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Best Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks To Your Blog

The online world is just so funny because even if you tell most bloggers about how and where you get your traffic from, they’ll still ask you that exact same question over and over and over again, don’t that feels tiring? I’ll bring a new feel to this traffic case study but before then, let’s have a little chat shall we!

comminities success

The new rumor going on around the blog sphere for quite a while now is; SEO is becoming extinct but tell me how true is this rumor? If you’ll ask me, I’ll tell you this; SEO is not as effective as it use to. If you study the online world very well, those who always get affected and knocked down by Google updates are those that do SEO and have lesser or junk contents, but at times some good guys still get trapped in these updates.

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No matter what panda, penguin, lion, cat or dog updates Google roll out, there are ways in which you can maintain your traffic flow and this ways is so important and more powerful that all bloggers and webmasters are joining the gig. Are you still wondering what I’m talking about? Well let’s read further and know some more “few” things.

The most talked about issues on the internet today are web traffic and back links right? So I wonder if getting valuable back links and web traffic is that hard to achieve! Well it might be hard to get but today, we are going to know how we can get some more good amount of traffic and as well as backlinks to our blog.

Before I go any further, let me bring out the cat from the bag 😀 now listen up carefully; The ultimate way you can get you traffic and as well as quality back link to your blog or website, is through “Online Communities” yes I have said it. Online community can give you web traffic and as well as backlinks that can’t be taken from you even if the “almighty” Google roll out their updates. Somebody once told me that bonding and being social is the ultimate way to grow any brand and do you know what? I truly believe those words…

Getting Web Traffic And Back Links Through Blog Communities

The next Google update is coming up on May 14th or so and you should be ready and be prepared for the storm that is about to take place then, because it might just hit you next if you’re not prepared.

Today I will be posting some blog communities that can boost your traffic and at the same time, gain back links from them so you won’t have to worry about Google updates…


Communities that shares posts across: Below, you’ll find communities that gives backlinks and as well as traffic. I am using the below platform to send my post out and I am getting tons of traffic in return. If you have not heard of the list before you should try them out but if you have heard some and not all, you should also try the ones you’ve not heard before and see how it goes.












Google plus


Scoop it






My opera

reliable commenting communities

Forums and Q/A communities: You can call me the old fashion man because I love getting my traffic the old ways and it’s so great doing it. Q.A sites still remains one of my largest traffic source because I just love solving people’s problem and once I solve that problem, I get traffic and backlink in return. Forums also do help pull targeted traffic to your blog or website and when you do it well, that high quality backlink will also follow.

Below are some few Q.A communities and some forums you should involve yourself in.

Yahoo answers

Answers dot com



Warrior forum

Xda developers



Video/ Audio Marketing and promotion: Video is one place to get traffic to your blog and as well as valuable backlinks. Bloggers have now started venturing into this great source and in the near future, this traffic source is going to be massive but yet crowded so why not take the advantages now and glad you did. Below are some few lists that I am using frequently whenever I have a new video to share








Last fm

Presentation, File, Pdf, E-books communities: I love saving the best for the last. I’d like and proudly tell you all that this is my greatest traffic source. Ever since I started using this method to drive traffic to my blog, I’ve never left it for once. I should write a separate post about this awesome way of getting fast, targeted traffic and give you guys more and solid details about the online file sharing communities. You can try the below communities out and see how much traffic you get from them.












Some other great ways to get good traffic and backlinks is through blog commenting, create an app for your blog and publish it on Google app store, guest posting and link exchange. When doing link exchange, it is best to do it with website owners that’s in your niche and has not been blacklisted so you won’t harm your blog/ website at doing so

Extra Take: I just created a group in Facebook, the aim of the group is to help promote each others blog. So if you’re interested in joining the group here is the link to follow – Bloggers World Sharing Group. But remember that the group needs just 10 active members

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Okay I know you’all know the above list but can you tell me this with a sincere heart; how many of the above mentioned are you using and how effective are you using them? Please drop your views using the comment box below and let’s make the post more lively 😀

What’s your take on the Google update and how do you cover yourself without being hit? What other method you’d like to share with us that is not listed here? Please do let us know so we can also improve our defense and stop depending on search engines for traffic.

Do you have any comments or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated and welcomed.

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10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 Visitors Per Day: Traffic Study 2

74 thoughts on “Best Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks To Your Blog”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    I couldn’t agree more with what you wrote here 🙂

    These things DO work and I’ve seen it working with a few bloggers, and you too. I guess that’s the reason in the awesome rank here!

    I agree, one shouldn’t put all our eggs in one basket and we do need to diversify for driving traffic through other alternatives. Google keeps updating so often that it’s sometimes tough to make out which update hit you when. And as you mentioned, even those who don’t use SEO and other tricks also get affected. I wish it wasn’t so.

    You mentioned some awesome ways to drive traffic through these online communities, some of which, honestly speaking – I’m not using! I guess I need to take out the time and visit each of them to do the needful, more so as you say they are so good. So, here is another post to bookmark for the day 🙂

    But let me ask you a question instead, if you don’t mind. Do you promote every post, each time, on all of these platforms? I understand the basic ones like G+, Facebook, Triberr, Twitter, Stumbleupon etc. but the others you mentioned under forums, audio-video, and presentation? If you do, then hats-off to you! Some of them I’d not even heard of earlier than today 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and you’ve surely given me lots to think about and do. Congratulations on your new FB group too, and I think you’ve already got 12 wonderful members in there 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      A mentor once told me that doing things the right way will someday give you the attention you need… The true way you can really drive traffic to your blog is if you do it with a sincere heart because back doors will only get you caught.
      Yes Harleena, I do publish every single of my post on this communities i mentioned. As you can see, i publish my post 2 times a week on my blog and that give me a lot of time to promote my blog to all the social networks i mentioned. I don’t do video that much but anytime i have a new video, i make sure i distribute them to my video sharing communities. You should take a try on the list and see if your traffic flow wont increased 😉
      I miss typed the members i need 😀 i wanted to write 15 members. Well if you’ll like to join the group, i’ll gladly welcome you because we need active members like you 🙂
      Thanks for your lovely comments as always and do have a great week and blessed weekend ahead

      1. I guess I need to start working on my time management skill and take out time to be really ‘all-over’ just as you mentioned 🙂

        Ah…I love the invitation to join the group, though I am not into the tech niche, nor anything related to SEO, blogging etc. So, hope that’s alright with you guys, or else, I can leave way for more of people who are more into your kind of niche, though always share your posts – it’s a pleasure to do so.

        Thanks once again 🙂

        1. hmmm… This group doesn’t deal with niche, we are just coming as group bloggers promoting each other. Let’s say we are building a tight group that will benefit all niche blog 😉 . I know you’ll be active in the group so why not join and make a community together 😀

  2. Fabulous post Baba,
    Website traffic is the main thing that every webmaster is chasing and craving for. A website that does not receive visitors is as good as a waist of time because no matter how beautiful and the amount of efforts the owner puts into it, it will not worth it.

    When you get a big number of quality backlinks, Google will see your site as an authority on its niche and then rank you higher than your competitors. But that’s when you build white heart backlinks, but if you do it the wrong way, you will be hurting your site

    There are many ways to get those traffic easily if you know the routes. I’m pretty sure this post will help a lot of people because its actually the traffic and backlinking generation methods that’s proven to work.

    Nice post man, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Theodore,
      Thanks for the complements. I wonder why would somebody wants to use black hat method on their blog! well except you don’t intend to use that blog for a long time.
      This methods are ways i am getting my tons of traffic everyday and i’ll advice any blogger to at least join some of this few communities for either backlinks or traffic or for both. Thanks for the comment theodore and have a great day ahead bro

  3. Hi Babanature,
    I like the effort you placed in compiling those lists but there is one we ought to bare in mind, joining all these communities is useless when one isn’t prepared to be ACTIVE.

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      Traffic flow deals with constant promotion, If you are not ready to be active in your blogs promotion, then you’re not ready to be a blogger. A blogger should be ready to apply strategies to help grow his brand… Except you’re not a blogger or you’re not trying to convert as many visitors as possible; you should do what makes your blog happy and fruitful… Thanks for the comment bro

  4. Hi Babanature,
    these are awesome ways of getting good traffic and backlinks. I use soe of these methods, but I can use all becauase of time…
    Am very busy with lot of things. Thanks for this great post…

    1. Hello Joseph,
      Well maybe because i can go to all this sites is because i am a full time blogger. I have three blogs to maintain and so it is compulsory to get traffic to my blog. Thanks for your comment and do have a brilliant day

  5. Hi Babanature,

    Well didn’t you just give us an awesome jam packed post full of goodies. I wrote a post a couple years ago and had 30 ways to drive traffic to your blog and a lot of what you shared is in that post although I didn’t list all of the sites you have here. Some weren’t around at that time.

    You’re right though, I was also taught to get myself out there and keep doing it because it’s going to take some time to get noticed. We both know that’s true so the ones that are impatient will always wonder why they aren’t getting traffic. The ones that are consistent and here for the right reasons will.

    I by no means do everything you have on this list but I do a good bit. Commenting and social sharing of course are my favorites and they do keep me pretty busy.

    Thank you for this awesome post my friend. Great share!


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      A friend met me like 3days ago and told me he wants to get traffic to his blog, i showed him the list i always share my blog posts to and he suddenly gave up 🙁 . There are bloggers that’s just so lazy to make their blog grow or maybe they are searching for a shortcut 🙂
      I know you’re getting great results with the step you’re applying because you’ve been in the blogging world for a long time.
      I must admit Adrienne, you’re a huge inspiration. Do have a blessed weekend ahead my friend 😀 …

  6. Thanks for this share. Really need this information in my online endeavours. Hope to succeed one day.

    Was nice to visit you, see you next time. man

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

  7. This is more than helpful. Without traffic, a blog is DEAD. I appreciate you taking take to put this together.
    Thank you babanature. 🙂

    1. Hello Seun,
      We all need targeted traffic to make our business grow and we really do need to expand our reach. that’s why we need traffic. I’m glad you like the post. thanks for your comment bro

  8. Hi Baba,

    It’s truly a great collection of resource, very useful!

    Google is always ready with its zoo and don’t know what storm it’s inviting in next update. However, if you are good to your content and good to your readers, lets hope everything is going to be fine.

    Though I could not use all of the networks you’ve mentioned here, I’m glad that at least the ones I’m using are right ones.

    1. Hello Suresh,
      Google gives us 80% of our traffic but if we can cut it down to 45 and make the rest be referral traffic, it’ll all sound great and you won’t get trapped in the updates. good, quality content and a fast blog is also a criteria we need to follow. Thanks for your good comment as always. have a nice weekend 🙂

  9. Have you heard about the new term “Google Zebra”. Yes it’s a new algorithm going to launch on May 2013. Be ready. It’s time to produce more high quality article.

    By the way, great post!

    Good luck!

  10. This is just one more reason to keep reading Onenaijablog, Babanature you always come up with such awesome articles that keep me coming back to your blog always. Thanks for the great tips will definitely swing into action now.

  11. Hello,

    Wonderful share, since traffic is the main thing which we need to our blogs and websites. And i believe quality content with proper optimization is enough for getting good traffic.


    1. Hello Sarvesh,
      Just quality content and optimization will never get you the traffic you need. you need credibility, high social presents for your blog to rank well and what better ways to get it then socializing.
      We all need traffic and before you can get enough traffic and people to read that wonderful post of yours, you will need to share your blog post across. Thanks for stopping by Sarvesh and do have a wonderful weekend ahead…

  12. Babanature, what a great list. I especially like the one for the eBooks, thanks for sharing. This is a great post to bookmark because if I don’t visit some in a while you tend to forget about them. So many places to be, isn’t there?

  13. Hey Babanature,
    Great post with blog communities list sure these will helpful for building back links and have worked on some sites but not with all hope to give an try on them thanks for sharing with us

    1. Hello Shameem,
      Social community can truly give you that traffic, quality backlinks and credibility you truly need. But you just have to do them right. thanks for the comment bro 😉

  14. Exceptional collection of websites to get traffic flow.

    But is it possible for the part time bloggers to stay active on these sites?

    Am using some communities to drive traffic to my blog, will try to follow some more now 🙂

    Thanks for writing n sharing the useful data for the bloggers, keep doing it!

    1. Hello Nirmala,
      It is highly possible for a part time blogger to follow these list. Life is all about scheduling, once you schedule your time right, you’ll be able to use all list mentioned. Thanks…

  15. Wow this is outstanding. A whole lot of tips. I didn’t know that Yahoo Answers could give off traffic. I will have to join. Thank you for this article!

    1. Hello Leon,
      Yahoo answer can give you a really good amount of traffic and also backlink if you answer questions correctly and impressively, then put your blog link as a resource and see how many traffic and backlinks you’ll get. Thanks for stopping by and making a comment here. Do have a blissful weekend… 🙂

    2. Hiess Babanature,
      Its fabulous to share things with people and you have shared such a fantastic article to get maximum traffic from various social networks.The list you have mentioned is not a big but not small either.You have covered social internet hub in one blog. 🙂
      I really like the way you have described about e-books.Presentations community was new for me because I never heard about it neither read about it.Surely I’ll take more guides from you. 🙂

      1. Hello Aman,
        Social networks and sharing sites are a huge blessing to bloggers. and most bloggers who have discovered the sweet secret of social network, becomes glue to it. Social network is the best place to get targeted traffic from and as well high pr backlinks. Thanks for your comment and do have a lovely weekend…

    3. Wow, this is a great piece of information. I am a blogger, and I would love to try those tools that I haven’t heard of before. You must have spent a good time to put these together. Many thanks.

      1. Hello Susan,
        glad to hear that you find the post interesting enough. Social communities are one great place to get traffic from and if you’re not using them? you better start now…

    4. I enjoyed the article. I spend most of my time generating traffic the old fashioned way as you say.i visit blogs daily and also go to the social sites reading and sharing. Without traffic as many have said the blog is dead. We are working on more targeted traffic but still trying to increase visits daily.

      1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed reading article Jennifer. In all my quest for traffic, i discovered that social networks and communities are more powerful to promote and get your blog exposed. The traffic these social networks hold is enormous. so i’ll advice all to take advantage of this opportunity. Thanks for the comment

      1. Hello Ambika,
        Yeah!!! the online world has a lot of resources that most of us fail to see. Traffic generation is on fun thing to do. thanks for your comment and do have a fabulous week ahead…

    5. Hi Babanature, What a treasure trove of resources for bloggers! I don’t know whether I’m more impressed with your list or with the fact that you post your blog to each of these every time you publish. Wow!

      I will have to check these out because who wouldn’t like more traffic, right? I especially like your forums idea. I use them myself and love to help people solve their tech problems so why not give some answers?

      I clicked on the link to your Facebook group but Facebook said the link doesn’t exist. I would like an invitation though!

      Thanks so much for these valuable tips, Babanature!

      1. Hello Carolyn,
        Once you start submitting your articles on as many blog communities, you will see the increase in traffic and as well as connections. Each of the sites i mentioned has their unique way of bringing traffic, and i am sure benefiting from it and know you will too 🙂

        Yeah! i’ll sure encourage you to participate in questions and answers groups like yahoo answer and see the traffic and extensive high PR backlinks they’ll give in return.

        for the group; I have disband the group due to some reasons but when i am through with the new group, i’ll sure send you and invite. Thanks for stopping by and dropping this wonderful comment. do have a lovely weekend ahead 🙂

    6. Hey Babanature,

      This is a great list of sites you can use to get more traffic. Who says that SEO is the best way to get traffic? Well lately it hasn’t and this list proves that us bloggers have many options. Great reference here! Thanks for sharing!

      1. Hello Sherman,
        Nice talk man. For once i have never depend or use SEO for my blog and still i am getting some real good amount of traffic. This list are great and i’ll recommend it to all bloggers 😉 Thanks for the comment and do have a good coming weekend

    7. Hi Baba,

      I followed you here from Adrienne’s Thankful Thursday article, and am I glad I found this article 🙂

      Wow, hats off to you, you really have the patience a blogger needs, to share in all these communities and forums takes a toll, and I should say that I do not have it in me. I share in the more easy ones 🙂

      I did not know most of those you have mentioned here, and especially the ones for eBooks and presentations. I will surely check them out now.

      Thanks once again.

      1. Hello Praveen,
        Good to know that you found my blog through Adrienne’s Thankful Thursday, aint that great? As a blogger patience should always be in our mind. I earn with ads revenue and the only way you can get your earnings as high, is if you get traffic. Getting traffic is like a hobby. I think you should try the list and see how it goes. i am sure it’ll help

    8. Hi Baba,
      Adrienne recently shared your blog post with us. Great information on driving traffic.
      Video is going to be huge very soon and you are correct to say it’s now time to start sharing content via this way.
      Have you tried Only Wire for automating your shares and also Social Monkey? Just curious what your thoughts are on using these services.
      Thanks for the great info!

      1. Hello Tonya,
        Welcome to my blog and i hope you enjoyed the read.
        T o be truth with you, i have never used automated tool to share my posts. I love doing things manually because of the benefits behind it. At times automated tools do get sites penalized (My humble opinion).
        Thanks for stopping by and do have a great weekend 🙂

    9. Hi Babanature,

      Finally, I made it here and read your post. Been busy. *phew* Now I am a week ahead…but still need to keep writing.

      BTW, the link of facebook Bloggers World Sharing Group is NOT working.

      BUT…I do have some of the ones you mentioned above. Business fan page, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube…on YT I’m just starting so this one will take for awhile.

      I have been posting on blogs…at least I try to shoot read 5 blogs/day. But it’s very hard when I’m really busy writing.

      I know warriorforum but I’ve never posted there. That place is only for reading but I should try posting there like you said. Might be a good idea.

      Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice Wednesday!


      1. Hello Angela,
        Good to see you here once again and hope you’re having fun with your blog?
        I have discontinue the group on Facebook and moved it to Google plus, if you are on Google plus and would love to join the group, i’ll definitely give you the ticket to 🙂
        Do you publish your post everyday? you should at list change your blog hopping list to 10 per day so you’ll see a rapid growth in your traffic.

        The lists above can help any blog in any niche gain more web traffic and back links. Thanks for the stopping by and do have a blessed week ahead… 🙂

    10. Angela,

      I have not used all of the places you suggest in your post. I have used some in each category. I am going to go through this post again and try each of the places you suggest.

      I like your way of getting backlinks. It is natural and Google can not take it away. No matter what updates Google decides to put out the natural traffic and backlinks will still be relevent.

      Great information. I know all of this but having so much information and resources in one place is great.

      Thank you so much for all of your information.

      Dee Ann

      1. Hello Ann,
        I’ll say the information here is worth it. Following the instruction here will definitely bring you incredible web traffic to your blog. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your lovely comment, hope we’ll see you some other times 🙂

    11. Hello Babanature,

      I really like your way of thinking. The route you take for rank is extremely smart and it’s solid, regardless of any changes or updates. You are sinking some pretty deep roots for your blog and your ingenuous for doing so. Although I haven’t utilized all the places you shared with us, It definitely gives me a lot of ideas. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this post and I’m sure many others agree!!
      Have an awesome day!!
      Alison R.

    12. Nice compilations!
      But when you are talking about the forum, you forgot to add out darling most viewed and visited nairaland to the list.
      All the same, the list are very useful and well presented
      Nice work

    13. That is why I can’t stop coming to this blog. I actually visit more than I could think of, but most time I’m restricted to comment cos I read with my smartphone. Babanature is a good man and he always give solutions to blogging challenge and that’s why I liked him. My mum used to tell me that advertisement is the soul of business and when u promote your post in communities especially those he mentioned, they are all sure ways to get traffic as times go on. Without traffic, a blog is as gud as dead. That’s why most bloggers quit blogging. Thanks for that explosive list of web traffic generation.

    14. Hi babanature,

      Very Classy! This post is really insightful and I’m struck with amazement that you actually post on all these networking sites. You really are a hard worker and I would like to call that being smart.

      I will also avail myself the opportunity to use this links to promote my baby.

      Thanks for sharing it with us boss! 🙂


    15. hi. thanks for this info. moreover my major point i love in this post is about the ebook sites. thanks babanature. do you know any online software or site that allow blog post to be turned into pdf? also how do you add a hovering social bottoms at the side bar of your blog, any plugin?

    16. Baba, Very nice article. I spend my time generating traffic the old fashioned way as you mentioned. I like your way of getting backlinks. It is natural and Google can not take it away. No matter what updates Google decides to put out the natural traffic .

      Thanks for sharing this.


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