Mac Vs Windows Pc : Which One Is Better?

There have been many controversial arguments about Apple’s Mac (Macintosh) and Window’s Pc. I am not in a position to say which one is better out of Mac Computers and Windows Computers, but you’re going to figure it out yourself. However, both Operating systems have their merits (Pros& Cons) and it really all depends on your personal needs.


There might be not much difference between Macs and PCs, they nearly have the same hardware but their packaging and approach are obviously apart.

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PC looks to be more user-friendly and have the popularity in Market while Mac looks professional and caters to a niche audience.

Mac Vs Windows Pc : Which One Is Better ?

Comparing Macs and Windows Pc would really be like choosing between Apples and Oranges! Let’s see what they both offer and lacks based on their Hardware, Security, Compatibility, Design and Users Interface.

Macs ; 


  • Macs have been consistently voted the most attractive computers on the market because of its Stylish, attractive and user interface design.
  • It rarely gets viruses due to fact that their OS is relatively small in usage among users which results in less Mac viruses being created.
  • Macs can provide a UNIX-like experience and also have commercial applications.
  • It’s quite fast, have a faster boot up and shut down time.
  • Almost all Mac software works on PCs, but not nearly as many PC software work on Macs.
  • The Mac is at a much lesser risk of being under attack from malicious software and hackers because of its security features.
  • Higher resolution than most PCs, and are widely used by creative professionals due to the better software and monitor.


  • Mac parts are scarce and very expensive, reason why users find it difficult to upgrade their Mac since parts are Mac specific and owned by Apple.
  • It has a smaller range of software unlike Windows Pc though you can use Bootcamp to run a Windows OS on your Mac OS.
  • Default graphics card Mac Pro cannot be updated and may not satisfy the needs of 3D graphics intensive apps reason why most new games don’t do well on a Mac as many do not have a Mac version available.
  • It’s difficult to replace Macs part.
  • Mac is not fully customizable due to their closed operating system.

Windows PCs ;


  • Wide variety of the computer is available unlike the Macs.
  • Is highly customizable
  • Windows is a common platform most of the world uses.
  • It has more software available than any platform.
  • It’s easier to replace and upgrade the parts on your own.
  • PCs are always backward compatible, in the sense that new operating systems like Windows 7 can be run on a relatively old PC. This is a major advantage that they have over Macs.
  • Windows offer a better gaming experience.
  • It easier to fix PC problems yourself, since it’s easier to access the operating system.
  • The Operating system looks quite simple.


  • Unlike Macs, Windows has low control over their software, and so there are many bad software that can crash your computer.
  • Looking at PC specifications can be confusing because Windows computers have a wide range. you can read a guide to know which laptop to buy
  • PCs get more viruses because of its domination in the market.
  • Security is one of their big issues.
  • PCs require more maintenance than Macs, and you’ll have to fix computer problems more often than on a Mac.

Note:  Windows-based computers includes Asus, Acer, Dell, Compaq, eMachines, Gateway, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Sony, Toshiba and the likes While Mac is only on Apple’s brand.

Am not posting this based on my opinion but rather looking through both Operating system and discuss what they have to offer and what they are lacking, more also to rub mind together with you readers.

Back to you:

Are you Team Mac Or Team windows Pc ? And why did you love and prefer it over the other? Do give use your answer by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments thoughts or questions are highly welcomed and much appreciated.

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29 thoughts on “Mac Vs Windows Pc : Which One Is Better?”

  1. Quadri, you made a great Comaprison. It’s all true. I have worked on both platforms and I love Mac. Virus attack is less and the platform is secured from malicious softwares, the only issue like you said, is that, it is expensive.

    Windows is cool but prone to virus and malicious software, one have to be extremely careful while using it. It is cheap and friendly.

    I now use windows because people around me don’t understand the way MAC works.

  2. I am a windows user and I love it but I have plans to use mac once but just to enjoy not for work as I am very comfortable with windows. Nice comparison mate.

    • Daniel thks for telling us your opinion, Windows is the best ! Don’t let Mac users hear you oo, anyway what is good and useful for you is probably the best for you.

      Have a nice day ahead

  3. @Ayodele, thats it !

    @Ranjan, windows are users friendly and Mac seems somehow professional , but when you start using mac, you will fall in love with it !

    thks for your comments.

  4. Hi Quadri, and welcome to Babanature’s blog 🙂

    Well, honestly speaking I have never used a Macintosh, other than trying out a close friend’s to see if I could get the hang of it. But it’s tough to get used to it, especially if you’ve been using a computer or a laptop all your life.

    You mentioned some wonderful pros and cons about both of them, and it totally depends on the person using these – but I know, I’m a windows person and love it as it is.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

  5. Hello Wale,

    I wish I had a clear preference: sadly, I do not and my response, I am very much afraid, would be greatly biased. However, let me give a try.

    I love Windows for its flexibility and ability to blend and yield to almost any task at hand. Like many other persons too, it was my very first OS and I got used to it.

    However, when I got a Mac, I had a swift change of thought: while the Mac cannot accomplish the traditional tasks that my PC handled with ease, I sincerely appreciate the quiet simplicity and genius that has gone into each Mac commercially available…its like Job personally certified them!

    And so do I like both the iPad and iPhone far above their counterparts! Comparing a Mac with Windows is like comparing a Toyota and a Benz!

    Do have a great day, Wale. Which do you enjoy better, by the way?


  6. hello walay,

    however i have been using windows ever since i started working on computers. but i love the user interface of the mac OS. If you see the ease of use then certainly windows is the right choice. anyways you have done nice comparison between both the platforms. grt work 🙂

  7. I prefer Windows…I have tried all three of the main operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux…of the three I love Linux the best. It’s sort of a compromise b/w Windows and OS X.

    It’s stylish and fast, like OS X. But, also customization like Windows (and can run almost all of the windows software, especially with apps such as Wine that emulate Windows inside Linux).

    Plus, Linux has all those different types: Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu (And those are just based on Ubuntu) based on our needs. Xubuntu is extremely lightweight and super fast 😀
    I still haven’t installed Linux on my new laptop (I am wondering why…I guess I forgot about it). I should probably give it a try.

    Anyways, thank you for the wonderful discussion, Babanature..and thank you for indirectly reminding me about Linux 😉

  8. Judging from what i saw on this post, i think i still stick to windows, i don’t seem to see any of it’s disadvantage apart from it being prone to virus which can be taken care of by antivirus softwares.
    Going back to mac, the scarcity of it part/sofwares can really be frustrating having a system and don’t have the requirements for utilizing it.
    I guess i still vote windows.

  9. That’s a good idea akaahan, thks for taking your time to add your preference about this 2 Os, to me your idea is not bias at all, since you have used both, i believe you can know more about it! It’s a choice anyway

    Yeah, i prefer windows simply because i use it the most and feel comfortable with it .

  10. Hi Quadri,

    Nice comparison of Mac and Windows. My choice is always “Windows”. Mac is best when compare to Windows, but i can’t switch over to mac. Windows is user friendly and most of friends are ask me to use mac. I will try this in future. Thanks for sharing this man.

    Have a nice day.

  11. Hi Quadri,

    Welcome to Babanature’s blog. I have personally only worked on a PC. I’ve never even seen a Mac in action although it’s a little hard not to have heard about them all these years.

    Back when I was in corporate America one of the companies I was with was considering switching over to Mac’s but at that time you would have had to purchase all new software and most of the documents that were being shared would have been impossible due to the different programs. It was just a big hassle way back when and I’ve never had a reason to switch.

    You don’t know what you don’t know right! In this case it might me more you don’t get what you’ve never used. LOL!!!


  12. This is truly a very helpful article to compare Mac and PC, But I will always keep PC as my first choice, as I can assemble it as I want and get it in low price.
    Thanks for sharing !

  13. i have always used windows. Both are user friendly and are easy to use. The major difference lies in the cost. Mac is way costlier than windows systems and for those who say mac does not have viruses is wrong. Out of 100 there are only 5% mac desktops. So who cares to create a virus because is rest 95% get effected it will be more fun.

  14. Hi Dawatech,
    I have been a windows user since I started working on computers. MAC is completely something I have never used so I can’t say anything about it

    Thanks for your comparative post though. I now have a bigger knowledge of MAC 😉

  15. I am prefer Windows more in compare to Mac. I use Mac for personal purpose and Windows for professional use. No matter Mac provide so many features but I still love to work with windows. Quadri you did a good comparison through that easily understand the different.

  16. On my view, It depends on a user need. MAC can’t provide everything as Windows but Windows can’t provide anything as MAC

  17. Hey Dawatech

    Well If you ask me I have something different in Mind. Both Windows and Mac platform has their special audience. On the one hand where all application, games and softwares are built on the windows platform and initially for windows. You can find pretty much anything you want to have on your windows PC. There are lots of apps and software for each work.

    And on other hand Mac is more personalized and for youth. Young people like it very much . you have dedicated Twitter and Facebook app there. Mac are fast and they tends to give more performance and battery life. They dont get infected by the viruses or malware.

    Windows’s viruses are the biggest problem. And It might take some time to make is more secure. May be in the future we will see the new avatars of Windows with mac like security.

    So the conclusion is I would prefer Mac over windows because it is fast and yeah it give more battery life.

    Peace 🙂

  18. Wonderful post and cool comparisons between MAC and Windows. And this time I would vote for Windows as it’s easy to use and also we could get lot of open source softwares.


  19. Even I will still be a fan of Windows don’t forget maintaining windows OS with SECURITY SOftware’s is also easy as some of them are cheap and free for download, I am also saying that if windows OS could get higher processors like MAC they would also be as fast and not as xpensive as Mac, mac’s are also good when it comes to innovation and being proffessional. I still love windows as it pros. Outweighs its cons. Thanks for bringing out this points between Mac and Windows users as this will quench our arguments between windows & Mac users.

  20. I thinks Mac and windows computer’s target different people, however Windows targeted the need’s of most people with access to many features, on the other hand mac targeted professional individuals for iniutive use and professional looks with design. Let me hear your opinion on this.

  21. I’m a windows user I use windows as my primary os where ever I go, because I appreciate the flexibility of windows. Mac os doesn’t suit me because it limit my usage I’m kind of a techy guy who explores both software and hardware so to me Mac limits my usage so I don’t use Mac. Reply me what you think about mac.


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