5 Key Ingredient On How To Become A Better Blogger

Wow!!! Becoming a better blogger? I know your question would be – is Babanature a better blogger! Well, I’ll tell you this, I am also trying to be better even better than I was yesterday. The blogging world is filled with enough great minds which we all know and it is difficult for any new blogger to shine in his/ her field, except coming out with something different which I think might be difficult for an average mind 🙂


At some point back, I wrote a post on “how to stand out from the crowd” and I would advise you to read it if you haven’t because standing out from the crowd is indeed essential. So before I continue, let me ask you just this one question – are you a better blogger? Please do provide the answer using the comment section below 🙂

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Being a better blogger is not all about getting high alexa rank or best PR, no – being a better blogger is about how you are able to impact positively on someone else’s life. So, on my today’s post we are going to be sharing how we can truly improve our blogging skills

How To Be A Better Blogger

How can a blogger be better? That answer lies within you, but what I am going to share with you here today might shape your ways on how you can be better than your yesterday… so without wasting much of our time, let’s move on to the show, shall we?

Let me start with:

√ Teach only by experience:

I hate it when I read a blog post like; “how to make money through facebook” and the blogger that wrote the post have not made a penny from what he’s teaching others. If you can’t benefit from the stuffs you’re writing about then how do you expect me to benefit from it?

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We search for information online because we believe we can get the perfect answer to solve our problem, right? But imaging if I were to see your blog on my search and I tried the method you blog about but did not work, don’t you think you’ll be losing that one reader that might even be your loyalist? Don’t you think you’ll lose that one person that would have made your site the best in the world? Believe me or not, I hate bloggers who do not write their blog posts from their heart and what I hate the most are those bloggers who have not experience what they write about.

Teach me what has been working for you that might also work for me, and not some random topic that will not be useful to anybody…

√ Be creative:


I guess we all know what creativity means, right? It is only the creative minds that will succeed in the blogging world for a longer period of time. When you are not creative you, you might run out of content soon and might also start steeling other bloggers creative works, which I’d say is bad for any bloggers’ health.

How can I be creative? Being creative is simple and takes less effort to achieve :). First study your area of expertise, go on research and find out what people truly want and need, try to solve people’s problems (in a genuine and authentic way) and make it a post for the world to see. Hope I’m making sense?

Believe it or not, we all need help in one area or another… so be creative and always get ideas that will always wow your readers…

√ Be willing to help:

Do you know that to assist other people is the best way to succeed in life? Yes! With a helping hand comes great reward (physically and spiritually).

I love solving people’s blogging problems the best way I can (whether free or paid). I’d tell you that the reason I am still here today is because of the people I’ve helped and still helping :). If you help a blogger to achieve what he or she wants or looking for, they will definitely recommend their friends to your services. Once you get people referring other people to you that means you must be doing something right, right? In which case, it is called success (well, in my own opinion).

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Touch the life of one person and you might end up touching the world…

√ Be willing to share:

Seriously, I never knew that sharing other people (bloggers) stuff is part of being a better blogger till I met Harleena :). You know, if I haven’t learned anything from great bloggers like Harleena, I have definitely learned that sharing is loving :). Sharing other blogger content after reading definitely shows how unique and kind you are. While doing this, it will make the bloggers you’re sharing their contents stop by your place as well and also share yours and leave a comment if necessary. And also, they might even want to create a connection with you.

You might think that sharing other bloggers content will only send your fans to their blogs and those fans might never come back to yours if the other blog is better than yours, but guess what? The more you share other people’s stuffs, the more your reader list increases (true fact).

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When you share other blog’s content, your subscribers, comments, fans will increase. How do I know that? It is a proven fact

√ Always want to learn:

Who doesn’t want to learn new stuffs? We all want to learn and that’s a sure fact, but how can you learn when you claim you know it all? Nobody is an island, the day you stop learning, that day will be the starting point of your failure.

I still search for information, I still do blog hopping to see if I’d learn some new things, I still ask bloggers (new or old) for things I might find confusing or don’t know. To be better is to tell yourself that you are not perfect or are you?

2 Extra Tips on how to be a better blogger

√ Move beyond your scope

√ Work smart with a little bit of hardwork

Short Conclusion:

I have come to understand that – being a better blogger does not mean your good writing alone, it also deals with other aspect/ factors of your blogging life.

Over To You:

Ahhh… It looks like i have said so much about so much on my today’s topic, now let’s make the post more interesting and much more fun, shall we? What other tip(s) would you like to add to the once mentioned? In your own opinion, what defines a better blogger? Please do drop your answers using the comment box below and let’s make the house much more fun 🙂

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Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do drop them by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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61 thoughts on “5 Key Ingredient On How To Become A Better Blogger”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    This is indeed a different post, but a much needed one, and I’m SO glad you wrote about it.

    I agree with all that you wrote – becoming a better blogger is much beyond the amount you earn in cash or ranks as most people tend to weigh things between these two things. It IS all that you mentioned and being kind, caring, understanding, and more, which we blogger need to learn to be too. Yes, some bloggers are, but how many really go out of the way to help another, I wonder!

    I liked your point about teaching by experience, which is very true. You need to go through what you write about, though sometimes even if you don’t then mention that this isn’t something you have done and invite the views of those who have been there.

    Creative minds always keep growing and progressing I think, and if you keep your channels of learning open – sky is the limit for you. I know you are one such person. Not to mention that you DO help many through all that you share on your blog – I’ve learnt a lot from here, thanks to you 🙂

    Ah…sharing – I agree, you really lose nothing by sharing each others post if you like them, and sometimes just sharing to help spread a fellow bloggers post – it does no harm, whether they share yours or not, or stop by yours or not – is truly immaterial I think. It’s like you play your part and do your best in the best way possible and leave the rest 🙂

    Thank you SO much for the kind mention Babanature. It’s a surprise to see my name mentioned here and for sharing, which I truly love doing, and I’m glad if I could inspire you in some way.

    Thanks once again for this wonderful post. Have a nice day ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,
      That’s indeed true, even if you did not write or experience what you are teaching about, it is best to at least give a ref to the main person that it worked for.

      You know! you are indeed a kind woman, and i will advice you to keep the good work rolling 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have a good week ahead 🙂

  2. Hi Babanature,

    You are again with great post , I always love to read all your write-ups.
    Yes…Yes this is a perfect post to Become A Better Blogger… I think every one(blogger) should know this amazing stuff. I can’t WAIT… I’m Sharing it now 🙂

    • Hello Harsh,
      Ah… thanks for the complement, just trying to put out some wise words to my fellow bloggers :). Thanks for your comment buddy, do have your self a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  3. Hey Babanature,
    So many bloggers do this mistake you point out in point #1. Most newbies who blog on making money online often start by trying to show you how to make money here and there whereas, they have never had any practical experience of it. Isn’t that funny?

    Someone preaching how he’s a big guy in traffic. Or some SEO geek who can bring you huge traffic from Google. Just go on and check his own SEO. You discover misery. Funny!

    I love it when someone is taught from practical experience.

    Thanks for the nice share man

    • Hello Enstine,
      Yeah… The point one do happens to newbie bloggers mostly and to be honest with you, it feels indeed frustrating. Before i run a business with anybody, i must first say enough proof to know if you’re fit for the game :).
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a great week ahead 🙂

  4. Hi Babanature,

    Your first point hit home for me because I’ve run across a lot of the same stuff. Learning from people I felt were experts in that area and come to find out later that they were just trying to make money promoting a product or having me believe that they were getting a lot of these great results when they’ve never done it themselves. I’m so leery of these types of posts now unless I know or have heard of the person behind it. We need to be more of an open book especially if you’re teaching people how to do something yet you’re not doing it yourself.

    The creative part I struggle with a lot because I just don’t see myself that way at all. At times I have difficult deciding what I want to write about next but I always seem to find some inspiration from something. Sometimes it is a post I read that gave me a great idea or something people are talking a lot about.

    I just read Mayura’s wonderful post over at Harleena’s blog this morning about being helpful so that point really hits home with me as well. I sometimes have a hard time helping people in certain areas because it just comes naturally to me where it’s obvious it’s outside their comfort zones. Helping people is one of those areas if you can imagine that.

    Enjoyed reading this post and you shared some great ideas that I hope everyone will embrace if they want to become a better blogger.

    Enjoy your week.


    • Hello Adrienne,
      You know, you can easily find those kind of bloggers everywhere nowadays and the bad thing is, it is hard to tell if they are the good once or not :).

      That’s not true, you are the most creative woman i have ever met and other can say to this :).

      Helping is naturally in your system :). You have helped just so many bloggers that i am sure you can’t keep count :). Well as for me, i am trying to get better at that part my self because i believe nobody is perfect

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your valuable comment. Do have your self a big week 🙂

  5. awesome and really worth reading article. I do agree , blogger should write accord to their experiences, if they don’t follow that rule sooner or later failure is the only thing which they going to meet. and never hesitate to help others the more you help the more you’ll get the reward of it. Thanks for sharing , keep writing

    • Hello Muneeb,
      Not teaching by experience is one bad thing you could ever do to your self and your blog, because soon it will definitely affect you when things gone bad.
      I’d say thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have your self a lovely week 🙂

  6. Hey Babanature,

    First of all…..I’d like to hail you for writing and sharing this great topic with us today, it’s definitely gonna help a lot of us both newbies and oldbies 🙂

    Sir, I have always been an ardent believer of experience being the best teacher. it’s true what you said that you can’t teach what you don’t know. I love your points and @Enstine’s point up here. I can still remember when I started off as a motivational speaker, I used to have little knowledge about what i speak about and that seriously impedes the flow of my deliveries in seminars and conferences I was invited to, did I also mention the fact that i looked like a joke, but immediately I engaged myself in many different things and started learning from the experiences that birthed other people’s successes, I realized that things took a different shape and there was an occurrence of what I’d like to call “Paradigm Change”.

    I also believe everyone in life has the capability to be creative, the supreme being was and is creative, and like that, he empowers all his creation with the same dexterity of creativeness but human beings – some has limited their minds to being a copycat, which I think is bad and not healthy for bloggers and even generally, like you stated in this great masterpiece.

    Ahhha….I must admit sir, you truly are that one helpful person that I have ever met in the blogosphere – and it is important that every bloggers have this kind of heart.

    I think sharing is one of the bedrocks of a successful blogger. If am not mistaken, I think I have visited different sites from links I clicked from Harleenas’s Twitter page, and yeah…Adrienne Smith, Lisa of inspiretothrive, and other notable bloggers. I didn’t even know it’s usefulness until now but I somehow figure out on my own that if this great bloggers could be engaging in this kind of activities then why shouldn’t I follow suit. Sharing other bloggers content is therefore important.

    Learning is another important tool for bloggers aspiring success. Why? When you learn, you position yourself to deliver. I have been congratulated by many different people at the sight of seeing my works or reading my writings, even you sir. That wouldn’t have happened if i have not taken the time out to learn by reading and noting other people’s experiences. A quotation that comes to mind is Albert Einstein’s words that says “If I have achieved anything great, it is due to leaning on the shoulders of those that have gone ahead of me”.

    I hate limiting or when I’m limited to one particular place, I loved breaking out of my comfort zone. See, if you tie me, believe me you, I will break lose 🙂

    Smartness and hard-work ultimately brings about endless success. I have tried this one and trust me it worked 🙂

    I really resonated with this post and seriously enjoyed it. Thanks so much boss of life, for sharing this great piece here with us – Have fruitful week boss!


    • Hello Sam,
      This is the most longest comment i have ever read on my blog :). This comment is definitely a mini-post 🙂

      You know, the best way to make people believe and understand you very well, is if you give them what they want in the best form ever and the best for is through experience. You read a post that is not written by experience, you will definitely know because some things will be off.

      Ahhh… creativity is one thing everybody should have or practice on improving. A man without creativity is like a man without a soul :). Before a blogger think of getting is blog up and running, he must be creative and ready to face all obstacles.

      Well, thanks for seeing me as somebody that is helpful. it surely makes me feel good 🙂

      You know, the best way to get known by other bloggers is by sharing their blog post, that will make the connection between two of you easy. Like my find would say “caring is loving”

      When i first saw and read your blog post, i thought i was the person writing it because our writing looks similar. You are a talent and i do see that in you. Just keep believing in your self and you will definitely be the best 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your minii-post, do have your self a lovely week ahead 🙂

  7. @babanature
    hy bro…i like this article i like sharing content idea…it is proved by me also. when you sharing others content definitely they would love to share your conten also…..

    I am not a better blogger but trying hard myself everyday how to become a great blogger…..thank you..

  8. Hello Babanature,
    I love all your points which should be in Better blogger.
    4 months ago I started Blogging and A blogger i.e Ravi Verma helped me a lot. He taught me everything about Blogging, SEO, SMO and all that.
    Thanks for sharing all these. I will implement all your tips in my life also.Today I learnt a new lesson of life.

    • Hello Rajesh,
      That’s truly great, to have somebody tha teaches you blogging from the beginning and all what it takes to be a good blogger. When i started the blogging world, i got nobody to teach me and i must confess that those times was the hardest in my blogging carrier :).

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping you comment. Have a good week ahead 🙂

  9. nice post boss, i must say i love your write up and been creative always helps because there is nothing like been unique in every way and let people appreciate you for that. I am not a pro blogger but i have been able to share the little i know and when you teach, you learn as well. Tnx for this boss

  10. Hi Baba !
    This post has all the elements needed to be a better blogger . When a blogger comes out with creative ideas for his blog posts/promotion , then he’ll surely stand out from others and will be considered better than the rest by the visitors of his/her’s blog .Thanks for sharing the information brother .


  11. Well said bro.for you to be a better blogger you must be willing to help people by teaching from the experience you have gather.this go a long way to help overcome the challenges they are going through at that moment.more so we have to be creative because creativity matter allot when rendering help or services to people who are in need of your services or help and you can accomplish this through personal experiences which you have gain while going through that training. thanks again dude i really enjoy this article and i have learn lot from it.thanks for sharing this tips i really appreciate.


    • Hello,
      You know, experience and creativity do go together and it is best for bloggers to posses these too quality. Trust me, when you do, you will definitely stand out as a better blogger.

      Thanks for the comment, do have a lovely week ahead 🙂

  12. HI babanature, today i came on your blog via igau and get many things to learn about blogging.
    i think all blogger desire to become a successful blogger and if any blogger will read this page then i can defiantly say that it can be.

  13. Hi Babanature,

    I must concure with others that this is indeed a great post and there is no better time for something like this.

    Having said that, I want to answer your question, “are you a better blogger?” And to that, judging from what you have on this post (if that’s all that makes one a better blogger) then I can confidently say, YES, I am a better blogger! 🙂
    Right now, I’m actually looking to going beyond that. I personally think that beyond all of these a better blogger should really be not BETTER than anyone out there but improving his/her best every day!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Chadrack,

      If you are doing all 7tips i laid down religiously, then your traffic will by now be tremendous, right? Being a better blogger goes beyond just that awesome blog post, being a better blogger surrounds the things of life.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your valuable comment, do have yourself a blessed week ahead 🙂

  14. Great stuff. Blogging is indeed so much more than just writing the content. That takes some time, but it is all the stuff around it that makes it fun and important. Sharing is a big one, and I have found that sharing with and for others is also something that brings a lot of joy! keep up the great posts

  15. Hi Nabanature,

    This is a beautiful posts that touches on interesting and important problems. I am not a better blogger. Not even a good blogger. I am a blogger that wants to grow.
    Creativity, willing to help, willing to share and helping people are so important. “Sharing is loving”. I like the phrase.
    The most important thing for me is to want to learn and constantly learn form other bloggers. Checking other people’s blogs will allow you to find out what you must do, what you mustn’t do, mistakes to avoid, verified paths to success, best practices, everything. You can also copy the manners of a blogger you admire and change yours accordingly (bloggers as models).

    Thanks for this beautiful post.

    Have a nice day

    • Hello Silviu,
      You know, we are all trying to be better than our yesterday, so i’d say that you can still build your self to be the way you want to be if you put a little bit effort.

      Yes! other blogs we visits can indeed teach us what will help us face and succeed in our blogging race. Learning is one thing that we won’t stop doing till we die 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, i do appreciate it 🙂

  16. Hi, Babanature,
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful article.
    Teaching by our experience is better teaching because it provides satisfaction to visitor and readers. Lack of experience in our writing can bring visitors but it cannot bind them.

    Creativity gives us more things for writing. Creativity is the only thing what readers want to see in your post. And it helps to bind them with our blog.

    Giving always a helping hand, makes you generous. And generous people always liked by other people. If you give love away , you will find love at big extend. It reciprocates.
    Sharing others contents nothing bur sharing the love. Definitely, you will find the same love in return. I have!!

    Stop learning means stop growing and stop earning. Learning with grace of smart working can take us beyond our scope. That will make a better person.

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post. 🙂
    Have a nice week.

    • Hello Kumar,
      You are definitely right, teaching without experience will not get you those loyalist, writing a good content that is from the heart will definitely bring your readers over and over again.

      Creativity is one word we bloggers should always put at the back of our mind, the only bloggers that move further are the creative ones right?

      Thanks for your contribution to this post, do have a lovely week ahead…

  17. I don’t know how to be a better blogger, however I’m very thankful I read this post of yours Babanature.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  18. Hi Babanature,

    I have to agree with your other readers who have commented on what a wonderful post this is. The points you’ve listed here are all absolutely key, in my view. I think the secret lies in really caring passionately about helping your readers – because if you have that genuine desire, then a lot of the other things are going to come naturally – you’ll want to write content that’s really useful and enjoyable, you’ll want to engage with other bloggers and share their content, too, and you’ll want to keep learning and imparting your knowledge to your readers as your experience grows.

    As Adrienne says, the ‘helping’ theme links very nicely with Mayura’s recent post, and I’m so pleased you’ve mentioned Harleena, who embodies all the principles you’ve outlined here.

    Thanks for an inspiring share 🙂

  19. Great Post! I do agree with your points. Keep in touch with your users is also the best way to increase the reputation of your blog. ” The More you clear the problems of people, The More people love you ”

    As far as my thinking concerned that Some bloggers aren’t writing on those topics on which they are experts. They should write on those topics on which they are expert. It cuts no ice that you aren’t writing on good topics. Your little things will bring change and it has happened with me!

    Thanks for your nice post. Have a need weekends.

    • Hello Bilal,
      You’re right, the more you solve other people problem, the more you get exposure. Remember that good deed never goes on notice.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a view on the topic, do have a blissful week ahead…

  20. Hi Babanature,
    Great post. Every blogger should remember these ingredients. I think its important to keep learning. Success is about how big our eagerness to learn problem we face then share it with others.

    • Hello Okto,
      You are definitely right, we can never be too big to learn. As long as you want to succeed in life, you will always want to learn to increase your knowledge.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have a great week ahead buddy 🙂

  21. Hey Babanature,

    You brought up something that really struck a nerve. TEACH ONLY BY EXPERIENCE. I’ve met some people from when I first started that taught from inexperience and it pretty much left me at a standstill. But nevertheless, I kept my mind open and looked for other options. But let it be known that they lost me as a reader.

    One thing I would add is to just be yourself when you write your posts. There’s a lot of bloggers out there who try to write like other bloggers, but yet your readers can feel that you’re not being you when you do this. It can be the same topic but put your own spin to it. This will make any blogger unique and stand out from the crowd!

    Thanks for the share!

    • Hello Sherman,
      You know, be yourself is one keyword every blogger should follow. when i wrote a post on standing out from the crowd i did mentioned being yourself, without you being yourself, you will be limited to all that you do and which to my view is bad. Imitation will always lead you to limitation.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment, do have a great week ahead :)…

  22. Sometimes I have this strange feeling about blogging. They are times when doom is obvious and causes agony. They are really alot of things to learn in terms of blogging. I think one of the reasons why alot of bloggers don’t remain successful is lack of research.

    Without research there can’t be creativity. It is also pertinent to know that money never yields creativity but creativity itself can yield money beyond any anticipated expectations.

    Nice article friend.

    Have a great day. 🙂

    • Hello Nosa,
      You are right on this one, research can bring your creativity and creativity can yield to money. It has been proven that a creative mind can do the undo.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a great week ahead buddy :)…

  23. Yeah I personally saw the most first tip that is “Teach only by experience”. I saw many guys posting regular articles on something which they really don’t know anything about it.

    The most worst and funniest case is when some newbie asked me tricks and tips to earn money and next day I saw an article of “How to make money online like me”. LOL.

    That was really funny and embarassing too. 🙂

    Many are just hungry of articles not experience. They must have to try first then they have to recommend and share with others.

    • Hello Ashwani,
      You’re so right, it is funny how somebody that do not know how to catch a fish is teaching some one else how to. This kind of people are everywhere and most of these people are the newbies.
      You know, the only time you can succeed is when you stop impressing others and start impressing your self. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a peaceful week ahead :)…

  24. Hey babanature

    how are you today ?
    Well its been a while since I visited your blog. I was out of town and away from internet. Well it is good to back.
    Wow such an amazing post you have shared. There are some receive for cooking something. If you are looking forward ro make a blog better or best. These are the ingredients
    Creativity plays an important role in every blog. If you are creative and doing some experimental work with your blog then it will grow to the next level.
    Have an amazing week and keep up the good work. Would love to read more from you.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Welcome back Ashi :).
      Thanks, so glad you liked the post enough…
      You know, creativity is one of the pillars of blogging, if you’re not creative blogging can weigh you down.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a stress free week ahead 🙂

  25. Those were definitely some key ingredients Babanature. That’s one of the things I love about blogging. I get to share whatever I have learned with my reader’s. It’s really a great feeling when you are helping someone. Thanks for sharing those awesome tips!

    • Hello Maketta,
      Ahhh… no feeling can beat the feeling of helping somebody out, right? Thanks for stopping by and dropping your wonderful comment. Do have a peaceful week ahead…

  26. Hi Babanature,

    Again, this is such a nice post. Thank you for sharing 🙂 New bloggers must read this very nice article. I really like the ingredient of being creative. I also agree that it is only the creative minds that will succeed in the blogging world for a longer period of time.


  27. Hi Babanature,
    I have applied your tricks for my own blog and got positive response. Sharing others content on your own blog is extremely useful. Social sites are great source of traffic so it is necessary to share each and every post on relevant groups to generate more and more traffic. .

    • Hello Sarmista,
      There is a wise saying that goes; Do to others exactly how you want to be treated. sharing is indeed a best way to show you care and this will definitely brings some exposure between both parties.
      Thanks for your comment. do have a great week ahead 🙂

  28. Hi Baba,

    Frankly speaking, this is the first time i left a comment on other people’s blogs. Thanks for the wonderful tips. I like the tips on helping and sharing with others. Really didn’t come across my mind, that these two things can really draw a connection with other people easily. You have indeed enlightened me and makes me more focus on what I am going to do with my own site. Thanks a lot for your help. 🙂


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