Tips And Tricks To Recover Deleted Photos From Android Phone

Hey guys, it’s been long since I’ve dropped any post about mobile trick. So on my today’s post,  Samaira will be showing us some simple but yet effective mobile trick/ tips that will be beneficial to all android phone users. Trust me when I say that the trick will work on all android device :).

Now, without wasting much of our time, let’s go straight to the tutorial shall we…


Recover using Computer: This is the simplest way to recover photos from your phone that stores photos on a memory card, Remove the card from your phone carefully and put it in a card reader and connect it to your computer. Now download and install a data recovery utility from net like CardRecovery or Stellar Phoenix Photo recovery and use it’s instructions to recover photos from the card.


We’ll take CardRecovery as an example here

  • Run the application, on the Welcome window click Next.
  • Now the software expects you to specify the drive letter of your card reader,
  • Specify file types to retrieve as images and pictures.
  • Specify the location to save the retrieved files to.

Before saving the retrieved images to the specified location the software lists thumbnails of all the images recovered for you to select which ones you want to keep. The selected images get saved to the specified location.

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Before you set about recovering your photos using this method, you need to know that nothing gets actually deleted from the memory, only the listings get removed so the memory space becomes available for new data. It is much like you would still have tenants, but the space get listed as available for new ones. Since that is the case, you would want to not add photos to the phone or your old photos may get overwritten, also recovery operations must be performed as soon as possible

This method works whether your phone is running Android or not, it works for any device or equipment that saves the photos to a memory card.

Recovery from Phone: If your phone saved files on internal memory, you might have a harder time recovering photos. Google Play offers some apps like T2J that works on some models, does not on others. There are other apps that provide better recovery from the phone like DiskDigger, but they expect Rooted Android phones. Rooting is very much like running your windows with Administrative rights. Rooting however is a grey technique and voids warranties, moreover if not handled properly it can ‘brick’ your phone, which means it may break your system so bad that it would turn your phone into a brick.

Backup: This is more of a precaution than cure. Google does provide backing up sms, mms, settings, apps calendars but for some reason the company has chosen not to provide photo backup facility to the users. But there are other ways. Most natural way is to stick to your google account that you use with your android device and use its space to back as many things up as you possibly can. Google Play offers Drive App that lets you operate your Google Drive from your phone. If you happen to have a compatible phone, use Google Drive to upload all your important photos to the cloud. Just launch the App and select Upload, which lets you choose photos from gallery or wherever you might have them on your phone. This applies to all your important documents as well. If your phone is not compatible, there are other apps, but they store photos in their own spaces they provide you when you sign up an account with them. Some are better than others, like Photobucket Mobile lets you choose to have your photos uploaded on the cloud automatically as you click them, while Flickr and Picasa are more conventional and wait for you to upload your photos yourself. If none of the backup methods suite you, the good old method of keeping a copy on your system always works. Simply connect your phone to your system in Disk Drive mode, locate the DCIM folder and copy the photos to your system.

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Since recovery is never going to be a process with 100% success, it makes sense to be careful that critical data and important photos are always kept where they are less likely to be lost and not in a phone which is more roughly used (than say a computer system) and is likely to get lost itself, in which case no recovery trick is going to help you.

Back To You

It looks like I have said so much on how we can recover our deleted photos from our android phones, so now let’s pass the keyboard to you guys :).

Do you have any other way of retrieving your lost photos? Then please do share with us using the comment box below to share it with us…

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    • Hello,
      Yep, using the pc is way easy compared to other method. But hey, it is good to try out all methods, right?
      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful week ahead…

    • Hi Emmantope,

      If pictures are lost due to corrupt mmc then first thing you need to do is to remove the memory card immediately from the phone. Next choose a sophisticated photo recovery software to recover your lost photos.

  1. Hi Samaira and Babanature,

    Honestly speaking, I rarely use my phone much, so taking pictures or even recovering the lost or deleted ones is a far cry for me. But I’d surely be passing on this information to my kids who are all the time doing these very same things and enjoy taking pictures too. I think this is a great way to recover our deleted photos from our android phones.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday, and have a nice week ahead 🙂

  2. Awesome article and very helpful specially for me as many a times my photos get deleted somehow and can’t recover it but now after reading your article i know how to recover it easily.

  3. Awesome
    So glad it is easy and there are ways to get lost photos
    they are so important these days, and we all take more and more of them on our phone. So to lose them is horror!

  4. I have been too much on to laptop and computers and they make me forget I have a phone unless am doing something with it. I actually didn’t know that it is possible to recover a deleted photo but thanks for the share because now I know. ~ Anetta

    • Hello Anetta,
      We bloggers spend most of our time on pc. The only time we do remember our phone, is when we want to receive or make calls. But this tips will always comes in handy if you have some photos :).
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a wonderful week ahead…

  5. Hello Samaira,

    You’ve got excellent tips here. Though I don’t use Andriod OS at the moment, I believe these tips will be handy for other OS and PCs inclusive.

    Thanks for taking your time with this and do have a great day!

    – Terungwa

    • Hi Charan

      To recover deleted photos from computer follow below steps:
      1. Check your recycle bin, if you accidentally deleted your photos by pressing del button then you can easily restore them from recycle bin.
      2. If photos are not found in recycle bin then don’t save or delete anything new on your PC.
      2. Now use a good data recovery software to recover deleted photos.

  6. Excellent post !
    Recovering deleted photo’s from a smartphone is near to impossible unless we have a backup copy of the image on computer or some other storage media . Hence , smartphone users should always backup their photos and important files to be on a safer side .


  7. Hey,

    Nice tips! I haven’t tried this method to recover photos from my android mobile since i use backup application for that purpose. The tutorial is really detailed and informative.

    thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey Rogers,

    That is really some awsome and very helpful stuff, you’ve dished out here, about file recovery. I have a big issue with my hTc Amaze 4G android mobile. My friend connected it to his computer which was having a shortcut virus, and it got this virus. This is a very sturborn virus, as it doesn’t want to go out with the numerous antivirus software i downloaded from the market. I do not want to format my phone because i have lots of important files in it i fear loosing. So i guess i will try your method. Format it, then recover them like you said. Thanks. Great put up, i trust i will be hanging around.

  9. Hi Samaira, Useful Tips! I had recently findout free tool – Stellar Data Recovery for Android which help me to recover deleted photos from my Android phone. Thanks!


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