Why I Removed The Google Plus Comment System On My Blog

The truth is, some friends who come to my blog and reading my blog posts frequently, wants to know the simple reason why I removed the Google plus commenting system on my blog. Hey! I only removed the G+ comment system because of one little problem, yes! Just one little problem and as I proceed, I’ll explain for your better understanding… 😀

Smart kid writing

Some weeks back, I talked about the G+ commenting system, how to integrate it and the benefits it holds. I even installed it on my blog as a tester to see how it goes because I don’t want to know what other bloggers think or has been saying about the plug-in, rather I want to test it myself and see how it goes. Truth be told, after trying it out, I did enjoyed every moment using that little but yet powerful comment box (system) because it did do things unimaginable 😉 .

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If it does things I like then why did I removed it?

You know, before I tested it out I saw different bloggers from different blogs that gave their own opinions and most of these opinions are as follows;

The comments made by your commentators will not be yours

You will be giving Google more members 🙂

Your precious comments will be lost when you remove the comment system on your blog.

While all this are true, I still did go ahead and use the comment box on this blog to see what i’ll personally find. After my weeks of testing, I did love it but every good thing must always have a downside right? The only drawback was the “lack of comment moderation”.

I am getting some good returns of traffic and if you are getting some good amount of traffic, bulk of spammers will surely visits you from time to time and if your comment system is not moderated, you will be bombarded with spam comments.

The main reason why I remove the Google comment system on my blog:

google plus for wordpress blog

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I was doing my regular weekly cleanup you know, repairing my databases, deleting broken links found on my blog. As I was cleaning the pages, I accidentally entered one of my earlier blog post and found out that my G+ comment system has been bombarded with spam comments by spammers 🙁 . I decided to check some more blog post and then I realized that my blog is being spammerlize (brought the English up 🙂 ). If you have a blog with more than 50 or 150 pages you will know that it is almost impossible moderating each of your blog post. Instead of wasting my precious time removing those spam comments, I removed the comment system to stop the spamming because if I don’t remove it, it’ll still happen over and over again.

Main Point:

I did not remove the comment system because it was not performing its task, I simply removed it because of the lack of comment moderation it possess.

I need something that I can be able to control (moderation wise). I don’t care if I bring more member to Google plus, I don’t care about who owns the comment, but if they can build a moderation system like the native WordPress comment box, I will definitely love the G+ commenting system even more because “to me” they have all the SEO benefits.

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Back to you:

Do you love the Google plus commenting system like I do? Are you still using it? Have you noticed any down fall that will help us more on our topic matter? Please do share with us by using the comment box below.

If you are a blogger that have not used it before, can you please tell us why you have not used or tested it? Please provide your answer by using the comment box below.

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Do you have comments, thoughts or questions you’d love to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your questions, comments and thoughts are highly welcomed and appreciated.

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  1. Hi Babanature,

    Oh yes…I remember your little experiment with the G+ commenting system and I even left you a comment on that myself. But because there were so many other bloggers also trying out the same commenting system on their blogs, I didn’t as I thought it’s best to give it time and then see how it all goes.

    One question that I had in mind was that when people comment on your blog through the G+ commenting system – all you get is an additional comment on your blog. Isn’t it better instead that they share your post on G+, along with a comment, which I think has more weightage I think? And if they do that – that particular link doesn’t show on this commenting system at the blog. (That’s what I noticed in the many blogs I visited with the same experiment being done!)

    I agree with your reason too for removing it from your blog, and it absolutely makes sense. Unless they don’t have a moderation system attached to the G+ comments, it’s tough to visit each post and check it out too. Moreover, I also noticed that with 2 or more (If FB commenting system also is included) – the load time of the blog increases too.

    I think it’s a wise decision to just have one commenting system, while have your loyal followers and fans who would share it on G+ and FB for you instead. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      Yeah! You’re right. Having one commenting system is good because of the load time as well.
      Thanks for your lovely thought my friend and hope you’ll have a good week ahead… 🙂

  2. To be honest, I too jumped as soon as I saw top bloggers using it. But then I did not like it one bit so removed it as soon as I added it in less than 24 hours. It looked as commenting is taking outside the blog. Great reasons for removing it.

    1. You’re right. the comments your readers make outside the google+ comment box is not yours and that sad. i would love to put it back if Google team would fix those little issues. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your awesome thought Shalu. Do have a good week ahead…

  3. Hey bro,
    I carried out my own experience too and soon saw a lot of things wrong. Now the point you mentioned here is one of the main points. If you are not given a way to moderate comments on your blog, then there is no point. I can’t just accept anything published without going through some sort of scanning.

    Its a big weak point with Google+ comments

    1. Ya bro,
      what makes a comment more interactive and unique is when the moderator keeps it clean and well organize. Nobody wants to comment in a spammy community. Well Google+ should try and fix that little problem so it’ll be better for bloggers using it. Thanks for the comment bro and do have a lovely week…

  4. I am using both the system, so users have the option to comment with g+ or blogger. Thnx for sharing your wonderful experience.

  5. Well I personally love Google+ comments – yes the spam comments (especially the ones with links) are really a pain – but I guess that’s Google’s problem. Given that you do not own these comments, you don’t own the spam comments as well. Well, that’s my opinion anyway!

    1. Hello Lisa,
      You know, Google always warns us about spams and if we can’t moderate those comments our selfs, don’t you think we’ll get penalize for spam blog? I think they should really find a solution for this and make the comment system a clean one. Thanks for stopping by and do have a perfect week ahead 🙂

  6. So since we can’t moderate any comments that are placed using Google+ Babanature then I’m wondering how Google is going to penalize us next for all those spammy comments. Since we can’t control them then what does that say about all the spam we get hit for over time? Huh, wonder how they’re going to handle this in the future.

    That’s one of the things that I had heard too. I mean I don’t add just anyone to my circles. It’s the same thing with the other social sites. I’m careful who I add but that doesn’t mean they can’t comment on your link! That’s something I know Google will have to address down the road.

    I’m really surprised to hear that you don’t care if you own the comments or not. So you’re only after the SEO. I’m really surprised to hear that Babanature, kind of makes me sad. 🙁 Oh well, I guess I just learned something new today.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      I just hope they don’t penalize so many blogs using the comment system on their next update 🙂 . As for me, i am not using that comment system to spoil my blog because it is special to me. 😉

      Well Adrienne, i don’t do SEO and i don’t know anything about it, i just do what the people will love. I love to see comments on my blog because the lovely comments you guys make on my blog, is what making me to push forward. Without comments, its impossible to push forward. you know?
      Don’t take that word the wrong way, it’s only an expression 🙂 . Thanks for keeping it real with me my friend and do have a blessed weekend 🙂

  7. Many blogs that i keep visiting did the same experiment as you did and most of them eventually removed them from their blogs ..I always wondered what made them remove it from their blogs..Now , as you’ve explained the reasons why you removed the Google+ commenting system from your blog …i think the same reasons apply for all the bloggers who removed the same from their blog …Nice Analysis at your end though !


    1. Hello Pramod,
      Other bloggers might have their own valuable reasons for removing their Google+ commenting system from their blog. Well, this might also be part of their reasons. Thanks for the comment Pramod and do have your self a perfect week ahead…

  8. Hi Babanature,

    I haven’t tried G+ comments because I’m happy to stick with CommentLuv for now. I don’t like it when blogs use more than one commenting system – like Harleena, I think one is enough – also, I prefer to have comments adding to the content on my site, rather than going to Google. Being able to moderate them is also very important – as your experience has proved!

    Thanks very much for this post, which confirms my belief that I’ve made the right decision for now.


    1. Hello Sue,
      The Google plus comment system shouldn’t be tried in any authority blog because you will get spammerlize 🙂 . If Google can provide a moderation privileges, it would really be nice because i enjoyed using it. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful thought. Do have a great week ahead…

  9. The major problem with these kind of comment systems is that people have to login first to leave a comment and that’s kinda frustrating.
    You did great.
    Worth reading your article.

    Rudraksh Pathak

  10. But since the monetization strategy of Google+ is going to be likely ads, how meaningful are these privacy options? I can hide things from my friends but not from marketers.

  11. Hi Babanature,

    I’m so glad that you are doing your own testing to see what works best for you and coming to your own decisions. Good for you.

    I have a question. Now that you have removed the commenting system, do you know if those same spam comments are still present on Google+ as posts? Have you checked into that yet?

    Let me know what you found out because I am curious about this. Thanks.

    1. Hello Ileane and good to see you here,
      I only tested the comment box for few weeks and i must confess that it was fun and lovely using it 🙂 .

      Sure! I have checked into it and What i did was; First i deleted all the spam comments found on all my blog posts, Before removing the Google plus commenting system on my blog because i seriously don’t want any trouble Google 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by and do have a lovely week ahead…

  12. I haven’t tried the google+ commenting system myself yet, but I think you’re perfectly right about the need for a easy moderation-system. Tbh I’m kinda surprised though that google isn’t better at recognising the spam-posts. After all they should have a lot of experience from detecting spam in gmail.

    1. Hello Aerobless,
      Yes Google should by now know how to detect spam comments as they do on Gmail. But at times, even good mails still end up in a spam folder… Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thoughts, do have a good week ahead.

  13. When I was new to blogging, I use to have facbook comment system in my blog, just because I thought it may help in social media to derive good traffic from facebook too.
    Now, Google plus also launched the same, so I shifted to Google+.
    But now, after going through this article, I think CommentLuv is the best for a professional blog.

    1. You sure got that right. But if one is not afraid of spams then he can as well use both comment system on their blog. As for me, i am not using the G+ till they fix the spam issue… Thanks for your lovely contribution and do have a lovely week ahead…

  14. I think Google will improve their comment system in the near future and spam will end too when Matt Cutts comes with updates 😀

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  15. Hello Babanature,

    I have never used Google+ as my commenting system, I always used the native WP commenting system to avoid this kind of issues.

    I remember at one point I wanted to use Disqus, IntenseDebate or even Livefyre but I just created my accounts there so I could comment on every blog but I decided to stay with the default WP system.

    I have seen other bloggers using FB comments but I honestly don’t like that idea either.

    What were you using before Google+ comments and why did you decide to use Google+ in the first place?


    1. Hello Sergio,
      I have been using the native wordpress commenting system from the very first day i created the blog up till now and don’t think i’ll change it 🙂 .

      When the Google plus comment system came out, every blogger had to blog about it and i always test something out before writing about it. So i tested it but still leave my default comment system on my blog while the testing phase was going on. Now i have concluded the testing phase and this is the result i got. Hope that answered it 🙂 ? Thanks for stopping by and do have a lovely week ahead…

  16. Hi Babanature,

    Interesting and valuable experience you have shared with us. First time I realize this (G+ Commenting system) from Illeane Smith’s blog where she had removed comluv and added G+. Some bloggers did the same thing. Since then, I just wait and see how it goes … I keep myself using comluv though. All in all, yes, comment moderation is important for us, the host.

    1. Hello Okto,
      Without comment moderation, our blog can get sanctioned for just that reason. Since the comment section is also part of keeping a blog healthy, hey! it’s best removing it 🙂 . Thanks for your contribution. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  17. Hey Babanature,

    That’s awful that you got bombarded with spam using the G+ plugin but, also not surprising considering that you don’t really have control of what happens on there. Sometimes we need to try things out for ourselves to fully understand how they work (or why they don’t).

    I still think that self hosted comments with a plugin like commentluv is the way to go – it’s a win-win situation all around!

    1. Hi Hermine,
      Thank God i did not decide to use it because my blog would have been a spam blog by now 🙂

      I am with you on that; the best option is the native comment system where you can easily moderate a comment before it goes live. Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful week ahead…

  18. Hi Babanature,
    the problem you have stated is frequently increasing in all the other commenting systems also.
    Not only the bots, but the humans are also doing spam comments more often.
    It really takes a lot of time to identify which of the comments are providing value to the article in that case.

      1. hi babanature,
        I guess you are pointing towards a week having lesser spam comments.
        Thanks for wishing and I wish for you the same!

  19. Do you know people without all that high tech mobile can’t comment?
    I’m from the ‘bush’ and those androids and iphones are reserved for the rich. Ha..ha..
    The fact that I couldn’t comment using my phone discouraged me to install the comment system.

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      I seriously don’t know if low end phone don’t support the comment system and thanks for bringing it up. That might be another disadvantages right?

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  22. Another great thing about Google + comments feature, all shares and comments on shares related to above post get automatically included on that post comment thread シ

    1. Yeah that’s nice about them. The Google plus comment system is way better than the Facebook commenting system but i just don’t want to undergo the stress of always deleting spam comment. The Google plus commenting system is indeed great if they can fix that little problem.

  23. Hey Babanature,

    I haven’t used Google Plus comment and frankly, after reading your article I’m certainly highly disinclined to!

    Spam comments are (sadly) a fact of blog life. The thing that annoys me most about them is that eat up my bandwith (even with comment moderation in place) and then I get my blog feed throttled, making my site horrible to load. Ugh!


  24. I request you to assist me with a real pus crack man, i want to be downloading with real player but i guess the down-loader
    will only work in chrome when i upgrade it. Thank you so much please

    1. You can use internet download manager instead of real player Musaazi. I am not using real player so the crack won’t be possible for me to drop but if you need the internet download manager crack, check my previous posts…

  25. Alright then, thank you for always responding Bro. i love down-loader though it can’t download from a few sites 🙂 Take care please

  26. I am so glad that I found your post on Blokube. I may have missed it. I didn’t jump on the Google+ commenting band wagon for 3 reasons: no spam moderation, not owning your comments and requiring visitors to have a Google+ account. Then, I reached a point where I thought, maybe I should give it a spin along with CommentLuv. Having read this, I’m holding off at least for now. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    1. Hello Sherryl,
      The Google plus comment looks awesome and would have been perfect along with the native WordPress comment system if they have a spot for admins to moderate their commentators comments. They might change this in the near future 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and do have a blessed week ahead…

  27. I tried commenting on a few blogs with the G+ commenting system, and I got weirded out that it automatically posts to your G+ timeline. I have been using Disqus for the last year and love it. It has comment moderation, threaded comments, and notifications when someone replies to your comments on another blog (if they’re using Disqus). Good luck finding a system that works for you!

    1. Hello Colleen,
      To me that is the essence of the G+ commenting system, to post on your timeline and drive your traffic to that blog. I guess i’ll still stick to my native commenting system and wait for the Google plus team to correct that little mistake.

  28. Google plus comment will be better if top traffic source from google plus.Cause without google plus profile no one can comment on site. So its bad

    1. Yeah! But for those who have the comment system, they will draw their friends to your blog once they make a comment using your G+ comment system. So Google plus commenting system can drive traffic to your blog but that one thing that is the problem, you can’t moderate the comments. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  29. Hi there!
    Very well said. As it makes you decrease spam issues also enhances loading time for your blog.
    Creative one!

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