from the link :-www46(.)zippyshare(.)com/d/PEg5xl83/1295032/SB-I_Vuze_Hack_5613.rar(end_of_link) This opened up a zippyshare page. It contained an unresumable downoad.I tried many different methods(including yours, proxy sites,file mirrors, etc.) but still I couldn\\\’t get a resumable link for it.Need help.

          23. Wow, I was afraid this wasn’t gonna work anymore but tried it anyways because it was the only thing I found…

            …and to my surprise, it still works!

            Thank You!

          24. hello ! Sir
            I have a problem..
            When time I’m click ‘Refresh Download Address’ Option in ‘IDM’,
            Directly open that file link in ‘Internet Explorer’ Browser.
            And I want to open file in ‘Firefox’ Browser after clicking that Option in ‘IDM’.
            Please help me……

          25. Hello Sir, only allows to resume downloads upto 3.5Gb afterwards the resume feature does not work even if you copy the new download link, it says “server does not support resume feature you have to restart download.” The refresh download link works up 3.5Gb afterwards it will not work even if I paste the new download link, PLEASE HELP, THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

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