After a stressful day at work it is nice to relax and watch something to make your relaxation time more relaxing, I mean enjoyable. With no access to television, your internet-enabled pc would be your next option right? I prefer my pc to any cable channel or DVD player. Yes! The reason why I said that is because pc is more current and updated compared to cable channels. I’m I right or I’m I, right?

top movies site
Top killer movies

If you’ve been searching for where to watch real-time movies, then your search ends here because today we will be discussing where and how to download movies online without the fear of paying subscriptions or any other problems.

Now before we start let me ask you this question, what’s your flavor, I mean what type of movie do you love watching?


top five movie site

The movie sites I am about to drop are trusted, some are direct downloads and some are streaming sites. To download from a streaming site, you will need a download manager and if your streaming is slow you can still fasten it up.

Enough with the talk and Let me start with my all-time favorite movie site.


As I have asked before, what’s your flavor? What kinds of movies do you like watching? Because they got it all and they got it for free. Movie2k is one site I respect and love, they update their movies regularly and believe me when I say that they are one of the best when it comes to online streaming.

To download from this site, you will need to have a download manager like the internet download manager so you can grab the movie you’re streaming and watch it any time in your leisure time.

You can check their official website here: MOVIE2K


This is also one of the best movie download sites that I love and I know you will love it too. They got all kinds of movies, I mean any kind from old school to the new school and they update their movies regularly.

They give different options to stream videos from their servers. To download from this site, you will also need a download manager that has a grabber.

You can check their official website here: 1CHANNEL


Are you looking for low-quality movies to watch on your mobile? Then movies mobile is the right place for you. They have HD movies for pc and as well as low-quality movies for mobile; they also have Bollywood, Hindi, Marathi and Hollywood movies. What movie are you looking for? Because they have it!

You can check their official website here: MOVIESMOBILE


Looking for a high definition movie or you looking for those American movies? Then you should be checking out divcrawler. Their movies are of high quality and they give you as it comes.

To grab the latest movie here you must be a premium user but other than that, all other movies are free to download.

You can check their official website here: DIVXCRAWLER


Formally “o2cinemas”. Movies luv is just like moviesmobile but the only difference is that they have categories and sections. They only have low-quality movies aside that they are great for mobile movies.

You can check their official website here: MOVIESLUV

These are my top 5 movie download sites that I love and I know you too would do too. Do you have comments to spit? Then do use the comment box below to drop them.

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13 thoughts on “MY TOP 5 MOVIE DOWNLOAD SITES”

  1. thanks bro for giving me the sites where i can download my favourite movies. but the problem is that they are asking for my credit card number which i don’t think any thing will make me reveal that whether they are going to charge me or not. so i want you to tell me how am going to do better on this issue, thanks.

    • Hello Leo,
      like i have said earlier, movie2k and 1channel needs internet download manager to grab the streaming videos but if you don’t have internet download manager or any streaming grabber, you can download from moviesmobile directly. On the movies mobile site click “Hollywood” it will take you to the movie section.

  2. Nice list. I recently found 1channel not too long ago and they have a really nice selection. Another good one that I visit often is they have older movies like 1channel but not as many.

  3. Hello..i hve a plum wicked android 2.2 phone..can u help me find the websites that i can download free movies direclty to my phone..i tried all of ur websites on the top bt no luck..please help me..

  4. Really good post. I would like to suggest one more site which you can add up to this list. Moviezxo is one of my favourite sites when it comes to movie download, I suggest you to check it.

  5. Nowadays, movies are a great source of entertainment. Everybody wants to watch the latest movies with high quality online. Thank you for sharing a great list of websites.


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