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Hey guys! Sometime back when I started this blog newly, I posted a cool and awesome way of activating windows 8 without crack or patch. It helped a lot of people who wants to activate their windows 8.But with time, a new windows 8 was released and everybody using the previous versions had to migrate to the windows 8.1. Now the problem is those that have the higher windows 8 versions can’t activate their windows 8 with the simple trick I laid down, so I went to do a little digging to see what I’d find.

Activating Windows 8 without crack

Are you wondering if I did see a perfect way of activating windows 8 and windows 10 permanently? My simple answer is – yes! I did see a simple way that I am sure you’re going to love and do note that this process is way simple compare to the previous method :). Should I still proceed? With a simple activator that is 100% malware free, you can unlock all secret of what windows 8 and windows 10 have to offer. You heard me right – it works like magic on almost all windows 8 and windows 10 offers you real time feature(s).

How To Activate Windows 10 And 8.1 The Best Way

Please before we go further, I’d like you to know that I am not the inventor of the activator I‘m about to share with you today. The activator was given to me by my little brother so the credit goes to him :).

→ Now first download the activator here

→ Have you downloaded it? It’s in a zip format,so extract it to a specified folder (a folder you wouldn’t forget).

Now right click on the “Windows 8 Activator.exe” and “Run as administrator”. And wait till it extracts

→ Have you done that? Please it is important not to skip any process or it will not work for you.

→ Now click“Windows 8 Install/Uninstall” button [See image below]


→ After clicking the “Windows 8 Install/Uninstall” wait till it install.

→ After the whole process, your system will restart itself and you have successfully activate your windows 8 for life.

Pretty simple, right? I know! This is the simplest way of activating any windows 10 and windows 8.1 :).

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  1. Hi Baba !
    Thanks for sharing this trick with us . I use Windows 7 right now but few of my friends use Windows 8/8.1 . This post will be useful for them hence i’ve shared this post on my FB timeline .


  2. I’m using Windows 7, I’m very satisfied with it.

    This tool what does? Remove activation of Windows 8 isn’t?

    My friend from what I read, and believe me I read a lot of Adsense policies, took me 2 and half ours to read all, if this article promote illegal software, as you know placing ads on such article may conduct to receive a notification from Adsense saying you to remove ads from this page or worse.

    I’ve seen Adsense placed almost everywhere, I mean it, on hack, crack related sites, even on adult sites. I was hearing the guy was making thousands of dollars redirecting traffic from adult sites, and Adsense doesn’t know about it. Yes I’ve seen a lot.

    But it’s up to Adsense if they allow you to show ads on articles related to some sort of illegal software. Sound like it’s illegal after all this Windows 8 Activator. This makes people not to buy genuine licenses, so the company gets loss of revenue on high scale if you article rank higher. Yes this hack/crack tools/software rank pretty good on Google from what I see.

    I hope you don’t mind, also I hope I did not misunderstood what this tool does. I share my experience and I want you to not make stupid mistakes to get Adsense write you notifications because you put ads on articles which brakes their terms of use.

    I wait your reply to be sure all its good. Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

    1. Hello Daniel,
      When windows 8 first came out, they gave us a product key that allows us to use all features, hope you know about that? The key is still active but the kms is dead because of the over loading. But a new kms is out so we created a software for those that can’t use my previous method to activate the windows 8. Hope you understand? if not, read my first article on windows 8.
      I am no way going against Google adsense TOS because i did not do anything illegal here, i only created a tool for people who don’t know how to use command prompt.

      It is still good that you’re watching my back, and i’ll say thank you. you are indeed a friend 🙂

      1. Ohh, I wonder why I did not receive this reply.

        I had to check this reply manually. I do understand now. Well is good than this is not some illegal software. I always share as much I know with my friends.

        Kind regards from I. C. Daniel

  3. Nice trick Babanature, I remember I was among the few who didn’t fall for mass slaughter of Windows 8.

    Windows 8 is fast and I think the start tip 8.1 brings would reduce the media hate over of the OS.

  4. hi Babanature,
    Again a nice post from you and informative too.This is really very helpful for those guys who are using Windows 8 and they want to upgrade the version to 8.1 and its simply trick to upgrade the window. I am also going to apply this trick to my system.
    Thanks once again for such an informative and helpful post.


  5. Hello Babanature
    This is indeed nice I tested it on my windows 8 and it works beautifully and it did show some features that did not appear before. Thanks for the crack and do have a nice week ahead my brother.

    1. Hey Gautam,
      Windows 8 has so so many features that windows 7 don’t have. like, It boots faster and shot down quicker, it has improved search option… there are also technical advancements over the windows 7. you can search more on the differences of both windows 8 and 7…

  6. Hi
    I download the activator but when I install them the window defender or other antivirus blocked the activator, I disable the antivirus but still the problem in installing. plz help me

  7. Hi baba..
    I’m back again to ask somethi
    Can you tell me, can i On the Automatic update in windows 8.1 after activating in this way?

    1. Which version of windows 8 are you using because it has been tested on
      Windows 8 Enterprise-N build 9200, Windows 8 build 9200, Windows 8 Professional build 9200. and it is working perfectly

  8. There is a difference between the name of the file you write down on the tutorial named: “windows 8 activator.exe” and the name of the file included in the last link: W8A-All Editions.exe is this a problem?

  9. Unfortunatly this process won’t work for me on windows 8 pro 9200. After clicking (windows8 install/uninstall) i get a command promt asking for a yes or no, i type “y” and nothing at all happens. I had waited 15 minutes and nothing.

      1. i know man. but i cant download the one u uploaded.. there is an error.. can u pls upload it on mediafire or depositfile too. i seen ppl share ur post and talking about it .. i really need it .. will be really pleased if u make some time to upload it somewhere easier to download 🙂

  10. I’ve been struggling with this on Windows 8.1 for almost 4 days but with no avail. However it did the magic on Windows 8. The problem is, when activating Windows 8 with this (KMS) tool, you will not be able to upgrade to Windows 8.1 as per Microsoft clarification ( So, is there any other means to utilize this tool to activate Windows 8.1?

    1. Hello Fareed,
      Yes! the activator can also activate windows 8 and as well as windows 8.1. I am using windows 8.1 and the activator activated it very much well. I am doing a video tutorial on this same topic and when i finish with the video tutorial, i’ll make it visible here :).

  11. i used your activator and it activated my windows 8…however upon doing windows update the option to change picture, lock screen and start screen were disabled…i’m not sure what else were disabled as i just started using win 8…any idea how i can fix this? thanks

  12. Will this crack install Windows Media Center in windows 8.1 pro? I have activated windows 8.1 pro by key but it is still asking the product key in control panel as “Add more features with windows 8.1”.

      1. But, I want to install Windows Media Center in windows 8.1 pro and remove this notation from control panel. How can I do it? and Will this trick work for me to achieve the same thing?

  13. Hi
    Thanks for the wonderful post. Now i have Windows 8.1 Pro x64 installed on my laptop. I downloaded this tool and ran this tool with administrative priveleges. It opens a CMD screen where i click y for Yes. Nothing happens afterwards. No restart. I followed exact steps as u mentioned

  14. hey Babanature, the activating tool that you spoke about is no longer working, I think Microsoft maybe use some security download to disable it.I was using this tool for a while when windows 8 first came out, the only thing is that I could not personalize. it was locked. thought I would give you heads up on that. enjoy your week bro.

  15. Hi,babanature,and thanks for awesome post,very helpful.I have one question for you,if you can help me.When i turn off the computer and start again,shows blue screen and settings button,windows is ask me to activate.but when i go to settings it shows is all good and you know why?Or how i can solve this problem?

  16. Hi please help, it did not work for me. I tried twice, nothing comes up after clicking on install/uninstall button. I have rebooted the system and tried it again. I am running it as “Run as Adminstrator”

  17. its not woprking in my Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation.. Its showing Activation
    fail in a red background on command prompt. 🙁
    Babanature. I really need your help…

  18. it worked thanks bro…i will tell to all my freinds about it……but what is password for personalisation tool to unzip

  19. thumbs up dude!1!11! 100% work…I got myself busy all day but luckily when I came across of ur blog and I dd as mention my win 8 is permanently activated….keep it up

  20. Hello babanature,

    i download the zip file
    i opened it with the right password
    i did as above instructions
    once i got the CMD open in Admin mode
    i selected [y]
    the CMD got closed
    and oppsss… nothing has happened
    nothing installed
    the computer did not restart
    and the windows is not activated
    i have window 8 pro
    where is the problem?
    can u help please?

  21. Downloaded, installed, and followed all instruction.

    After all my pc wont restarted !!

    Activation not solved yet, any idea??

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