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Blog Improvement: Do Social Media Help?

First off, let me tell you this; you do not have to use social media to improve your blog traffic numbers, but it is handy because it is a good place to find free traffic. There are a few ways that you can use social media to the benefit of your blog, and some of them are covered here. The good thing is that social media is still a “big deal” these days. It is still being drooled over my online marketers and its popularity has not yet slipped.

Do social media help?

This means that social networking numbers have not yet started to fall (so you have plenty of people to communicate to), and it means that programmers are still making online tools for social media, plugins for CMS programs, etc. So, you have quite a nice advantage.

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The bare naked truth about social media

There are lots of people on social media, but it is not actually that good at getting you traffic to your blog. Sure, there is traffic to be had, and it is free, but other than that, it is not as powerful as you are lead to believe. Online marketers will boast about the millions and millions of people using social media. But, they seem to forget that your social media profile is one amongst many, and that your social media profile is not going to get millions of views.

The highest conversion rate for traffic, on a legitimate social media site, happened on Facebook (where else?) where one marketer managed to get a 24% conversion rate. That means that 24% of his Facebook traffic paid a visit to his website. This makes for pretty poor reading, but even if you only achieve a 3% conversion rate, this is still free traffic that you would have otherwise had to pay for if you had used an affiliate network.

Sharing things across social media networks

This is a great way of getting more blog attendees. In-fact it may actually be the best way of getting more blog viewers. People are not likely to be very eager to just visit any old blog, no matter how great you claim it is on your social media profile. However, if they were to see the quality of the blog posts on their social media site, they may be more inclined to pay you a visit.

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You can show people a preview of next week’s blog post on your social media site. This is a good way of stimulating a little bit of interest around your blog. It may make your previous blog viewers go in for another look at your blog. It may make new viewers interested in looking at your blog.

You can share all of your blog post to give people a good look at your blog quality, or you can share a little bit and peak their interest. You can give the first paragraph of your blog post on social media, and create a little bit of interest by leaving it on a cliffhanger. It does not have to be a big cliffhanger, but leaving it on some sort of question is a good tactic for getting more viewers. This is especially true if you have a link below the post which leads to your blog.

A social media comment system

Do social media help?

This is a great little tool for getting comments and for adding a bit of SEO value to your blog too. The comments may also be shared around the social media sites too, so you will gain a little bit more exposure. The spammers will also think twice about commenting on your blog because you will simply ban their social media site so that they cannot comment again.

Having your blog post “liked” or “Pinged”

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You can install “Like” and “Ping” widgets onto your blog. This will allow people to show you how much they like your blog posts, and it will have a little bit of an SEO benefit too, so that your blog will rise a little higher in the search engine results pages. The widgets can be placed under blog posts, floating side bar (like on this blog) or your blog pictures, and a lot of these “likes” or “pings” will show other viewers that your blog is well attended and beloved.

Over to you…

social media can truly give you some reasonable amount of traffic, but only if you do it correctly and wisely.

Wow!!! I have said so much about so much now let’s extend the chat to you guys. Now what are the strategies you take to get you traffic to your blog? Do you think social media is the best way to drive traffic to ones blog? Please let’s make this blog post lively by using the comment box below to drop your comments 🙂 .

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Now, do you have any questions, comments or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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25 thoughts on “Blog Improvement: Do Social Media Help?”

  1. Hi Nellie, and welcome to Babanature’s blog,

    Oh yes…social media has great power and it does help a great deal to improve your blog. I’ve seen the changes in my own blog and how it’s all become much better than before because of my social media presence and reach.

    Yes, you mentioned the right thing – that you need to do things the right way or else things can take a back seat instead of boosting your blog.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      Social media is indeed a great tool for everybody using the internet for business and communication. Social media made it possible to boost our blogs authority. I’d only say this; social network is the center of all blogs 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thought. Do have a pleasant week ahead… 😀

  2. yes , i agree that installing social media commenting system on the blog do give a SEO advantage (recollecting from Baba’s google+ commenting system post) .All the points are well explained cleared some of my doubts through this post .


    1. Hello Pramod,
      Installing social social media commenting system to your blog is indeed a great step because it boost your presence and as well as traffic to your blog, but as every good things be, it also have its downside. Thanks for the brilliant comment and hope you’re having a great week 🙂

  3. I had a hard time reading through your post because I disagreed with your opening statement… Social Media… You need it everytime. At first .. You dwell on the free traffic… To your blogs… Continuously until you move to the paid platforms. If you want an answer to your question… Social media, yes, it does improve your blog.
    Looks like you began deviating your stance later on… But I think social media.. Paid or free does improve your blog… Once done the right way

  4. Hey Nellie,

    I think social media can have a positive effect on your blog if it’s done right as you said. The main thing we should focus on is the social proof. This can be done through a commenting system, fan page, targeted active niche groups, or interaction with your targeted market of friends. If you’re consistently doing just one of these options, you will start to get more traffic.

  5. Hi Nellie,

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog and what an interesting read. Actually as I was reading through the post I was thinking who the heck is writing this because these people obviously don’t know what they’re talking about. Of course the more I read the more I see that speaking about doing things the wrong way can hurt you that’s for sure.

    87% of my traffic to my blog is referral traffic. Who says social media doesn’t work? Well I have news for them, it most definitely does.

    I also will never put another commenting system on my blog other then WordPress. My blog is mine alone and no other type system will ever own my content or comments. I think the people who give those rights away need to rethink that.

    I definitely believe that social media is a great source of traffic to your blog when handled properly. Social proof is important to some people but not everyone. We’re all here for different reasons but when people share your posts with their friends that’s the best form of advertising you’ll ever get.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and hope you both have a great week.


  6. Thanks so much bro babanature for the awesome tips, that’s why i always like reading your posts. Social media really helps in boosting my blog’s traffic. Thanks for sharing bro…

    1. Hey Victor,
      The lovely post was from miss Nellie and sure, she really did put some heart to it right? Social media is one of the foundations of any blog. at some point in time to gain credibility and more exposure, we just need a little social traffic. Thanks for the comment and do have a beautiful week ahead.

  7. Indeed, social media is driving traffic real good but most times what we should focus on is not just driving traffic but driving valuable traffic. I think most of the traffic from social media is mostly for social proof but turning that into valuable traffic is another thing.

    On adding commenting systems from social media sites, there are a lot of doubt over that because the ones I have tried have not really proven any different.

    1. Hello Chadrack,
      Indeed social media can drive traffic to any blog but what we are truly looking for is targeted traffic and which social media can also provide. Knowing your audience is one great way to get targeted traffic.

      About the social comment system, I also removed my own because of the amount of spam i was receiving. It is impossible to moderate those external comment plugin, but until they do facility for this, social comment system is awesome because i saw its uniqueness while using it. Thanks for your awesome comment and do have a god weekend 🙂

  8. Hi Nellie,

    For sure! I think social marketing works for us in lots of ways.For example, it can help expand your reach. You can get in front of people that may not otherwise see you.

    You may not get tons of traffic with social media but lots of traffic doesn’t mean quality traffic. I’ve gotten more quality, targeted traffic with social media which I think is way more important.

    Thanks for the great post Nellie. Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Hi Nellie,

    Well structured thoughts about the importance of social media. You are right that Facebook, googleplus, pinterest are changing the scenario and I am sure that it is destined to grow with time.

    Internet is one of the most dynamic facet of this world and you never know what happens tomorrow. Social media are gaining popularity and we might not be surprised if someday social media and search engines get face to face.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I am sure that it will help me getting more active on social media channels.

    Ashutosh Kasera

  10. I’d say social media is one great way to get your website seen and heard.
    I’d say social media is the place to get targeted traffic…

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