Your Browser Keep Crashing? Try This Simple Solution

As a blogger, marketer or a researcher, we need a fast system and a super fast internet connection to make our work much easier. If you are using a slow computer, you’re bound to get frustrated and bored with your work – true fact.


At times we’ll have a perfect system that is fast enough and a good internet connection to go with it but still have a browser that crashes a lot, why? If you are using Mozilla Firefox as your default browser, you’ll get this crashing issue a lot – especially when you have those awesome add-ons/ toolbar/ extension installed.


Last month on my research, i was trying to reduce my social share load by installing some add-ons recommended to me by my buddy (name withheld), I installed a couple of add-ons to my Firefox. I know you must be wondering what and what add-on I installed? Some of the few I installed are => Firebug, yslow, imacros, buffer, pocket… and the list goes on. My browsing experience was going on fine until suddenly, my Firefox starts crashing every 20minutes. Now tell me how frustrating can that get! Installing all these add-ons made my most favorite browser much heavier than normal.

Your Browser Keep Crashing? Try This Simple Solution

If your browser’s getting problem like crashing, dragging or hanging, then this solution will be the perfect fit. Below are some solutions that can boost your browser’s experience. So if you’re ready, let’s get the ball started…

Reduce your add-ons and extensions:

Add-ons and extensions can help a blogger’s life much more relaxing and easier, especially when you know the right and most effective add-ons to use. Still these add-ons can make your blogging experience a living hell :). But seriously, too much of add-ons can slow down your browser heavily, and may eventually lead to regular crashing.


When your browser crashes regularly while working, it will extend your work time and leave you frustrated. And the fact is, nobody wants that or do you?

Solution: Reduce your add-ons and extensions to its minimum. But if you love those add-ons or you are finding it difficult to let go, then share the add-ons between two browsers. Get a Firefox and a Chrome browser share these add-ons to both browsers. By doing this, it will reduce the load on your browser and give you that experience you first had when you bought that system.

Clear your browser’s cache and history:

Believe it or not, your cache, cookies, history, website data… can slow a browser down and as well as your computer.

Keeping your browser history for too long will eventually increase your cpu usage and make your pc 3x slower than what it used to be. And keeping your history for too long will make your browser drag, hang or seize from time to time and nobody want that.

Solution: Nobody wants to work on a system that hangs or drag anytime they are working, right? So it is best to clear your browser history once a week and how do you do this?

On Mozilla Firefox: simultaneously press the ctrl+shift and the delete key. Pressing those keys will bring a box like the image below. Just click the “Clear Now” button and you’re done


On Chrome: simultaneously press the ctrl+H key to bring out your browser history. Now click the “Clear browsing data”, see the image below.


By clearing your browser history, you will see the positive changes in your pc and browser speed.

Disable the automatic update of your browser:


Do you know that automatic update slows down your pc speed? Yes it does, and your browsers too can slow down or drag if the auto update is on.

Updating your browsers, extensions and add-on should be done manually to help your browser work much better and also give you the user experience you always wish for 🙂

Back to you:

It looks like i have said so much about so much, now it’s your turn to tell me. Let’s make the place more lively guys :).

What other means do you know that can make our browser a lot faster, apart from the mentioned ways? Do use the comment box below to drop your discussion…

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42 thoughts on “Your Browser Keep Crashing? Try This Simple Solution”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Ah…for once I knew this one, and what a grand feeling that I knew something from before I stopped by your blog today 🙂

    Jokes apart, you are right – add-ons and extensions always make the browser heavy, and even if you use some of them, you should remove or uninstal them within a day or two or when your work is over, so that you don’t have the crashes that often occur.

    I learned this long back when I started doing just as you mentioned and later found out the reason. I use Chrome and have very few essential extensions on it, and prefer using one browser for comments and work, and the other one is perhaps just for surfing if at all, or else even the passwords and logins you have to remember all the time, which again becomes tough at times.

    You are right even about the automatic update, which again we need to stop when it starts and do so later when we do the maintenance of our PC or laptop. I agree, clearing your cache etc, should be done once a week at least and that makes a huge difference to the speed too.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,
      I was on yahoo answer on Saturday trying to answer some couple of questions, as i was scrolling, i saw somebody ask this question but i did have a post on it so i bookmarked the question write a post about it (which is this post) and paste it there as reference for her. and seriously i am so glad that you indeed know this one 🙂

      Just as wordpress plugins, there are add-ons that are just so tempting to try out and when you install more than what your browser can carry, you begin to have crashing issues and that will make anyone have a bad browsing experience.

      You really did ship-in a lot of contributions on this one, and i’ll say thank you very much 🙂 . Thanks for your lovely comment and do have a wonderful week ahead my friend 🙂

  2. I agree with you Baba , excessive plugins and addons may hamper the performance of the browser …the plugins/addons are nothing but javascript odes that needs to be executed by the client browsers..the more plugins/addons you have on your browser ..the more time the browser will take to do a task that the plugin has been designed for..Thanks for sharing the tips ..these tips would surely work


    • Hello Pramod,
      I couldn’t agree with you more… the more the add-ons, the more you put weight on the browser. and if the browser can’t handle it anymore, it will start crashing often. Thanks for the comment buddy and do have a wonderful week ahead 🙂

  3. Reduce your add-ons and extensions is the best way to Clean Up your browser. I had a very similar problem and the only thing that was really helpful is reducing the add.

    • Hello Evan,
      Yes! Reducing your add-ons can indeed less the weight of your browser and it is also good to clear browser’s cache at least once a week to make your browsing experience much more better. Thanks for stopping by and dropping your lovely comments, do have a good week ahead… 🙂

  4. Like Queen Harleena, I know this tips. And truth is I can’t agree more. I have always gone through those times you highlighted too until a friend of mine gave me these exact tips.

    Thanks for sharing it and I’m Sure many will however benefit from it.

    Have a rosy day brothee 🙂

    • Hello Sam,
      It is indeed great to hear that you also know about these. That means, you can’t get these kind of problem in the future, right? If you have other tips apart from the three mentioned you can go ahead 🙂 . Do have a nice week ahead

  5. Hi Babanature,

    This is a coincidence – I’ve just written a post I’m going to publish tomorrow about a problem I’ve had with Chrome apps running in the background, even with the browser closed down. I’ve finally discovered a way to stop this, which has helped a lot.

    You’ve given good advice in this post – all those apps are very tempting, but they can cause problems and we need to keep them under control. I use the free version of CCleaner once or twice a day to clean my computer up, including my browser, and that makes a big difference.


    • Hello Susan,
      You know! at time people think the same 🙂 . Seriously, it would indeed be a fine read about the chrome browser…

      Ccleaner can indeed help alot, i am also using ccleaner to correct my registry and clean my pc generally, but i am using the business edition though. I would advice all blogger to have that little but powerful software 🙂 .

      I so much appreciate your positive contribution to this post and for this, i say thank you. Do have a positive week ahead 🙂

  6. Babanature – just wanted you to know that I didn’t put those links in my comment – the text’s just been converted into links after I clicked ‘post’ – I never post links in comments unless a blogger asks me to, and I’m really sorry – please feel free to remove them.


    • Ah Sue,
      There is no link in your post, there is an add-on in your browser or an app you installed that is converting text to links in your computer only. So you should find it and delete it 🙂 . There are no links here at my end from your post.

  7. Hi Babanature,

    The crashing of a thing is really common to Mozilla Firefox and I have decided to stop using it despite the fact it supported a lot of add-ons, though I have not tried reducing my browsers add-ons but with this I am going t try this on my Mozilla Firefox.

    • Hello Adesanmi,
      Mozilla do crashes a lot because we see it as something more than a browser. i am using Mozilla and i love every bit with them, and to be truth with you, i will never leave them for any browser 🙂 . Just try reducing your add-ons to it minimum and i assure you that you will indeed have a lovely browsing experience using that awesome browser.
      Thanks for the comment and do have a lovely week ahead 🙂

  8. Hey Babanature,

    These are great tips to stop your browser from crashing so much. I also find that doing updates as well as making sure there aren’t a lot of processes running in the background helps to. Sometimes those google updates can cause your browser to hang. I usually just disable them and only do the updates when necessary.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Hello Sherman,
      Automatic update that indeed pisses someone off, especially when he don’t know what and how to turn it off 🙂 . shutting your browser automatic update is just the right step to take….
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful week ahead…

    • Hello Okto,
      Those too can indeed make a browser crash and as well as making your system slow in the process.
      Thanks for your comment and do have your self a wonderful week ahead…

  9. Looks like my computer is ok according with this points above mentioned.

    Nice visiting you man. See you next time! Best regards!

  10. Over Load is the thing that may destroy anything . And this is the reason of browser crash also . By removing the number of Browser extension and clearing your browser cookies and history , you may reduce browser load and Crashing . Also your browser will run faster

  11. yup my Mozilla browser always get crashed & I don’t understand ! Whay may be reason behind Crashing my Mozilla browser, Well Babanature I followed your way & let see do my browser again get crashed & not.

    • Hello Mansi,
      Mozilla do have the habit of crashing because of the high extensions and widgets it uses.
      Don’t worry, after using it, it will definitely stop the frequent crashing… Thanks for stopping by and dropping your lovely comment. do have a peaceful week ahead.

  12. Nice article, I have been having serious problems with Mozilla and I removed some addon, it’s better now. However my Opera just kind of annoying at the moment, it crashed, and I can’t install it. I am still trying to figure out to dump it and install a fresh copy.

    • Hello Nosa,
      ahhh… i truly don’t remember the last time i used opera on pc, i only use chrome and Firefox. My advice is to disable all the extensions in your opera browsers and see how it goes or use ccleaner to clean to cleanup your pc and browser.
      Do have a lovely week ahead…

  13. Babanature, thanks for this great tutorial. It can really be frustrating when your browser crashes in the middle of a job and makes you start all over. Like you rightly observed, too many add-ons can slow down the browser and make it to crash most times. I also discovered that low memory output can cause same problems and make the browser hang from time to time.

    I think sharing the add-ons amongst the various browers – Moxilla, Google chrome, IE, etc could be the best solution to apply if the add-ons are too important to forgo.

    It would also be nice to work on the computer’s memory if it becomes too low.

  14. Hello Babanature,
    This are some nice suggestions you pointed out. I also once had problem with my browser some weeks back and i desabled my widgets and the simple use ccleaner. Your tips are spot on, thanks

  15. Actually I was not searching for this topic , came here randomly but the title was very catchy 🙂 And I need this tips too..Often when I open multiple windows on browser , it crashes down 🙁
    But now I will follow your steps.. Thanks for Sharing.

    • Hello Pritam,
      Good to know you stumbled here randomly 🙂 . With this tips, opening multi-tab won’t be problem. Thanks for visiting. do have a good week and a lovely weekend

  16. Hi Babanature,

    Yes. Unfortunately, like plugins, add-ons and extensions can slow down your computer and make your work and life a hell.
    Now, I want to ask your opinion about the following program. I haven’t tried it, yet. That’s because my browser (Chrome) works very well. However, it seems to me an interesting idea that can solve a good part of people’s problems.
    I won’t put a link here because I don’t know the link policy of this site. Just go to Google and search:

    One tab extension for Google Chrome

    Then tell me your opinion. Is it something serious that can help your system or not.

    Have a nice day

    • Hello Silviu,
      Seriously, I hardly use chrome for my works because i am just so in love with Mozilla 🙂 . But i checked out the add-on “one-tab” and it feels good because they promise 95 percent memory reduction. That means, a smooth browsing experience…

      I am just going to install it and see how it goes. If it goes well, amma be writing my experience about it.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and do have a best weekend 🙂

    • Hello,
      Yes! you can as well use safe mode but safe mode is for when looking for a fault or trying to resolve a problem. Safe mode can’t give you the full access and functionality of what mozilla can perform.
      Thanks for the contribution though. Do have yourself a good week start 🙂

  17. Thanks for these tips babanature, no doubt my mozilla firefox usually crash loads of times probably because i dont usually shut down my pc rather i put it on sleep. Trying out your tips and hoping they help.

    • Hello Samuel,
      Truly, this post is indeed helpful and will definitely help with your firefox problem. I also had this problem and using the tips, made it works perfectly now. So try it out and tell me how far…


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