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How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress

I love wordpress platform. Yes! I truly love the platform that much because it allows you to take total control over its whole features. You can make a wordpress blog look like whatever you want it to look like with just the help of some plugins and with no knowledge of coding or whatsoever.

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In case you don’t know, I like simplicity that has style and I seriously don’t like doing what other people do that’s why I like doing research to go deep into things 😀 . I am a blogger that focus on the technical part of blogging and I know you can tell by going through my articles and posts.


Back to the subject 🙂 Most people who comments on my blog don’t have a gravatar enabled email and do not know how to create one which is bad. The default WordPress gravatar is used for readers who comment but do not have a gravatar enabled email, right? But tell me this truth; are you not bored of seeing the same WordPress default avatar on all blogs around you? Don’t you which you could change the default avatar to your own blog logo or make it something more interesting?

I know most of us bloggers do have some commentators that do not have a gravatar enabled email so on this post, I am going to show you how you too can make your faceless commentator have your logo or something else you want just like the image above. How’s that for a change?

I know many of you might know about how to change your default avatar. If you do know how to do this, then good for you but if you don’t let’s proceed. Ohhh… And before I forget, I write this post because of some requests I have been getting…

How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress

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Then (I mean way back) before you can change the default gravatar of your wordpress blog, you must have to edit and add some codes using your C-panel which is frustrating but recently, a developer made the whole issue way simple and easy for even a none tech to do. Yes! They have actually created a plugin for this process and it is that easy to use.

You can download the plugin directly from wordpress directory or from the developer’s site

If you have downloaded and installed the plugin, follow these simple steps to achieve your goal 😉

• Get the image you’d like to make the default avatar and resize it (35×35 preferably)

• Save the image in your C-panel or any file sharing site you which to

• Now copy the URL of the picture you just save

• Go to your wordpress admin panel >>> Click Settings >>> Click Discussion, and scroll down till you see these avatars [see image]

wordpress default gravatar

Are you there? If you are with me, let’s move on to the fun part of the post, shall we!

On this part you’ll see that the plug-in we installed have created a box below the default avatars called “Add New Default Avatar”

• On the first box, name it whatever you feel like naming the custom avatar

• On the second box, paste the URL of the logo you created earlier and click save changes [see image below]


Now select the custom avatar you just created and click save. You have successfully beautified your blog’s comment area with your logo; now tell me how cool is that?

Remember that you can add as many avatars as you want and also remember that this plugin will automatically resize your image to make the perfect fit…

I hope I made the tutorial as easy as possible my friends? If not please tell me where you don’t understand and I’ll gladly see you through or if you got any more questions pertaining the topic, please do drop them by using the comment box below and I’ll gladly answer them for you as soon as possible.

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Do you have comments or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Then do use the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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36 thoughts on “How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    This is indeed a much required post for those people who don’t have a Gravatar or haven’t made one as yet.

    I fail to understand as to why they get lazy making their own when it’s so easy. Nevertheless, I liked how you told us all how we can customize the default avatar of WordPress in this post, hoping more people use it rather than those funny or no pictures they come up with.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      Most people who comments on blogs that don’t have a gravatar enabled email are not bloggers. some are just ordinary people looking for solutions and google led them to your blog, while some just don’t know how to create one. so with this tutorial, bloggers can actually make their comment section look neat and different. Thanks for your lovely comments as always and do have a lovely week ahead…

  2. aha, that is the thing. Well, i never used it and never wanted to install it but looks like it is good for Blog Karma) Thanks for sharing)

  3. Hmm.. it looks it is useful for a multi-authored blog that wish to display completely different avatar than what is being used globally. Good tutorial Baba, thanks for this.

    For most of the cases the default theme is pretty sufficient. I feel if I choose to create different avatars for my authors?

    1. Hello Suresh,
      If you’re using the default wordpress gravatar as every blogger is using, you wont have that style and uniqueness your blog deserves. The best thing you can do your blog is to give it that feel it deserve. Thanks for the comment

  4. Hi Babanature,
    I would like to suggest people to have own gravatar or customize as like you conveyed on your post if we don’t have anything its doesn’t looks nice the profile which help us to get engage in all networks like facebook,twitter so on..thanks for sharing it

    1. Hello Shameem,
      We have two kinds people online; those who search for information and bloggers like you and i who comments on other blogs. those people who do research online don’t know what is gravatar or use it. If google brings those kind of people to comment on your blog, the wordpress default gravatar will popout in place of the image. So i’ll advice all blogger to implement this for a better experience. Thanks for the comment Shameem and do have a wonderful week ahead.

  5. Now the mystery man is not mystery anymore….this is definitely a great post, but i will always advice people to create a Gravatar account and that way they can create a brand for themselves and can easily be recognized anytime they make comments anywhere, because you never know who could be reading.

    1. Hello Desmond,
      It’s not only bloggers that comments on our site and those people who come to our site for information will always wants to drop a thank you comment and these kind of people do not have a gravatar enabled email. This tutorial is good for all bloggers so they’ll give this commentators a lovely face rather the same old stuff 😉

  6. I’m one individual who isn’t comfortable when it comes to dealing with codes.
    But I like the perspectives you’ve shared on the plugin.

  7. Hey Babanature,

    Okay, I was SO excited to learn how to do this until you said we have to add a plug-in. I’m done with adding plug-ins for cool stuff. Yeah, I don’t add any I don’t have to and I know that a lot of people are uncomfortable with code but I do love to learn about that stuff. If it’s not too confusing that is.

    Is there a site I can go to and learn how to code in the cpanel or should I just Google that! Some of those make me a little nervous since we are messing with code.

    Thanks for the tip though.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      I wanted to post how to do it in two steps but the coding part might confuse some readers who do not want to tamper with their codes, that’s why i only posted the easy one 🙂 . I also don’t like using plugin because it use up CPU, i also prefer hand implementation (coding).
      Here is how i am going to be doing it now; on post like this, i’ll be dropping the easy way and the hard way so it’ll be helpful for both tech and not tech inclined bloggers. How do you see that?

      If you want to add or edit codes using C-panel, your best option would be to use Google as your friend 😀 . Thanks for your wonderful comment my friend and do have a lovely weekend ahead…

  8. Hi Babanature,

    Simple and powerful tutorial here. I am stunned at home many folks refuse to use a gravatar. If I am thinking about friending you, or going into business with you, and I meet you offline I never wear a paper bag on my head, right? lol….so get that gravatar, customize, and show yourself.

    Thanks for sharing Babanature!


    1. Hello Ryan,
      The best thing i’ll advice any blogger, is to always make your blog look unique and this post is one. I’ll advice any blogger to implement this in his/ her blog because it is not all commentators that have a gravatar enabled email. some are just ordinary people searching for an answer to something and you blog has that answer they are searching for. they’ll want to leave a thank you comment and if you don’t have a customize gravatar, it’ll look like same old stuff, right? 😉

  9. Hi Babanature,

    You right about Gravatar. I didn’t knew how to change that litlle pic with one of mines till one day when I found a nice tutorial, these being said, your tutorial will be very helpfull for bloggers.

    I encounter a little problem when I write a comment here because of social plugin from left side, please do something, believe me if a reader wants to give a like they will like your page. The problem is that I cannot see what I write because comment box is behind social plugin.

    Well this would be for now, see you next time.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel – Romania

    1. Hello Daniel,
      Is the sidebar like widget that big? well it is as normal here at my end, If a another commentator tell me about the same issue, i’ll then remove it. Thanks for your comment and for the heads on 😉 …

  10. Hey bro,
    You know how I hate faceless commentators. Some people don’t just like showing their faces for reasons known to them.

    BTW, thanks for sharing this plugin. For those who technically are comfortable, there is an option to replace one of the default images on the server with a custom image but that might be too techie anyway 😉

    Thanks for the cool tuts you often come up with 😉

    1. Hello Enstine,
      Yeah! we all love to hate faceless commentators but normally, there are some circumstances that we allow faceless commentators and i know you’ll agree with me. yeah, making things simple is what we do as a blogger right? Let’s make our blog look more sweet and fun for our readers… Thanks for the comment bro and do have a great weekend…

  11. useful post brother it’s very important for us , I hate faceless comments and I always make sure to make them lesser on my blog
    thanks for sharing 😀

  12. Hi Babanature, I love your blog as well as this post. I do know there are times when I have people stopping by and they don’t have an avatar and this is a great tip on how to set up an image for this.

    Thanks for the sharing, Make it a Great Weekend.. Chery 🙂

    1. Hello Chery,
      Thanks for the love you got for my blog and posts. You are absolutely right. As long as you have a blog, there must always be a day where a none blogger driven by Google to your blog will leave a comment. and the wordpress default avatar is just so old and common that’s why it is great customizing it. Thanks for understanding the post and do have a blessed weekend Chery

    1. Hello Korede,
      Since you have a blog and you’re a blogger, it’ll be wise to have a gravatar enabled email. Some bloggers wont allow a faceless blogger commenting on their blog so get one bro.

  13. I have a gravater enabled email but i don’t use it because i didn’t remember.but i will find time to do that thanks bro.

  14. Hi Babanature,

    I hate faceless commentators because right away, they are spammers!! However, not all are spammers. Some are truly newbies and when I recognize they are newbies I send them to my “So You Need A Gravatar” post and there it tells them step-by-step.

    Just now…I cleaned up my comments and found 2-3 spammers who have a GRAVATAR!!!!! And YES they are certainly spammers because when I come to visit their blog it’s 404 or their site doesn’t look legit and some of the comments they have are spammers themselves.

    If you connect yourself to a spammer’s page this can hurt your reputation in Google search, you might end up being banned. So yeah…I hate faceless commentators. This post is good because I encourage EVERYONE to have their own gravatar.


    1. Hello Angela,
      Faceless commentators are spammers but not all faceless are spammers; some are just starting the blogging world new and don’t know how and what is gravatr, while some are not bloggers or webmasters but researcher that a finding some precious stuff online and happen to stumble your blog. I do accept faceless comment only if the comment is meaningful and can add value to my blog and readers.
      If you connect your page to a spammer’s page or a ban page your blog will likely be in danger but there is a plugin that will render all comment links nofollow so it won’t affect your blog.
      This post is helpful and can actually beautify your blog and also makes your comment section stand out. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment. Do have a fabulous week ahead 😉

  15. Thanks a lot Babanature,
    I was having lots of comments from newbies who didn’t have a gravatar which made my blog a little spammy.
    Now I’m gonna replace it with a trending icon.

    Bookmarking your blog.

    1. Ahhh… Amal, I am so glad you find the post interesting enough to comment. Now you can put some lovely images as your default gravatar. do have a blessed day ahead Amal

  16. Very soon, I might get multiple avatars to ping you back over your new articles. 😛 Thank you so much for this funky trick of changing the avatars.

  17. Hi,
    I am impressed with the way of writing. It kept connected me all the time.Keep up the good work.
    Simple and powerful tutorial here. I am stunned at home many folks refuse to use a gravatar.

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