Enabling Windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5 the best Way

Enabling windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5 might look difficult to activate in a lay mans view. It might also look too easy to activate if you are that techie kind. But no matter where the situation falls, we are going to see how we can simplify the process. I believe that thousands of people who’d want to know how to active theirs or don’t you think? 🙂

Enabling Windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5

Wait! Are you trying to enable the windows 8 .Net Framework but can’t because you just don’t know how? Keep your mind at rest because today, I am going to share with you how you can simply enable yours the best way. So are you ready?

Before I go ahead, I know that many of us are still using the windows 7 OS because it’s flexible and easy. But have you tried using the windows 8 OS?

Windows 8 Framework activation: Why do we need it?

We have so many reasons why we need the dot Net Framework but to name just two most important reasons…

There are some applications that needs the .Net Framework to run

Aspiring App developer need it

In one way or another, you might also need it 🙂

How do I activate it?

Here are the steps to Activate Your Windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5, 3.0 and 2.5 🙂

Before we go further – First, either insert your windows 8 DVD or mount windows 8 iso image or your recovery folder. Have you done that?

Now, let’s see if the “sxs” folder is present in our CD by going to your drive where your windows 8 disk is (Drive E) and click to explore it.

In the explore folder, click “Sources” and check if you’ll see the “sxs” folder… is it there? See image below to know what exactly i am talking about

.net framework 3.5, 3.0 and 2.5

Now let’s go to the main show…

With “administrative privilege”, open your “cmd” Program… are you there? If not, click on your search box to take you there.

Now, type the below command…


Have you typed the above command? Now hit the Enter key.

Wait… wait… wait… and voila! You have successfully installed your .Net Framework. Now you can see it in your windows feature that it is active. See the activation image below.

windows 8 framework activation

Note: in this part of the line “Source:E:sourcessxs”, you can change it to where your windows 8 folder/iso is. Hope you understand?

I want this post to be the most simple and short tutorial I have ever done, so it will be easy to read and follow the steps 🙂

Over to you:

Have you turned your windows 8 .Net Framework on? Was it this method you use? If not, how did you activate your? We would like to hear from you using the comment box below.

Do you have comment, questions or thoughts you’d love to share with us? Please do, by using the comment box below. Remember that your comments, questions and thoughts are highly welcome and much appreciated.

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7 thoughts on “Enabling Windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5 the best Way”

  1. Hi babanature
    I have yet to turned it one but after reading its benefits now made up my mind to do this very soon. Also it is good to keep abreast of fasting changing technological advancement otherwise our way of doing things will get obsolete and will also affect quality of our output.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this very very informative post.

    • Hello Mi,
      Really, as long as you’re using windows 8, it is wise to activate this feature because you’ll definitely enjoy it 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment on this post.
      Do have a beautiful week ahead,,,

  2. Hi Babanature,

    Yikes!! Another coded posts! But thankfully it is not all that tough 🙂

    No, never tried this, nor do I have any DVD presently. I have no idea regarding the DVD and how all this is done as it’s the tech depts’ headache or my blog, so I would be forwarding this post and hopefully it would be then decided what best we can do with it. Perhaps one doesn’t need to developer apps as much so we never tried it, but should be checked out.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend, and I shall see you now after a few days of summer vacation break that I am taking, as I mentioned in my latest post 🙂

    • Hello Harleena,
      If you’re using the windows 8 platform, you’ll need this because most of the software being released now are using the .Net framework. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by dear friend. Do have a wonderful week ahead…


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