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We have been hearing that blog can generate money for those who use it well, for it can even be ones main source of income in life but really how true is this?

Before I started blogging, somebody told me that making money blogging can be a good source of income if I take more seriousness in it. i ask him why and he said; because it is “easy” and fun but yet difficult to start. Well, then I was doing guest post or should I say “partner post” for some wapsite so I know what it takes to blog but I never knew there was money in the system until I was advice to start my own which I did. After my first 3 month, I got paid and it was like a miracle doing what you love and you’ll still get paid for doing so.


You have a blog or a website for like 6month and you have not been paid, really you’ll feel disappointed and down or I’m I wrong? Are you asking yourself this same questions; why I’m I not getting earnings in return or why Is my blog not doing well?

Put your mind at rest guys because on our today issue, we are going to show you 4 sure fire ways you can take to make your blog a money making machine. How would you feel if you make $1000 in your first month? It’ll be great right? So let’s not play too long and let’s know how we can truly convert our blog to a money bank.


Do you know that your ranking does not determine your blog strength? You can make money with your blog even if your alexa rank is poor provided you know how to make it work. I’m tired of repeating myself so I’m just going to shoot you with the 4 ways of making money with your blog.

The four (4) ways of making money with your blog are:

√ Google Adsense

√ Affiliate

√ Rendering your service

√ Freelance Writer

These four (4) ways can make any blog owner be successful in making money. But before I say “stop”, I’d like to go into details and give you some secrets on how these mentioned ways works, would you like to hear know it?


→ Google Adsense

We all know that monetizing our blog/ website with adsense is a good thing but how many of you have truly been paid well, I mean a reasonable amount? How much have you earn from this program? Answer the questions within you. I’ll ask you again; are you doing something wrong? Because a lot of bloggers have been benefiting from this program so why not you?

To make money with Google adsense program, you will need to think like a wise man and place its code strategically onto your blog. Google have given us some tips about placing your adsense code and you can read it here.

Placing your adsense in a strategic places is the best way to go, and what do I mean by strategic places; embedding the codes into your blog post, adding above or making it your header, and putting it in your side bar. These are definitely the best places to put your adsense codes.

Extra Tip: Try and blend your code to match your blog so people can easily click it. What will really give you that click you truly want is to find any means to make your Ads show to only people coming from search engines, that my friend with surely increase your adsense revenue.

→ Affiliate

This is one of the best ways to make serious money online doing blogging. Why did I say that? It is very easy to participate, it brings money twice and I am telling you that almost (if not all) all bloggers are into affiliate marketing.

make money online blogging

Affiliate marketing: When you refer or sell something for commission it is known as affiliate marketing. Hey that’s my definition. There are reputable companies out there that are ready to pay you base on 60/ 40 commissions. The thing is you’ll make money in every sale you make.

Do you think it’s difficult to sell those products? Nope! It’s not, as a blogger who’s already in the game will probably have a good amount of followers/ subscribers so with these followers, you can introduce your product to them and I assure you that you will make sales as long as you have those who believe in you.

Tips: Try to build your subscribers and to make as many subscriber as possible, you will need to provide your readers with valuable content, making them believe you and trust your brand. Before you know it, your e-mail list will grow.


→ Rendering your service

What do you like to do? What skill do you have that might be of interest to others? Your blog is the best and perfect place to showcase your skills. I create and maintain blog for people so I have a “Hire Me” page on my blog incase somebody somewhere need my services. Awesome right! Now let me ask you this question; do you have a “Hire Me” page? If not, try to find what you are good at and what you can render people and start your “Hire Me” page. Trust me people will ask for your service if you are good in your field.

→ Freelance Writer

I’m a writer and I love to interact with people in a way that they’ll comprehend what I’m saying. Do you love writing? Why not join the freelance business and make good money from your writing skill.

Do you know what? Many bloggers nowadays are into freelance writing and to be plain with you, it does not require any skill apart from your writing skill and believe you me many companies, organizations and private bodies need a freelance writer.


1 Extra Ways Of Making Money Online

√ Selling advertising space

Good! If you are making a great deal of traffic then this part is for you. Many companies, organizations and private bodies are looking for a site to advertise their product, are you that site?

You can sell ad space for a good amount and the spaces of the ads determine the increase in payment. Now calculate how many ad spaces you have equals to the amount you’ll get, big right?

So if you have a blog try to put your ad space for sale sign, you don’t know who might visit your blog.


You can truly make a living out of blogging and for you information I am a living proof. Hey I forget to put some steps and ways to make money online blogging so if you have any other ways of making money blogging, do use the comment box below to drop it because your contribution matters a lot.


Do you have any comments and or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Then do use comment box below to drop them. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated and welcomed here.

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  1. I have always believe that SEO link building and High quality writing is one of the best way to gain traffic and affiliate marketing is one of the way for your blog to ear money. I really agree with your post. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Hello Dorothy,
      Yes! SEO might be important to ones blog but really i never focused on SEO and i still get traffic… There are more ways of getting traffic and with traffic your affiliate market will go smooth and well. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Hey Babanature,

    Yep, those are definitely four areas you can make money using your blog.

    Now I personally hate Adsense because unless you have a lot of sites up you aren’t going to make that much money and I sure don’t want them leaving my blog before they’ve done what they came to do.

    I’m all for affiliate marketing because that’s how I make the majority of my money but it’s definitely after you’ve built up the relationship with your readers and your list that will really start to bring in the sales.

    I started doing consulting last summer and it has now been building up so it’s a great way to make some money through people hiring you. Again it all comes with that trust issue and they’d much prefer working with people they know, like and trust.

    I’m not a freelance writer and I don’t provide ad space on my blog so I can’t really comment on either of those. I know plenty of people that are doing well though in those areas.

    Great share here Babanature!


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Nice to see your comment once again. I love adsense and it is one of my main source of income, as long as there is traffic the money will start piling but i never put my ads in a way that will annoy my readers…
      i always advice any blogger coming up to have a page that showcase there skills like the “Hire me” page because it truly pays ones your readers tart gaining your trust. It’s nice to hear that your consulting is going on smoothly. Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely week ahead!

    1. Hello Darmawan,
      Google Adsense is one of the best ways of making money online for both new and old bloggers but the truth is they can not give you what you’re imaging. that’s why it is good to combing other source of generating income with your blog. thanks for the comment.

    1. Hello Nwosu,
      Adsense does not work for some people and it works perfect for some. i love the adsense program because it has truly helped me alot and to be honest with you they are one of the best in monetizing a blog. what it takes to make your adsense fruitful is always experiment. affiliate marking is being used by famous and upcoming bloggers and it is very good for any blogger to seize the opportunity of participating in the program because it pays. thanks for the comment.

    1. They are lots of affiliate programs out there, you just need to choose your niche preferred products. Amazon’s Affiliate program, FlexOffers, Commission Junction. They are great for starters.

  3. Hi Babanature,

    This is very interesting for me because I’m planning to start trying to monetize my blog in the next few months. I’m not that keen on the idea of Adsense – my initial plan is to build a list and then try to make some money via affiliate marketing. I’m also hoping to write some Kindle eBooks. I may do some freelance writing eventually, but I’d rather concentrate on writing my own stuff for the time being.

    Thanks very much for these ideas,


    1. Hello Sue,
      why do many bloggers don’t support adsense on there blog? well Affiliate and freelance are one great way to make money out of blog. and rendering your service to others is also a great idea. Thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll stop by some other times.

  4. Hi Babanature – there are two reasons I’m not keen on Adsense – I’ve heard it can be difficult to make much money from it but, more importantly, I wouldn’t have control over exactly what’s being advertised on my blog and I’m not keen on that – I’d rather decide exactly what products I’m going to promote.


    1. Like my people would say; it is better to try it your self than hearing it from others. But your points on the adsense program are well said. it is best to have a particular and exact product than running a random ads. Thanks once again for the comment

  5. Hey Babatunde,
    A nice blog you have here, one thing i love about your blog is the domain name……One Naija Blog. I love that.

    Its really not very easy to make money with a blog as it takes some time, consistency, dedication and lots of effort yet, its never a rocket science.

    Those are really some pretty ways to make some dough with your blog but you just have to learn the basics because its easily said than to do.

    Nice tips though, thanks for sharing.

    BTW: Thanks for your visit to my blog, i appreciate.

    Happy to connect.

    1. Babatunde? well thanks for the compliment.
      making money in general is not an easy task, it requires time, hardwork, dedication and also perseverance to make it in the blogging world and even in general life. thanks for the comment and do have a lovely weekend.

    1. Hello James,
      yeah! google adsense is the common way to make money through blogging. but if you’re thinking of aiming higher, then affiliate and service rendering is the best step to take.

  6. Thanks for the great content, i haven’t tried out affiliate marketing and others because am scared of been hit by google panda and all that so am just using cpc networks like adsense for now.

    1. Hello Samuel,
      Really? Are you afraid of google updates? if your contents are unique there is know way to fear. getting into affiliate wont make your blog marked. it would be nice going into it if you’re trying to make good dough. thanks for the comment.

  7. I have made some money with affiliate programs. But I think one of the most lucrative methods is to be a consultant or teacher. I have done this, leveraging the credibility built up from blogging.

    The reason I prefer it is because you can charge by the hour. With affiliate marketing you just get a cut of the sale. And with writing, you usually get paid by the word or article. And the time you spend writing a piece can vary quite a lot.

    1. Hello Matt,
      I couldn’t agree with you more! Rendering your service(s) is one of the best ways of making money through blogging. because it has a lot if advantages compare to others. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you some other times…

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