Do You Always Get Tagged On Facebook? Here Is A Simple Way To Untag Yourself

Believe it or not, tagging your friends on posts you shared on Facebook is one sure way of driving traffic to your blog. Yes, this trick might be old but it is still effective and do help to get attention, engagement and interaction to once blog. But as much as it still works, it is not everybody that likes to be tagged and the truth is – even those that don’t like to be tagged won’t complain about it.


I don’t know about you but I seriously hate it when I get tagged even if I do tag people to a post once in awhile :). Now here is a fact – When you always get tag by many of your Facebook friends, you will definitely get tired of it someday. Below reasons are my “why” of hating to be tagged…

Why you need to untag yourself

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→ If you are as busy as I am online and your Facebook notification sound is on, it will drive you crazy once other people starts liking and commenting on the post you’ve been tagged alongside…

→ It fills up your notification bar

→ It bridges ones privacy

→ What other reasons do you have?

I am not saying that tagging friends to a post is bad but once it gets excessive, it becomes stupidly bad :).

So wouldn’t you like to untag yourself on posts you don’t want to be tagged? Now to untag yourself from tags you don’t want to be tagged in, follow the simple steps below.

Simple Way To Untag Yourself

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Go to your Facebook Timeline

Now scroll to where the post were tagged is

You will see an icon (sign) like this facebook-untag above your right hand side

Have you seen it? Now click it and a dropdown menu will appear [See image below]


In the dropdown menu, click “Report/Remove Tag…”

A mini task bar will open asking you “What would you like to happen?” [See image below]


Now, click “I want to untag myself” to tick it.

Now click “Continue” to bring a new dialog box telling you that your tag has been removed.

Very simple right? The process won’t brake a sweat… Now let’s carryout the same process on our mobile device.

To Untag Yourself Using A Mobile Device

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First off, go to your Facebook mobile timeline

Scroll down to where the post you want to untag yourself is and click the little icon found on the right hand side.

Have you seen it, now click it and a drop down menu will pop out

In the drop down menu, click “Report/Mark as Spam”. Clicking it, it will take you to a new tab

Now click “I want to remove this tag” and click “Continue”

Have you done that? Now click “Remove the tag the user created” and click “Continue”

You will see a message saying “your tag has been removed”

Now you have successfully removed yourself from the tagged post or picture… simple right? Instead of unfriending people for tagging you, why not simply remove yourself from the tag?

Your Turn:

Do you always get tagged? How do you react to it? Do you like being tagged? Do drop your answer using the comment box below.

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Do you have comments, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Then please do by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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33 thoughts on “Do You Always Get Tagged On Facebook? Here Is A Simple Way To Untag Yourself”

  1. Hello Babanature,

    Firstly, anyone using FaceBook should forget about privacy. That said, it can be annoying at times, especially when someone tags you to an irresponsible content. Most time, you don’t get there early enough to untag yourself and all that. I didn’t know about the mobile method, but now things can get better with your excellent tutorial.

    Enjoy the rest of the day Baba 🙂

    • Hello Nosa,
      Indeed Facebook do lack privacy and that is bad. Well, as long as it do serve us as bloggers, we really don’t have a choice, do we?
      Glad you just know the mobile process :).
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful week start…

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Oh yes…for once I knew how to do something before I read it on your blog – and I loved that featured image – would be pinning it surely 🙂

    I just don’t like to be tagged at all! But when people start tagging you, you are left with no option but to untag yourself by the way you mentioned. There is even an option that says – unfollow this post, and you can choose that too, so that you are not bothered later.

    I think people should respect and understand that except for once in a while, no one really likes to be tagged or disturbed because everyone is leading busy lives! Yes, if you are mentioned in a post and want attention for a particular post, then tagging is still alright, but not otherwise. Not to mention that once you comment on that tag, you are notified endlessly about comments that follow up and bug you!

    Like you, I used to have my FB open in a separate tab, but not any longer or else I cannot work! But now whenever I open my FB, I have tonnes of messages and notifications that I take up together, which works better than going to each one each time as that wastes a lot of time.

    Thanks for sharing this important post and I hope people get this clear message from your post. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  3. Hi Harleena,
    It is indeed good to know that you actually know this one :).
    Yes, the unfollow post button two is a nice idea as well but still, it will show in your timeline. Sometimes i do use the unfollow post button as well, when i don’t want to follow those long procedures :).
    Thanks for stopping by my friend and do have a wonderful week start

  4. Hi,
    I know this one too. But is there any way which could prevent people from tagging me unnecessarily in pics every now and then.
    Having to remove 3-4 tags everyday is annoying, to say the least. More annoying is the fact that people cant seem to ‘remember’ my repeated requests not to tag me.

    • Hello Ambika,
      I know, tagging is a bit frustrating especially when it gets excessive. Yes, you can control how you’re tagged in your privacy settings.

      There are some people who don’t mind what you write on your timeline :). I’ve also told people not to add me on any Fan page or group but till now i am still being added. It is left for you to remove your self.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful week ahead…

  5. Hi Baba !
    It really frustrates me when my profile is tagged with an useless image and am sure there will be many people like me . Following this little tutorial will help facebook users to untag themselves easily . Thanks for sharing the tutorial bro !


    • Hello Pramod,
      Nobody likes to be tagged on an unnecessary image or post. It really freaks me out as well. Well by untagging ourselves is not a bad idea, right?
      Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful week ahead…

  6. What other reasons do I have for untagging myself? Simply because it is too annoying. And if someone does anything (using my name) without my permission, I don’t like that.

    I immediately untag myself whenever I see a picture that’s totally unrelated to me and if the person has tagged me simply to gain attention. Thanks for sharing these tips on untagging. Quite useful – especially the one via mobile.

    The part I unlike about Facebook is its opt-out strategy with just about anything. Anyone can add me to a group and I have to go and get out of the group. Why not have it the other way? Why not have the option to join a group only if I am willing to? Ah Facebook!

    • Hello Jane,
      That is also a good reason to untag yourself indeed :).
      A friend told me that if you’re using Facebook, forget about privacy. You know what? i believe him 100%… So always be preparing for the unthinkable when you’re using the network 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  7. Hello Babanature,

    This is coming at a time I have personally taken note of this development, as I usually get tagged time and time again even on irrelevant discussions.

    This hasn’t been much a problem to me personally but do distract my personal activities most of the times.

    I always allow tags from friends but do unfollow the post once I have made a valuable contribution on the topic.

    Thanks for the share buddy. Do have a splendid day

  8. Hi Babanature,

    Yep, I knew about this feature because I use this from time to time.

    First off, I NEVER leave my sound on for anything. I have work to do and I don’t leave my social media sites open while I’m working. Now if I’m sharing a post and I want that person to know that I’ve mentioned them or it’s their post I’m sharing then yes, I definitely tag them.

    What I don’t like is being tagged when whatever they’re doing has absolutely nothing to do with me. I don’t mind being notified of a conversation but I’ll just go in every four hours or so and check those out. Hey, I am the conversation queen right! Well how am I suppose to know someone has mentioned me if they don’t tag me! I have several friends that share my posts and never tag me so I can’t thank them for it. I wish they would though.

    I think those that go overboard and just tag people for the sake of it should have their hands slapped. Others actually mentioning me I don’t mind. I can always just leave the conversation.

    Thanks for sharing this one, good stuff to know.


  9. Hello Adrienne,
    Ah… It is good you also know about this feature. i mean, who wouldn’t :).
    Yeah, there are some people who share my post on their timeline and they tag me to get my attention. that is acceptable. You can tag me in a conversation that is related to me, that is also understandable… But there are some people who tag unnecessarily and i do wonder why they do that. And i must confess that tagging people unnecessary is bad and unacceptable. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping your valuable comment. do have a great week ahead…

  10. I don’t get tagged often, but occasionally, someone would tag me (you know..ones of those photos, or apps or whatever).

    I never thought about untagging myself; allowed to it to exist, even though I hated it.

    Appreciate the tip, Babanature 🙂 I could use this the next time I get tagged on an unwanted post 😉

    • Hello Jeevan,
      If the posts you’re being tagged in doesn’t disturb you then you don’t need to untag yourself. But their some kind post that will get massive likes and comments, does kind need serious untagging 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by, i truly appreciate. Have a blessed week ahead…

  11. Hi Babanature,

    Not a big fan of facebook, and I must say that most of my friends are not either. Perhaps that goes hand in hand? Anyway, in the early days I got a few surprised tags that I was not entirely happy about. But at the moment it is not a big issue I have to worry about.

    But for other people, and with the web being so open and searchable, it is something I would worry about if it happened more often. Perhaps that is one of the reason teens are shying away from it all. Their parents can see what they have been up to! And then when you enter the “real” world and get a job, anyone can see what you once did.

    So it is certainly dangerous. And cameras are on all phones these days

    Thanks for alerting us to the possibilities of removing the tags

  12. Hello Babanature,
    There are some people who are praying to get tagged. I haven’t been tagged for once :).
    thanks for the tip, it will indeed come in handy…

    • Really? Then i pray that some one or some people will start tagging you from tomorrow. And when you’re tired of the tagging you’ll comeback to this post to learn how to tag yourself 🙂

      Have a great week ahead Bello…

  13. I haven’t noticed whether I am always tagged or not though, but often times I am always ignore if the information is not in my interest. It’s nice thing to know we can do “untag” for those spammy tags.

    Thanks for this post my friend. Have a great week

    • Hey Okto,
      Aha… it looks like you are in the team of the untaggers :). Well this tip will surely be useful to you when you start getting serious tagging.
      Have a blessed weekend ahead…

  14. Funny, I’ve been wondering about this just today and I had just posted on my own FB to bloggers about it, asking for advice! I’ve been getting tagged more and more and not sure I was liking it. Not sure I was disliking it either. This gives me more to think on and react. Thanks Babanature for sharing how to as well. I found it via Adrienne who posted it very recently. (I’ve been away and way behind…)

    • Glad you could see the post in time :). Too much of tagging is bad especially when the post they are tagging you on does not relate to you or what you blog about.
      This post will indeed be useful :).
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful weekend start…

  15. Hello Anetta,
    Too much tagging is indeed irritating, especially those tags that are not related to you :). Removing posts we are tagged on is now made easy…
    Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful weekend 🙂

    • Hello Charles,
      Soon friends would indeed want to tag you so they will get your attention. and once it becomes excess, you are definitely going to look back to this post.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment, do have a wonderful weekend…

  16. Hello Babanature,
    Sometimes this tagging really bothers us in Facebook and this tip is enough to un tag our self from the photos. Thanks for these simple tips…

  17. Hey,

    It’s the main annoying thing from facebook i.e tagging and getting lot of notifications. For those people who have activated their mobiles of sms will get lot of waste sms.

    And it’s time consuming to untag our self from all the posts, so i guess giving a warning to the people for not to tag will also work.


  18. Great tutorial
    Actually it is too annoying of getting lot of notifications unnecessary tagging on Facebook
    and for those people who have activated their mobiles of sms will get lot of waste sms..
    Thanks Babanature

    Harish Bali


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