I am Sorry, I Got Stuck

Have you ever been in a situation where your blog had a minor problem and you got stuck trying to fix it? Yes, I am sorry, I got stuck trying to fix my blog for 3 weeks.

I am Sorry, I Got Stuck

Are you wondering why it took me 3 whole weeks to get my blog fixed? Well, I had issue with my Database that consumed my blog.


I mean, my blog was working fine but the comment section and most of my background plugins that uses my database was not working and to top it, I couldn’t see any of my earlier comments. And believe you me; database is one area you don’t want to mess with.

What and What did I do to combat the problem my blog faced?

Okay, when I first noticed the problem, I thought it was a joke because I always do get server issues a lot from my host. But the joke persists and became a treat, so I had to take the normal steps to eradicate the treat.

I deactivated all my plugins: You know, when having issue (connecting to database) with your blog, the first thing a tech expert will recommend you to do is, to deactivate all your blog’s plugin and enable them one after the other to know which of the plugin is causing the problem 🙂

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My first step was to deactivate and reactive all my plug-in. But after doing that, I was still not seeing my comments and my plugins still not working. That means the little trick did not work… I had to move to the next option on my list…

Renaming my plugin folder: I had to reset my plugin folder by going to my control panel >>> Clicking on my favorite FTP client >>> and renaming my plug-in folder to something different. I refresh my blog and rename the plug-in folder back. But still the problem did not stop. This is becoming troublesome, so I decide to jump to my number 3 options, to see if it’ll solve the problem…

Do a full restore of my blog: yes, I restored my blog with my earlier backup folder. After completing the restore, I was happy that I have solved the problem. But after checking the blog to see if the problem had been solve, behold, there were still no comments in any of my blog post.

Now I was in the panic state because most of my tricks are not working as I thought it would. So I decide to move to the last option which I call “the plan B” :).

Do a database restore: Because I knew that the problem was from my database, I had to reset it by doing a database restore since my earlier method did not work.

I did the database restore but the restore did not go through. I tried to restore the database 3, 4 times with different backup files but none pass through. Now I knew the fault was from my hosting provider…

Now it’s time to attend a conference meeting with my host provider… lol… 🙂

Contact my Host Provider: Now I had to contact my host because the fault was clearly from them.

The first customer care agent I contacted doesn’t know what I was talking about, or how to work on a blog. What he was saying is; “I need your admin name and password, give me access to your blog admin panel” bla… bla… bla… With the anger inside me, I burst it out on him. Putting all my frustrations on that poor customer care agent 🙂 .

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Well after series of calls and live chat, I met a customer care agent who knows something about blog restoration. He did some couple of restoration but none worked and I told him where the problem is from.

He did the database restoration but it proves abortive, so he connected me to a technician. The technician opens a ticket and worked on my database for almost 2days.

The good news was – I was not the only person that got affected. The bad news was something like this happen and my host did not even know about it.

Well, they got it fixed and I was happy because there is just no place like home. If you ask me if I’ll leave my host as at this time, I’ll say No. but I might leaving to a better host soon… but the truth is, there is no host that doesn’t have their bad side, right?.

I Apologize:

There were some comments in my moderation queue and some comments I have already approved that got deleted due to the restoration processes.

Please if you asked a question and you’ve not receive an answer to the question, or you make a comment and you did not see the comment goes live, I just want to say – I AM SORRY

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I sincerely don’t know if any similar issue will arise again but this time, it won’t take long to fix it 🙂

Onenaija Blog is back:

Onenaijablog is back from her three weeks crises. And I am saying a big thank you to all you who’ve been with me all through the year, those who contacted me to know what’s wrong with my blog.

Let’s Talk:

Have you ever had problem with your host? Please do use the comment box below and drop your answers. Remember that your comments are highly welcomed and most appreciated.

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  1. Hi Babanature,

    Oh dear…you surely seem to have gone through a great deal, though I am glad you are through it all. 🙂

    I was about to message and email to ask what happened, but then I thought you might be busy with your offline projects as you had earlier mentioned about them, so I didn’t.

    Yes, many a times, these small plugin problems can turn to major disasters for our blogs, and I have also gone through that phase, though nothing went wrong with my comments. I guess the host support system is pretty good there and if they help out in time, it helps overcome a lot of problems.

    Thanks for sharing this with us, and good to have you back. Have a relaxing weekend now 🙂

    1. Hello Harleena,
      My host was the root to the problem… Thank God the issue have been resolved, but i will be moving to a new host soon.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping your comment. Do have a good weekend ahead…

  2. I’m glad you fixed this, my advice is to move from your current hosting provider as soon as you can, don’t let this happen again, next time might be other problems. Do regularly back ups, download them on your pc, to make sure you don’t lose your work.

    1. Hello Daniel,
      I will indeed be moving to a new host pretty soon. I am currently discussing with a host 🙂
      Ah… i always do backp my blog and its database and my blog file is 89% secured 🙂

      Thanks for the comment buddy. Do have a wonderful weekend start…

  3. I’m happy with Blogger. But I’m glad you got your blog straightened out with WordPress. It’s funny how people get loyal to their hosts, kind of like Android vs. Iphone people and Microsoft vs Apple computers. I hope your blog activity recoups fast. Blessings~

    1. Hello Meredith,
      I also love blogger because i still have most of my blog there… But it is good to have an independent platform to run your blog as well 🙂

      I will leave the host soonest because i am already talking to a new host.

      Thanks for the comment and do have a wonderful weekend start

  4. Hello,

    So this is the problem I was unable to see the comments and also unable to comment on posts. I’m glad that your blog is restored. I guess we gonna get updates from frequent.


  5. Hey Babanature,

    After the conversation we had on Facebook, I’m glad you got all that resolved and you know at the beginning of the year I had some issues with my hosting service as well. Luckily I wasn’t down for three weeks but since they had me up and down so much it probably added up to being that long. I only wish it had been some type of issue like that but they were hacked and it caused nothing but problems to the point they ended up shutting their business down. The people who stayed with them and hadn’t backed up their sites lost everything.

    So you heard my recommendations and I know you’ll do what’s best for you. I’m so sorry this happened to you in the first place and I certainly know how frustrating this can be. This is our livelihood and for it to be down for even an hour is not good. Three weeks and I would have come literally unglued.

    Good to have you back though and best of luck moving forward.


    1. Hello Adrienne,
      Ahhh.. that conversation did help a lot. I have talked to one of the host service provider you recommended and i will be moving to the new host in no time.

      As you said blogging is our livelihood. So it should be respected and treated accordingly…

      Thanks for the motivation dear friend. Do have yourself a wonderful weekend start 🙂

  6. Hi Baba Nature,
    I know how you felt then, such things can really be fraustrating. All thesame thankGod OneNaijaBlog is back to Normal.

  7. Hi Babanature,
    I do had some problems with my host. One of the major one was that my site went offline because of others taking more memory and not for one day but for three whole day.
    But I didn’t got much angry on them as I had just started my blog ( 1 week at that time).

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