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Hey guys!!! The iPhone and iPad are used for typing upon occasion. It is already slow enough (when compared to writing on a desktop computer), which is why the iPhone and iPad programmers have added keyboard shortcuts. And why do we need this shortcuts? Because they help you to save a little bit of time and effort so that you do not have to go through any more hassle than is duly required.

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Easily insert special characters into your text

If you would like to use any special characters then you can use most of them with the keyboard alone. Each key comes with its own special character. All you need to do is press and hold a key to see what special characters it hides. You are then able to pick your special character. The characters are all related to the keys that you press. For example, if you press and hold “a”, one of the options is “à”. Just make sure that you keep the key pressed down until you have made your choice, or the selections will disappear.

The dollar sign may be changed

The iPhone and iPad works under the assumption that any monetary values will be in dollars. That is why the $ sign is the only one that is available on the keyboard. If you would like a choice of currency symbols, then press and hold the dollar sign key, and options will appear so that you can insert the sign for a different currency.

Writing periods has never been easier

If you are typing a sentence and would like to insert a period, such as at the end of a sentence or within an email address, you can do it by pressing the space key twice in succession. The next letter you write will automatically be capitalized, as the programmers assume that you are going to be starting a new sentence.


To activate the function you cannot wait too long between pressing the space button. You need to press the button twice in a fairly rapid succession. If you can get the hang of using this function then it can save you a lot of time. Not only do you not have to press the period button, but it also inserts a space after the period, as pressing space again would be confusing. The auto-capitalized next letter is also a big time saver.

Inserting the degrees symbol

You can do this in two ways. On the keyboard you can press and hold the “O” for Oscar button, and the option to insert the degree symbol will appear. Or, you can press and hold the number zero on the number pad and it will show you the options for inserting the degree symbol.

The degree symbol is one of the more notoriously hard to find symbols on both desktop computers and on phones, which is probably why the iPhone and iPad programmers have given you two ways to insert it.

Apostrophes need not concern you


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You do not need to bother about adding apostrophes, because the iPhone will do it for you. Just type the word in without adding the apostrophe, and it will add it in for you automatically. You can still insert the apostrophe for words such as “its”, as it may not always insert one for the word “its” (and a few other words). But, in most cases it will insert an apostrophe for you.

Quotation marks and hyphens

There are different types of hyphens and quotation marks. You can see the full range available by pressing and holding the hyphen or quotation mark key. It will then show you the options for each.

Making all of your letters capitalized

You can do this the standard way by pressing and holding the shift key as you type your word. Or, you can set the “Caps Lock” function under the settings (from settings to general to keyboard). When this function is activated you are able to turn the Caps Lock on by pressing the shift button twice in succession. To turn it off you simply press the shift button twice in succession again.

There is a .com key

This is available for use if you are typing into the Safari browser. All you need to do is press the button (if it is available) to complete a web address.

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Are you using the Iphone or Ipad and know some few shortcuts that is not mentioned here? Or do have some questions on ipad/iphone shortcuts that you’d love to ask? Then please do by using the comment box below  and drop them.

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  1. Hi Kate,

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog, and with a wonderful topic 🙂

    Oh yes…I always have a problem typing on any phone that isn’t large enough because I’m so used to my Laptop and PC now. I guess that’s one reason I hardly use the Iphone or Ipad nor do I know of any shortcuts, so this was a nice post explaining about those. I guess first I need to get started using more of them and then use these shortcuts. Practice makes you perfect as they say.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day, both of you 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena,
      I understand you cause had the same kind of ploblems. But impossible is nothing with practice. Hope my post will be helpful.

  2. Caps Lock is the weak point of Apple. If you need to type anything long with caps lock you have to press every time when you need to type the text/ That is frustrating.

  3. I don’t own iPhone and other apple products. So bookmarked this page for later use.
    But I like the way you explained the keyboard shortcuts.
    Nice post 🙂

    • Me too, sriram! I don’t own Iphone and other tablets. I just sold my phone but I this device so useful for bloggers. Thus, I plan to buy new one..

      • Of course, these devices are very useful for bloggers. I wish you guys would buy iPhone or iPad and then turn back to my post.

  4. Hi,
    well I have never used the iphone or ipad but love to use if my dad buys or gifts for me. But i have used Tablets I think the Key board short cuts are similar to the Iphone and ipad..?? what do u think ??

  5. Hi Kate,

    I am still learning to use smartphones lol….just received my first one a few weeks back. When I go the iPhone route – maybe soon – I will be using this shortcut guide because I will need it 😉



  6. hi there kate. i do not own an iPad or iPhone (as of this writing) but i know many people who are using them 🙂 this info is indeed useful for them..gotta share this one

  7. I’m the guy who likes simple phones, just calling and text messaging only, I like phones that have good power in battery, at least a week to hold.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  8. Typing on the iPhone or iPad becomes easier as you get used to it, but some things remain cumbersome to write even after years of use. The keyboard acrobatics required to type something like a long email address on a touchscreen keyboard can be somewhat maddening if you have to input that multiple times a day.

    • You are 100% right. There is perfection in this case. But there is always space to develop)
      Thanks for sharing your opinion.

  9. Hi Kate,

    Great post you shared here today and happy to meet you here on Babanature’s blog.

    I recently got a new iPhone so this is my first. I also learned a few of these from playing around with it but also another friend wrote a post on shortcuts so I learned a good bit from him as well.

    It does take some getting use to. My fingers aren’t big but I still have a problem hitting the wrong key but that’s just something that will take more practice. Luckily, my niece and nephew are giving me a run for my money so I’ll be a pro in no time at all.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I learned a few new things today. I love that when that happens.

    Hope you both enjoy your weekend.


  10. typing on iphone, have not been very easy for me, am new to iphone, i hope this will get me going and typing well.s i always make mistakes and very slow why writing.

    Thanks for sharing

  11. Hi Kate Funk,

    Thanks! I have just had my first iPhone few days ago. Its amazing! but feel some difficulties to operate it. Your post realy helps me a lot. Just keep it up.

    Thanks again,

  12. Hi Kate,

    Nowadays people mostly using iPads and iPhones, but we are not sure that all the users know the complete features of that. One of that is keyboard shortcuts, like you said there are many implementations on that and the users don’t know all of that. This page guides many users to make their keyboard experience better. Thank you for sharing.



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