How Do I Change My Facebook Date Of Birth?

Okay, this is it. My friend created a Facebook account some time back and when he was filling his “about me” information, he lied about most of his private info (especially his year of birth). Now tell me how funny can that be?

Hey now, don’t blame him because that is what many social users do right? After many years have passed, the age he formed started disturbing him seriously :). Last week, he tried editing his private information back to his real age but can’t because he seriously don’t know where to find it. Thank God he has changed the info with my little assistance :).


The thing is, if he is having difficulty changing his personal info, then I know many people out there might be having issues as well or what do you think?

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Are you guilty of having a fake date of birth and trying to correct the issue? Then you are in the right place because on my today’s post, I will be showing you guys how I changed his private information (date of birth) to the way it should. Are you ready?


Firstly, go to your Facebook timeline and simply click the “Update Info” button you see there…


Here you will see your editable “About me” page.

Scroll down to “Basic information” and click the edit button [see image]


Here, you can set the correct date and restrict people from knowing your year of birth. The only time your friends will notice your birthday, is when they get notification that tomorrow is your birthday :). But they won’t see the year, cool right?

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Apart from Changing your date of birth, you can also change your Gender, interest, relationship status, anniversary, language and many more.

In case you want to change the privacy settings, simply click the icon seen by the right hand side. And choose the settings “Only Me”. [See image below]


How to change it on mobile

Go to your mobile Facebook timeline and click about >>> Click “Edit Profile”

Have you done that? If not, we are still waiting for you :).

Now the new page will take you to where you can edit all your information.

The mobile process is also simple right?

Final Note: In conclusion

With this short post, you can now finally make your information as private as possible and accurate, right?

Let’s talk:

Have you ever used fake information when creating a social profile or any profile at all? Do let me know by using the comment box below and let’s make this post as interesting as possible guys…

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31 thoughts on “How Do I Change My Facebook Date Of Birth?”

  1. Hi Babanature,

    Yes indeed, thank goodness I knew something from before you mentioned on your blog 🙂

    I do know how to change your profile information on Facebook as when my account was held for a few days due to having fed an old mobile number that wasn’t updated, I had to go over and make certain changes, that’s how I’d learnt about it. Good to know something before you share it here!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,
      Ah… it is goo to hear that you know it already :). That’s means, you’re not like my friend who don’t play with the advance part of facebook :).
      It is good to hear that you know this. Do have yourself a blessed week ahead…

  2. This post is indeed an interesting one Baba.
    believe it or not, i am having issues with with changing most of my info to private and with your explanation, i can now my privacy properly.
    Thanks for the masterpiece and do have a good week ahead 🙂

  3. Hi Baba !
    Those who are not used to explore things may face this situation . I’m sure there are many people who (just like your friend) who have no idea of changing date of birth on FB … you’ve made their task easier by writing a nice little tutorial . Thanks for sharing this tutorial brother !


  4. Facebook is smarter than we think, just yesterday I bought a Facebook page with +8k Likes and I decided to change the name, guess what? that is not possible, many people searching this “change facebook page name over 200 likes” and many other keywords related to this.

    I end up without changing the name as this is not possible “Facebook T.O.S.”, I spent more than 2 hours researching but nothing, a lot of people saying they found how to do it but they just fool people to visit their site and there just ads, I also see one guy created a gig on fiverr, he change the page name for $5. WTF?!

    See you next time Babanature!

    • Hello Daniel,
      I have never thought of changing my Facebook page name, but now that you have drawn my attention to that area, i will definitely do some little research on it and see what i find 🙂
      Do have a wonderful week ahead….

  5. Hey Baba,
    Wonderful explanation of changing Facebook date of birth. This post is good for those who don’t know about the settings area of their fb profile.Thanks for sharing these tips with us

    • Hello Himanshu,

      Yeah, it is very good for those who wants to keep their privacy safe and more secured.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a peaceful week ahead 🙂

  6. Thanks sir for dis tips, i realy enjoy every drop of ur tutorial. Please sir i hv a laptop dt is AMD TURION (*2) 64 BIT MOBILE TECHNOLOGY and somebody told me dt d processor dnt last long, dt it only stay 1 and half year and it wil stop working, please sir I want to find out from u and ur opinion about AMD PROCESSOR. Sory 4 posting these on dis post, it is do to how important it is dt make me to ask it here on dis post. Thanks 4 reading and waiting to here 4rm u soon.

    • Hello Onyema,
      The thing is, most people think that the AMD’s don’t last long (which might be true) but in real sense, your product will last depending on how you take care of it.
      My sister’s laptop has desame processor as yours and she is still using it till date. Hope you do understand me?

      Do have yourself a wonderful week ahead…

  7. hi baba.
    i have a question to ask n i hpe i wil get the answer.
    suppose there is some social website like facebook, and we have opened two/more pages(suppose Home, profile, photos) on two/more tabs of the same social website in the same browser. if we logout from the website on any tab we are aslo loged out from other tabs as we have to sign in again on other tabs as is the case with the case is different ,i;ve an account on some social website other then facebook, when i logout on some tab the other tabs keep on working orin other words if do not get loged out from other tabs, which is a breach to security.
    now i would like to know from you ,what are the errors in developing that website,what name should be given to these errors and how to remove those errors.,,,,,,

    • Hello Bilal,
      I haven’t encountered such error before but the thing is, the problem might be from that particular social network or from your browser it self. Because i know that Facebook or Twitter can’t act that way 🙂
      My question to you now is; Have you tried that same site on another computer and it still give you same error?

      Here is my two cents solution – The problem is from the cache. It is advisable to always empty your browser cache after work when you’re using a public pc.
      Hope it helped?

  8. I have done this in the past, but that was on Orkut 😀 (took me forever to change it on Orkut. I would select it, and try saving it, but it would never save).

    I was more than 13 years old, when I created my FB account, so I didn’t have to lie 😉

    Anyways, thank you for sharing the tutorial, Babanature 🙂 Appreciate it! Hope you are having a good week!

    • Thank God, At least somebody admits :). I wonder what happened to orkut because it was destroyed as soon as Google bought it.
      Thanks for your lovely comment brother. Do have a wonderful weekend start

  9. Yes baba, i agree with you ,the error is from the social network. (as i have already mentioned in the previous comment that i don’t talk about facebook or twitter,as I also never encounter such error from facebook or twitter).i would like to mention that the website is developed recently and i’m sure that the errors are from the developers team.I will love if you will tell me if there is any error or security loophole with the coding while developing the site..

  10. Hi Babanature,
    For most people date of birth is very personal that tend to privacy. It’s important tips to know how to edit this info especially to those who are new to facebook.

    Great post my friend.

  11. Hello Baba,

    As we all know changing D.O.B in facebook is really easy, all these setting or correction can be easily changed at account settings. For those who don’t know they can easily do it by following the easy guide.

  12. Hello babanature,
    Rare and important information.This is true that at every place on the internet we do not want to share our private information but we have to do this.I have not come across many of the sites who let us change the basic information again.
    Facebook is allowing it is nice to know.

    • Hello Nitesh,
      Thanks for saying that :). Oh yes, many social networks don’t give you the privilege to edit your private information. But thank God facebook does.

      It is good to put your right private information and restrict your friends from seeing it. That’s the bestest idea…
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your lovely comment. Do have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  13. Hi Babanature,

    I like this cute little post. Many people don’t tell the truth on Facebook when it comes to their age and birth date. The reasons are very different.

    Usually, you don’t tell the truth because you don’t trust (Facebook and people). Facebook can use your private data for marketing purposes.

    People can use your data to steal your identity and access your accounts. No wonder so many people lie. It is not their fault. They are afraid.

    It is good to know there is a simple way to control your birth date. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Those are some great points Silviu. Yea, Most people lie about their age because of the fear it might be used for other purposes or without their consent.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your valuable comment. Do have a good week and a blessed holiday 🙂

  14. This tutorial is indeed a simple and straight forward one for those who don’t know how to change their date of birth on Facebook.


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