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I love my blog” would be my first best words. Yes! I love my blog and I love everything about it, so since I love my blog that much I always try to keep it safe like a little baby or keep it neat like a brand new car. Because I know if something happens to my blog, it will put me in a sad mood. in other not to spoil my mood, I’ll do anything just to keep my baby(blog) and i happy and not get hurt.

hacker trying to hack a blog

So what do I do to keep my mood and my blog safe? Like a wise man would say; Prevention is better than cure, so Applying preventive measures would be the only solution to keep me and my blog happy, right?

I know you feel the same way as I do so on our today issue, we shall be discussing how to keep our blog safe from those jobless guys calling their selves hackers so you’ll always be happy feeling your blog is safe and secured.

We shall be playing the character “Rambo” on this tutorial, be fearless and always defend our territory (blog). So let’s get right into it. Shall we!

4 Strong Ways Of Protecting Your WordPress Blog

There are many ways in which you can protect your blog from hackers but on our today issue, we are going to be discussing the top four ways of protecting your WordPress blog which are:

1. Using a different display name from a login name/ username

2. Update your plugins and platform versions regularly

3. Using a security plugin

4. Using a long mixed password

Protecting your blog is like protecting a new born baby so it is essential and a must to give your all. Let’s elaborate on the four (4) ways of protecting our wordpress blog.

  • Most people (not all) who jump into blogging without collecting the advice from a professional always end up using “Admin” as their login name/ username, right? This is the first ways of making your blog venerable to threats and attacks. Every hacker put this one thing in mind or should I say two? They assume that you’re still using your default login name which is “Admin” and or you’re using your display name as your login name, but by changing this, you will be proven them wrong.

When creating a blog try to use something different as your login name/ username, I mean totally different from the Admin or your display name. Try to make the username unique but yet simple to only you. If you are using your username as your display name you can still learn how to change with this tutorial “CHANGING YOUR WORDPRESS USERNAME/ LOGIN NAME

  • Do you know that most people who get hacked are does who don’t give a rat about their blog? Yes it’s true! Some people don’t pay attention to their blog, they feel so carefree believing nothing will happen to their blog and in that manner they fail to update their plugins and platform which now leave the blog to security threats.

As I have said earlier “prevention is better than cure” make sure you update your plugins regularly and when a new version of wordpress is out, make sure you give your blog the update it need. Remember that your blog is like a new born baby that needs to be taken care of.

  • Seriously you will not see or notice some holes in your blog until you tryout some security plugins out. A security plugin updates or alert you if your blog is under threat via your email and on your dashboard and gives you a better solution on how to counter such problems.

I’m using a security plugin on my wordpress blog and to be frank with you, it is working wonders. I’ll advice you to get yourself a security plugin if you don’t have one. Don’t worry! It won’t use up your cpu usage

  • How is your password? Is it tight enough?  If you believe it’s tight, is it very hard to guess? These are the questions you should be asking yourself.

I have a friend who once used “Dennis” as his password and as that time, he was using jumla as his blogging platform, I told him that the password is too short that he needs to improve it but he did not listen until the day he got hacked. What I’m trying to say is this; try to mix your password with upper and lower alphabets and also add some numbers and also try to make it as long as possible.

The above post are my top 4 ways of protecting your WordPress blog from hackers.

Did I miss something that I failed to mention? Or do you have more ways on how to protect our wordpress blogs? Or you just want to drop your thoughts, please do by using the comment box below. Always put this in mind that your comments are important to us.

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  1. Truly agree with virtually all your points! The blog shouldn’t be treated like a piece of benign content archive; blogging is a business and a s such, like every business,… Protect it! It contains your intellectual work and you hope to be make a decent living out of it.

    The above given advice are items I will definitely try myself.
    ….”Making everyone a star”

  2. Hello babanature,
    Hope you doing good, In any kind of business your require security for what you use. In case if you have blog you have to protect it from hackers. These mentioned points are very helpful to understand about the same. Great post!.

    Alex Thompson

  3. Wow! This is indeed a great post, you really did kill it. On one of your points you said that it is wise to use a security plugins to check and detect loopholes. i’d like to know which security plugin is best to use? Once again thanks for this wonderful post.

    1. Hello Muhammed,
      there are a lot of security plugins around that are good and might work better. i am using WP security and it is doing the job for me, but you can try out other security plugins out.

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