Turning Your Pc Into a Wifi Hotspot Without Using Software Or Application

Would you love to share your pc internet connection with other pc’s and phones around you? Ok! Today we are going to be discussing how we can make our pc serve as a giver (WIFI hotspot) using our W/LAN.

I love sharing because there is love in it, right? I give my internet connection out to people (families and friends) that are around me when there are in need of it.


Internet services is so darn expensive from around this part of the “world” and sharing your network connection with your friends and family is just the perfect way to manage your bandwidth in order to reduce cost. So fellas, If you’re trying to share your internet connection and don’t know how, then you’re in the right place and at the right time.

Sharing Your Internet Connection Without Using Software Or Application

Let me tell you why I roll out this tutorial; at some time ago, I tried to install connectify on my system so I can share my network connection to others but on installing the connectify, I got a blue screen error. My system was unable to start properly until I uninstall the application using safe mode, I also tried other applications and software but all was to no avail till I realize that my system can perform such task so I implemented it and now, voila!!! I can share my network connection by turning my PC in to a WIFI hotspot without using such applications and software. The good thing about this is, you’ll never worry about any blue screen error or errors of any other kind.

Would you like to know how to share your internet connection with your mobile phones and other pc’s around you without using software or application? Then follow this wonderful and simple tutorial.

The Simple Steps On How To Turn Your Pc To a Wifi Hotspot Without Software…


First off, go to your control panel home >>> Click Network and Internet >>> Click Network and Sharing Center

Are you in your network area now? If yes! Let’s proceed to the main show.

Click “Set up a new connection or network” → it will bring out a new panel, now scroll down and select “set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network”.

Click to enlarge

Have you selected it? Now click the “Next” button, click the “Next” button again.

You are now in the area where you’ll give your network a name and a simple but yet secure password.

Network Name: Your preferred name you’ll like your network to appear as

Security Type: WPA2-Personal

Security Key: Your Password to prevent unauthorized users. See Screen shot below

Click to enlarge

Note: Make sure that your W/LAN is activated before performing the operation or it will not function.

Now click the “Next” button to take you to the final part. See the screen shot below


If you want to share your internet connection, click “Turn on internet connection sharing” it will load and you have successfully turn your pc to a WIFI hotspot.

Tell me how cool is that? Hey you can now share your system network without the fear of blue screen or any other error threats.


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43 thoughts on “Turning Your Pc Into a Wifi Hotspot Without Using Software Or Application”

    • Hello rahul,
      right? it’s great especially for people (like me) who finds it difficult to use third party applications. and one good thing is; it’s easy to setup. thanks for the comment and do have a lovely day.

  1. A very interesting post on wifi hotspot Babanature,

    I’m using HTC Chacha which has inbuilt wifi hotspot and with that, i can share my I.C with as many PCs/Phones as i want provided they have wifi enabled.

    Your post been indeed helpful too.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Theodore,
      glad you liked the post. it is well suited in sharing with friends family and even sharing with your phone’s wifi. Thanks for your comment and do have a blessed weekend.

  2. i also had problem with connectify, it gave me blue screen till i repair my system OS this your tip is well ok and work 100%. loved the video and the slideshare too. keep it up bro

    • Hello Bello,
      Right? i don’t feel comfortable with does third party wifi sharer. some are built for a more higher system, while some have bugs and stuffs. glad you find it useful bellow. do have a lovely weekend.

  3. Hi Babanature,

    Well, I certainly don’t want anyone else using my connection but I do have my Mom hooked up. I’m sure there are plenty of people thought that have family that this would help.

    That’s really a cool setup you shared too Babanature so thanks for the scoop.


    • Hello Adrienne,
      yeah you’re right but when you have like 4 people staying with you, it’ll definitely come in handy. so instead of using third party application that might give you a blue screen, it’s best using this. Thanks for the comment Adrienne and do have a blessed weekend 😉

  4. hi Babanature,
    This Post will be very helpful for those who want to Turn their PC into Wi-Fi Hot Spot.Wi-fi Helps us to share The internet in other Gadgets which Comes under our PC Range 🙂 Thanks For The Tutorial 🙂

    • Hello Srikanth
      you are right, it will be very useful for people who also surf the net using phones and netbooks. and one thing i like about sharing your network, you don have to buy multiple data for each device you have. Thanks for the comment srikanth and do have a lovely day ahead.

  5. Hi Babanature,

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I do share my wifi with my tenant and two of my neighbors. One is a college professor and the others are grad students. I live near Cornell University, so the grad students are abound. The more I can do for my fellow neighbors, the better. Of course, they are trusted “friends” so this is why I share.

    However, my mom lives in an active 55 and over community that has terrible internet connections. I will introduce this to their office. I think it will enhance the elders to use computers more often.

    Thanks for the great review, I’ll pass it on.

  6. Hi Babanature,

    This is a great tutorial and for sure Sharing is Caring.

    Well, I never thought of sharing my connection with others but this is certainly a good tutorial if I ever thought of helping someone with a wifi connection.

    Thanks for a great tutorial post Babanature.

    Be Blessed,


  7. To be sincere, I don’t know it is possible to share WiFi connection with others without any software. Personally I’ve been using Connectify and it’s working fine for me. Thanks for sharing. I’ll try your method too.

  8. i cant fond ”set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network” button in “Set up a new connection or network”. how can i activate that option pls help..

  9. i ‘m not able 2 find this option “set up a wireless ad hoc(comp 2 cmp )network.
    i’m using windows 8.
    pls help.
    how can i get this option?

  10. mayank is right. There is no option of ‘set up a wireless ad hoc network’ in widows 8. If you got the solution for windows 8, then please share…

  11. I think the is something wrong in my pc.. I can’t see this option bro >.< "set up a wireless ad hoc (computer-to-computer) network”..:'(

    by the way Good Post babanature .. Keep it up 🙂

  12. Thanks for the tutorial, Babanature! I haven’t tried this but I will definitely do it later on. Just one thing, I am using a smart broadband modem which is widely used here in the Philippines. Is this effective for this kind of internet connection?

  13. If your laptop is receiving a wifi signal, why wouldn’t the other computer be able to receive the same signal? I suppose, if you did not have a wireless router, and you had your laptop plugged in through Ethernet, I could see a reason to do this. But I do not know many people who use wifi, that would need to have someone connect wireless to your computer, they just use the same signal you are receiving. But anyhow, good way to share your internet connection. You can also do the same thing with a wires(not wifi) network, if you do not have a router. Just let the other computers plugged into your internet, leach of the one computer that is plugged in. I used to do that with windows 98 and XP, but darn, that was a lifetime ago on a 233 MGHZ processor, holding 128 MB ram.. Great instructions to those who know not how to do this. Thank you. No disrespect, I just think this process is way outdated.


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