Have you ever tried to download a movie or any large file using your phone and after some time, it stopped downloading. It is frustrating right? I am not talking about opera mini because opera mini only gives you the capacity to download up to 10mb and can’t pass its download limit. I am talking about ucweb or ucbrowser as they call it now can download any files and it has no download restrictions.

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At times a link will refuse to download due to much reasons like; the download link address has changed, expired download link, file deleted, poor network and many more… if you’re in a situation like this, are you going to give up? If you ask me, I don’t think so. I don’t like my download not completing.


Are you having error if you re-start the download? Then don’t worry because after this tutorial I am sure you will be smiling when downloading.

Step #1. Pause the download, go back to the web page and get the new download link of the same file

Step #2. Delete all downloaded history (Not the source file).

Step #3. Exit UCWEB.

Step #4. Using X-plore go to system/apps/ UCweb60

Step #5. You will see 2 files named UCDownloadExtra.dat and UCDownloadRequest.dat

Step #6. Copy the files and open them in any text editor.

Step #7.U will see the download link of the expired or error link, replace them with the new link you acquire.

Step #8. Save it. Open your ucbrowser and resume the download. And it will start from where it stopped…

How simple is that? I know!

It has been tasted on s60 (symbian) phone only but you can test it on other phones and give me your feedback by using the comment box below.

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  1. I have a Query..
    I am using NOKIA 2700 CLASSIC..
    And i am going to download a movie from torrent using ..the film is nearly about694mb..i want to download it from uc browser 8.9 java signed version..please babanature say will i have any problem in downloading the file..or there is any limit for downloading large files in UC BROWSER..reply

    • Hello Deb,
      Ucbrowser have enhanced their application in a way that you can download any large file. Yes! you can download it but if the Uc browser is in java, it will not reach that high mb because java applications have limits…

    • Java application can not download more then 50mb because of the application construct. but there are other versions for sysmbian, android, windows mobile. these mentioned device do download large files like 1gig to 2gig.

    • I have not used does browsers before so wouldn’t know about them. i am not using java phone, i moved to android phone and i am using mozilla and chrome for android as at the moment.

    • Hello Sparsh,
      This process was tested on a symbian phone. I have not tested it on an android phone before so i wouldn’t know where to find it :). But you can try since you use android and report back here…

  2. Hi I..m using android phone..m downloading movie..BT it stopped downloading after 400 mb..and actual file size is 1.46 GB..wht shouldwht I do now..Plz answer me..

  3. I’m using a blkberry 9320 nd I use ucbrowser to download tv series bt here da thing it gves an error when I download 700mb movie nd won’t resum, please help a brother out here pls.

  4. hey …bro i m using canvas viva ..uc browser problem for big files after pause the downloading and restart after some time it shows 1 times fail reconnecting….then its give speed 200b/s and aftr some time it shows the same reconnecting..procedure hellp me bro plse..

  5. hey bro i downloaded a file n sudeenly it showed completed in 592 mb bt de actual size is 608 mb bro plz help i half lst a lot of data

  6. 1. First exit UC browser then.
    2.go to uc download folder.
    3. there are two files: your file downloaded and another file that have *. dltemp. move your files to another location
    4. open uc and restart download.
    5.exit uc browser. open uc download and delete 2 new files download.
    6. move the files you move earlier. paste it to uc download folder
    7. open uc browser and click resume.

    hope it helps

  7. Hello,
    I like using UC browser when downloading large files especially PC software. But I am having problems on my bb9320. My phone has a problem of restarting itself – may be the battery problem- but that is no my concern. My concern is that when downloading a file and my phone restarts may be after download almost 99% of the file uc browser will show that only 0% of the downloading file. But when I check in my storage it shows that 99% of the file has already been downloaded. Please help me on how I can restart my downloading file exactly where it was before the phone went off.

  8. Hi. I’m using an android phone and the step 4 , there is no file named ucweb60 in system/apps folder. Please help me. I am downloading a game and I paused it , then when I resume it showing retrying .

    • Hello Basil,

      Due to the request of Android users, i will be making a post on how android can resume un-resumable file on Ucweb. Please just stay tuned the post is about done. You’ll love it trust me 🙂

  9. Hey i am downloading a 1.5 gb file but my phone battery was low so i paused the downloading file and when i start it next day it is retrying it and telling that there is not sufficient space but there is 5 gb spqce in my phone
    It is so frustrating because i have downloaded about 800 mb data
    And my uc browser version is

    • Hello Ankur,

      Which path is the file being downloaded to? Is it your external memory card (SDcard) or to your internal HDD?

      If your downloaded file is being downloaded to your internal HDD, i’ll suggest you changed the path or simply free up some space by deleting some old files.

  10. Hello dear admin please help me ,there is no doubt that your post is wonderful but i am facing same problem on my operamini browser so if you have any way by which i can bypass this retrying problem i am thankful to you dear please share it with me.


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