How To Give Your Blogger Blog Comment Section a Different Color

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Ok! Let me tell you why I bring out this post topic today; I am creating a new blog and I am using blogger blog as the blog’s platform, I have customized all what I needed to be customize but I still feel it needed some final touch 😉 so the last thing I could think of is the comment section.

Now what I want the comment section to do is to be like; when I reply a comment I’d want it to get a different color from the other commentators so they’ll know I’m tha boss 😀 so I search high and low to finding my dream code and after a brief search, I saw one nice looking style. I know I have bloggers who uses blogger blog that do read my blog so that’s why I wanted to share this because I know you’ll by all means love what this gadget do.

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Giving Your Blogger Blog Comment Section A New look

So let’s not talk much and make the tutorial do the talking, shall we?

First off, login to your blogger blog admin section (dashboard)

Click on Template >>> Click Edit HTML. Now you’re in your HTML section where all the editing will be taking place.

Now search for this tag </body>

Remember: To make the search more easy, simultaneously press the ctrl + f key to bring out a search box.

Have you seen the code? Now that you have seen the </body> tag, paste the below code right above the </body> tag

[php] <script src=’’/>


$(function() {

function highlight(){


.css(‘border’, ‘1px solid #FFA500’)

.css(‘background’,’#F1F1F2 url("")’)

.css(‘color’, ‘#444444’)

.css(‘font-size’, ’12px’)

.css(‘padding’, ’10px’);


$(document).bind(‘ready scroll click’, highlight);


</script> [/php]

If you have  pasted the code accordingly, click “Save” and close your work now go check your blog and see a whole new comment section.

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Note: If you’re using a white background template, you might want to adjust some few things in the code or it might not show the way you want it.

Ok if you’re using a white background, you should change the color from #F1F1F2 to the best color of your choice and change the background url which is “” to your preferred color.

And you can customize virtually anything you want to and how you feel like.

That’s that… Go make your admin comment section look like a boss 😉

Wow… Do you have any questions you’d like to share? Please do by using the comment box below and we’ll get back almost immediately.

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30 thoughts on “How To Give Your Blogger Blog Comment Section a Different Color”

  1. Another wonderful tutorial Babanature!

    Congratulations on your new blog that you are making, which I’m sure is going to be as good as this one. I wonder though why you are making it on Bloggers, or perhaps trying one there too.

    You brought back good memories because I started both my blogs on Bloggers and later switched to WordPress. I think having a blog on Bloggers has it’s own advantages and charm too. I wish I knew you way back then, I would’ve used this post to change my comment section too. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena, the reason i am using blogger blog platform on my new blog is because of the favors surrounding it and also the blog is all about movies and downloads. So it’s going to be a big blog…
      Thanks for your warmth comment and do have a great week ahead 😀

  2. Cool. I didn’t even think that colors can be so good even for such details like comments! Thanks for the tutorial. Will try it out on my blog!

  3. Congrats on your new blog. I was wondering if this will work on wordpress hahaha..
    Thanks for sharing Bababnature.

    • Hello Seun,
      If you know your way around your wordpress, why not! 😉 But be careful when playing with your wordpress 😀 Thanks for the comment and have a great week ahead

  4. Good luck with the new blog Babanature.

    I don’t use Blogger anymore so of course this wouldn’t benefit me but I’m sure there are still plenty of people who use that free platform and would love to learn how to do this. Great tutorial.

    Have a splendid weekend and Happy Easter!


    • Hello Adrienne,
      Did you really host a blog with blogger blog? what really did aspire you to move to wordpress? I’d like to know 😉
      My new blog will consume serious amount of cpu usage and precess usage that’s why i am using blogger blog platform 😀 Hope you’ll have a planned weekend and the greatest Easter ever my friend…

      • Oh yeah Babanature, if WordPress was around back then I wasn’t aware of it. My first blog was with Blogger and I mostly did affiliate marketing so it wasn’t like the blog I have today.

        The reason I moved is because with free platforms you don’t actually own your content. If you’re building a business and here for the long haul you definitely do not want to rely on a free platform. Although a few things are changing with this you still don’t want to depend on another service having total control over your content.

        I can see why you would want to go that route and that’s totally your decision but if you were doing this as a business I would definitely reconsider. Google has the right to take your blog down at any given moment and there is nothing you can do about it. No one will have that control over me! 😉

        • You’re truly right… i have already known that i’ll not be in full control of the blog because it could be shutdown by google at any given time, but the best thing to do is to play to rule and you’ll reap the benefit 😀 Thanks for the reply Adrienne

  5. Nice post Babanature,
    What if i want to make the whole comment thread a different color how will i do it? i really did love this post and it has helped me really!

    • Hello Bello, Glad you did find the post interesting and loved it. Yes! you just reminded me on that… i’ll have to create a post on that so just keep your finger crossed because you’ll never no when 😉

  6. HI Babanature,

    My best of wishes for your new blog.I started my blog on bloggers as well,but gradually realized that WordPress is the best available platform so switched over to this. But the reason you quoted that it will be more of videos so I think you’ve made a great choice.

    Thanks for this great share.


  7. Making a comment box stylish can improve the user experience and get more comments from blogger or users to improve the blog ranking in search results and in Alexa…


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